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  1. i think this would be a huge change and prolly will nvr happen in our lifetime but if we did kind of like freestyle where if they go out of bounds then the other man gets a point. that would eleminate alot of "outter edge wrestling" and would make it so they cant run as much in fear of being pushed out for a point. this would make stalling a lil less of an issue. now don't get me wrong, there will still be wrestlers in the MIDDLE stalling and just defending but atleast possibly would eleminate the runners and outer edge "hiders"
  2. thank you very much, if you were there mind givin me the inside scoop on the 103 and 140 match? both i thought would be closer, like how the points were scored. i jus ddnt c Boomsma beatin Kuhn by 4 and for sure ddnt c Montgomery beating Rueger by 7. Not a ® fan but like to see them both wrestle
  3. Can someone give me the summary of the match? points scored and how?
  4. you seem to pick alot of upsets and under-dogs lol; i like to see the under dogs win but i dont pick them to win it, its wat makes them the under dogs; the least amount of people expecting him to win, the bigger it is win he does
  5. I wasn't able to make this event, can anyone plaselet me know the scores of each finals matches and who wa in it? Thank you guys.
  6. i disagree, i think they r all locks in my opinion except for 112, i could c phillips gettin beat by Lecount ( i know hes the under dog/ freshman but i just love the way he wrestles) and 130 could be molloy possibly but unless the locks r upset i c them as the champs
  7. i think that there should be like a team nationals, like all the state champs on a team, and every state having a team, then just putting them in one huge bracket, i know it will never happen but still would be super fun to watch and would create alot of extra fans
  8. sorry but i dont even see this being close, hes solid but not welch solid, welch is on a entirely different level
  9. This is clearly gonna build up into a rivalry, i can see it coming. I agree with Dawg in some points but i think that this site has helped the sport alot; without it, nobody will have a place to smack talk and that won't create as much interest. Without interest this sport will have been gone a long time ago. But MD fans need to be a little nicer!
  10. i think Crown Point or Evansville MD will send the most, and according to state records the most is 13 in 2003 by MD
  11. I gotta say this year is a little strange, i feel that each weight class is either locked in with the winner or a complete toss-up. But seeing certain results and brackets i think that this is how its gonna finish: 103-Boston (locked) 112-Phillips (locked 119- Toss-up but i can see Ayers finishing on top 125-Toss-up but i like Kieffer on top 130-Harvey is pretty solid so imma have to say locked 135-Jackson (locked) 140- my man T-shirts (locked) 145- Roach (locked) 152 & 160 Welchs (locked) 189- Sliga (locked) 171,215, & HWT- i have no idea at all, all toss ups in
  12. i think this year is a little wierd, i think each weight class is either locked in or is a complete toss-up, no "in the middle" this year; i have: 103: Boston (i feel its locked) 112: Phillips (locked) 119: toss up but i like ayers 125: toss up but Kiefer is my favorite 130: Harvey but toss up weight class, i also like Molloy 135: Jackson ( not easy but locked in my mind) 140: Tshirts all the way locked 145: Roach has it locked in my opinion 152 & 160: i dont see these studs loosing so my castle boys 171 toss up 189 Sliga locked in rest i have no idea
  13. I just looked at all 4 brackets of the weight classes, they all have some bad draws, some TOO lucky draws, and some stacked weight classes, each one has their own tough spots and weaker spots, its waaaay to spread out to decide a certain toughest SS. All a matter of opinion.
  14. I agree, Goebel could go all the way to the finals if he decides to wrestle that day, from what i heard, he just had a lack of heart at regionals, probably expecting to win before he even stepped on the mat
  15. Based on the last 2 weeks and brackets for this week, lets start some predictions for state! I think alot of things canhappen this year and alot of weight classes are gonna be toss ups. Which ones do you think are locked in with champs? which do you think could end up all flip flopped?
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