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  1. I'm looking forward to Miller and Robinson.
  2. I thought Red, looked awesome this weekend. So not sure where that came from.
  3. Looking forward to it Dingo, you always make me smile with your reports. And usually dead on.
  4. Saw a lot of upsets, and great wrestling. Huge tournament ran smoothly.
  5. Good luck at Iowa, Hoping for Indiana teams to do well.
  6. Where do NAIA schools fall into the mix of D1, D2 and D3? It seems to be mostly smaller colleges but what is the difference between them and say D3 schools? I would assume that they would have their own national champions like the other divisions do? One thing I heard was that NAIA school can give athletic scholarships versus D3 that cannot. It that true? You may look at Naia schools for smaller class sizes as well. Naia schools compete in many open tournaments, and usually get alot of wrestling time. Naia National Duals are this weekend in Iowa.
  7. Well said BJ been long time since we wrestled together in high school. Norwell here. Always love Belmont.
  8. 1-2-2 would make the first period virtually meaningless and you'd see the first points scored in matches on the escape in the second. I think a case could easily be made that this format would lead to even more stalling/strategy and make it even easier for lesser opponents to keep it close. I'm one of those guys who think HS should use the same rules as the NCAA does 3-2-2, riding time, OOB, so take it for what it's worth. Well said..
  9. I disagree. If a wrestler is stalling, charge the wreslter accordingly. Each wrestler is REQUIRED to make an honest attempt to stay within the 10-foot circle and wrestle AGGRESSIVELY,requardless of position or the time or score of the match. rule 5-24. A stalling wrestler is a stalling wrestler.
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