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Everything posted by sportsfangms

  1. sportsfangms

    Multi-time Middle School State Champs?

    Mis from Griffith has won 2 and will be going for 3 this year if I'm not mistaken.
  2. sportsfangms

    Tulsa Nationals

    I knew he was attending Portage at some point, someone stated dad may take him to Illinois, wasn't sure if it happened. I know nothing about his current status as far as school attendance, which was the reason for my uncertainty. So in summation, you're wrong, I didn't/don't know where he goes to school, and I've been called worse than ridiculous, so I'm ok with that
  3. sportsfangms

    Tulsa Nationals

    Jacob Moran is the Sophomore, not sure where he attends school. Jesse Mendez is a 7th grade student, so 2 years before his impact is felt.
  4. Ah, so no list, just that wrestling is number 1. I guess I could use the Google machine to find it, but was being lazy and hoped you just had that laying around.
  5. Your second point regarding wrestlers having one of the highest rates for first generation student-athletes, is that information you found, or is that a personal belief you are sharing? I'd like to see that list of data if the NCAA truly compiles it. I'd imagine your country club sports, tennis, golf, and swimming would be low on that list, but I'd like to see how things rank. Thanks!
  6. sportsfangms

    Article: 2014 Al Smith Preview

    GAT, I tried sending you a PM, but you apparently do not receive them, so I'll ask here. Has Portage ever been a part of the Al Smith? I thought they were in the past, but could be wrong. Where are you wrestling this week?

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