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Everything posted by sportsfangms

  1. sportsfangms

    Multi-time Middle School State Champs?

    Mis from Griffith has won 2 and will be going for 3 this year if I'm not mistaken.
  2. sportsfangms

    Tulsa Nationals

    I knew he was attending Portage at some point, someone stated dad may take him to Illinois, wasn't sure if it happened. I know nothing about his current status as far as school attendance, which was the reason for my uncertainty. So in summation, you're wrong, I didn't/don't know where he goes to school, and I've been called worse than ridiculous, so I'm ok with that
  3. sportsfangms

    Tulsa Nationals

    Jacob Moran is the Sophomore, not sure where he attends school. Jesse Mendez is a 7th grade student, so 2 years before his impact is felt.
  4. Ah, so no list, just that wrestling is number 1. I guess I could use the Google machine to find it, but was being lazy and hoped you just had that laying around.
  5. Your second point regarding wrestlers having one of the highest rates for first generation student-athletes, is that information you found, or is that a personal belief you are sharing? I'd like to see that list of data if the NCAA truly compiles it. I'd imagine your country club sports, tennis, golf, and swimming would be low on that list, but I'd like to see how things rank. Thanks!
  6. sportsfangms

    Article: 2014 Al Smith Preview

    GAT, I tried sending you a PM, but you apparently do not receive them, so I'll ask here. Has Portage ever been a part of the Al Smith? I thought they were in the past, but could be wrong. Where are you wrestling this week?
  7. sportsfangms

    106 match Hatch/Long Friday night

    Dude, why don't you have this message in person or through private message? No need to air your dirty laundry. Doesn't look like you spent your tax dollars well in the classroom either, add your former teachers to the list of people you are upset with.
  8. sportsfangms

    Team State Champions

    I think we know it's state finals time, lots of passion on the board. Good luck to all the powerhouse teams, homegrown or not.
  9. sportsfangms

    Parade of Champions

    Every wrestler's name is announced, with their school and they walk around the mats until all wrestlers have been announced. It's alpha by school. Usually takes 30-45 minutes. It's nice that all kids get recognized.
  10. sportsfangms

    4 seed upsets

    Amen! I'm a fan again ;D
  11. sportsfangms

    4 seed upsets

    Ma'am, respectfully I'd like to point out that your son is an excellent wrestler and someone I've said I think will do well in his high school career. The anger you are projecting is misplaced, if you are looking to point a finger, please look in the direction of two Hobart coaches. Any target placed on your son's back was done so by his coach, who felt the need to "get his name out there" and "talk up his wrestlers". As I've stated in previous posts, your son impressed me at the Harvest Classic, but I then find myself rooting against him because of what adults (and I'm using that loosely) post on a message board. Is that right, no it's not, but I can tell you that I found myself again rooting for him at the semi-state because he has an exciting style, only to have his coaches turn me off again with their foolish statements. I'm sorry you are angry, but perhaps a talk with two other people is necessary. Have a safe trip to Indy and best of luck to your son.
  12. sportsfangms

    IndyStar State Preview Article

    They covered the Triicoff, The Harvest Classic, the Lake County Tournament, several Illinois tournaments, and the two local conference tournaments. Are you looking for them to cover a dual? The paper does a good job of covering a sport that only a small few are passionate about.
  13. sportsfangms

    IndyStar State Preview Article

    You have to read past page 1 of the paper, in the past week they've had a nice write-up about Gelen and Tristan Dembowski. Prior to that they had a long write-up about Tolin, and have done a decent job of covering all of the regionals, and the semi-state. Let's just be fair to the paper, wrestling is not a glamorous sport to the masses. Just remembered they had a lengthy write-up about Yanez prior to the regional. I'd say that's pretty good coverage.
  14. sportsfangms

    4 seed upsets

    Have you seen Brown wrestle or are you not high on Scott? I thought Scott looked great last weekend, moved really well for a big guy. I've never seen Brown, so perhaps you have more information than me. I think Scott is a top 5 kid without a doubt.
  15. sportsfangms

    Teams sending a wrestler to state

    The 59ers had Bilka in the mid 90's place.
  16. sportsfangms

    Biggest upsets of 2014 state finals

    Edmond Hogan and Daryl Peppers on a podium, who wins the pose down? Those guys win matches on the scale!
  17. Micic wins, he's pretty damn handsome, Justin Beiber hair and European look, how can anyone compete! Kidding, have never seen Nick Lee, maybe he wins. Damn it, I guess we'll have to wait until Saturday.
  18. sportsfangms

    4 seed upsets

    And a dose of reality.
  19. sportsfangms

    4 seed upsets

    You mean you'll produce a "qualifier" next year, because you were void of one this year.
  20. Honestly when I think of Harper, the only number I think about is 3 (state championships) and when I think about Tsirtsis I think about 4 (state championships). I don't know how many losses Harper had, but he was a great one and I do know how many Tsirtsis had because I followed him closely. Both all-time greats in my eyes.
  21. Y2, I know you're counting the Napules loss as a black eye, but the kid was a 2 time state qualifier, not a slouch by any stretch of the imagination. I will agree it was a shocking loss, but Napules had some talent.
  22. sportsfangms

    4 seed upsets

    Some of us work, it's still mid week.
  23. sportsfangms

    4 seed upsets

    Forget +1, I'm going x 1000000000000000000000000000000
  24. sportsfangms

    4 seed upsets

    You see, I started rooting for the kid because you and Cosgrove had a little humble pie after he lost at both the regional and semi-state and stopped all your foolish posts, but then you put the target back on him with posts like this. Let the kid wrestle, his talents do all the talking, he's a good wrestler. He doesn't need his coaches pumping him up and putting the target on his back, you do him more harm than good. Silence is golden in this situation. For the record, I think he does have a shot at placing and shocking people, and I'm also not his coach.
  25. sportsfangms

    I'll try to call it

    Agree that 70 was not impressive, although now that I rethink things, Osborn has an outside shot at being in the finals, again winning is another conversation, in my review of Saturday when it was fresh in my mind, I think I had him top 3. I think 60 was skewed because Kenny wrestled so poorly. I've seen him wrestle several times over the last few years and that was not his best on Saturday. If he gets it together I could add 60, but from what I saw Saturday, I'd leave him off too.

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