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  1. Just wondering what you guys are thinking. Here's mine. 106- 1st- Daventport(OH) 2nd-Garrettson(PERU) 3rd-Zook(MAN) 4th-Swisher(EAS) 113- 1st-Mock(NM) 2nd-Quin(PERU) 3rd-Nelson(KOK) 4th- Maddox(WES) 120- 1st- Wilson(MAC) 2nd- Ledford(KOK) 3rd- Gunter(NW) 4th- Pinkham(WES) 126- 1st-Kern(PERU) 2nd- Moore(MAN) 3rd- Barbury(KOK) 4th-Williams(MAR) 132- 1st- Sturgill(PERU) 2nd- Hall(KOK) 3rd- Enyeart(SW) 4th- McMullen(MAR) 13
  2. He should have a tough ticket match. A lot of weight classes will have some very upsetting ticket rounds I think.
  3. 106- Alan Mock-11(nm) 113-Chase Wilson-10(mac) 120-Kegan Kern-10(per) 126-Tanner Shipley-9(hun) 132-Evan Loe-10(per) 138-Kyle Jolas-10(hun) 145-Levi McKee-11(nm) 152-Hunter Wells-12(nf) 160-Jesse Goodnight-12(kok) 170-Nick Cress-10(per) 182-Fletcher Miller-10(kok) 195-Bo Butler-12(kok) 220-Cameron Colby-12(kok) 285-Andrew Mason-12(hun)
  4. Everyone is picking Garcia. I just watched him wrestle an non seeded Perukid and won 7-9. Didn't impress me for a 1seed.
  5. Any guesses on the ticket matches at each weight?
  6. well im neither a peru fan or huntington north, so it really dosent matter to me.. but my favorite part of the match was when kern got his unsportsman like, to see jolas's dad jumped up screaming like crazy. ;D
  7. early in the match jolas was dominating. in the 3rd however, kern started it off with an unsportsmanlike that pretty much broke jolas. i look for a much better match in the regional finals between the two..
  8. Tony Benedict- Kokomo is at 119!! could you please take him off of 112 rankings please. thanks.
  9. Elmore of Hamilton Heights (ranked 15) got beat 10-3 by Peru's 112 lber this weekend at the Peru Super 8. He did not impress me that much.
  10. Brooks did not wrestle Hamm in the finals. Hamm got beat(2-1) 2nd round by a no-seed, kern of peru i think.
  11. Any clues on some big up-sets at each weight on the year so far?
  12. Has Benedict (112, Kokomo) wrestled a match this year? I also heard he cant make 112, he has been weighing in at 119.
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