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  1. Good win for a great kid... I think he is poised to make some noise in Indy this year!
  2. What the hell... Lets bring them back to the DAC!!! When will brackets be posted? Saturday morning I assume!
  3. At 120 I like Black in slight upset of Torres... Also think Hollins could upset Eldridge! Should be good!
  4. Might have 1 or 2 off by a point or two... 132 CP 10-4 138 Mville fofeit 145 Mville 13-8 152 CP 9-1 160 CP pin 170 Mville pin 182 Mville pin 195 CP Pin 220 CP not sure 106 Mville 8-2 113 Mville pin 120 CP 6-0 126 Mville 11-6
  5. Any update??? Is this going to happen tomorrow?
  6. Micic only 2-1 over Davis? Wow! Davis is tough and showed that last year at state finals but didn't think it would be close this time around. Figured Micic by major. 219... Just a very technical??? Any take downs or just escapes? D1 schools better take a real hard look at Zach Davis...
  7. No need to respond to that BS.... Good luck to you and your future wrestling career and to your family! I think IN misses your talent!
  8. Geez!!!! You can't Leave out possibly the best wrestler in the state.... Micic!!
  9. Hammond Civic Center makes a lot of sense.... great old building
  10. Shaping up to be pretty interesting MVille semi state at 106.... I still think Garza wins....
  11. Region Royalty!!!!!! Da Region!!!
  12. You should change you name to CP FAN! I think Garza has a good chance to beat any 106er in the state... He did get caught right at the start and was down 5-0 against Akers then shut him out and cut him the rest of the match to win pretty easily. He probably was a bit cautious with the 5-1 win. Akers is pretty tough as they probably will meet again in the ticket match. I believe Garza wins Mville Semi-State at 106.
  13. What was the score of the 106 regional between Hudkins and Smith??? Very surprised to see that result!!!
  14. In order of Finish.... 106 Garza Hildebrant Sinkovics Davis 113 Micic Davis Torres Hartman 120 Hughes Rodriguez Garcia Lechowitz 126 Fuqua Buckley Denton Logsdan 132 Martsolf Hartman Burlison Covaciau 138 Forte Schurg Rinehart Rentas 145 Katsofras Roadrick Macri Wilkins 152 Schurg Ferdig Manspeaker Roach 160 Hughes Gomez Maldinado Hollins 170 Stevenson Sopko Doty Brassea 182 Hurford Rodriguez Jones Langbehn 195 Allen Stasiak Kral Jara 220 Robinson Standifer Eby Meyer Hvy Streck Carr Bartozik Harlow Should make for a great Saturday in Da Region!
  15. Tough to see anyone really taking it to CJ Red. I think its really wide open after that. Lee, Garza, Smith and Kennedy are all real tough. If anyone of those guys get hot they can all make a nice run. I think they are all real close in skill. I hear Hudkins is tough as well. I haven't seen him wrestle and it doensn't look like he has wrestled any notables. Might be somone to look out for.
  16. Thanks for all the updates.... Keep them coming! Good to hear the Region Boys are representing us well!
  17. Merrillville will meet Mater Dei today at the Gateway Best Duals. A few really good teams there including Oak Park River Forest from Illinois. They are ranked as the 8# Team in the country according to Intermat. Also Christion Brothers from Tennessee who is #49 on the list. Anybody out there have updates?
  18. I think Garza gets another 3 for a pin and 132 goes Merrillvilles way... That would make it very interesting... 9 point swing!!!
  19. Could be real close.... Gonna Depent on bonus points and 3-4 weight classes!!!!!! I'm lookin for the upset! Merrillville 29 CP 27!!!! 106 merr 113 SWING MATCH 120 merr 126 CP 132 SWING MATCH 138 CP 145 CP 152 CP 160 SWING MATCH 170 Merr 182 SWING MATCH 195 CP 220 CP 285 Merr
  20. Wow!!!! Sinkovics over Lee 6-2 Garza over Hildebrant 5-0
  21. Do you think the streaming will start working again for the finals? Is anyone able to get the stream? It just keeps loading....
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