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  1. I believe Cody beat Kelley at ISWA State.
  2. So the Education is no good in Perry/ Center Grove/ New Pal and you also decide to learn the Catholic Faith when your 14/15 years old. That makes sense.
  3. I do question your statement that they Deserve to hang a banner. I think you get those by Earning them. The majority of their wrestlers have never wrestled for their Coaches or been a part of that program before their Freshman year. I do though appreciate IWG for posting his comment on recruiting. That is true for Cathedral. No feeder systems, so they have to do what it takes to fill the halls. Going after the good ones are the way to do it. I am assuming they atleast still have a club. When you have the "Best" Middle School wrestlers, already trained,walking in the door there to start their HS career, it is hard to say they Deserve one. Now this weekend will show if they are still the Best as they were when they got there. JMO!
  4. Perry Middle School Champs, says they are from PMMS beside their name. Not so much on others!
  5. After reading over all of this. Some people seem to be leaving a lot of facts out of this "Move-in" CRAP! First of all, there sure are a lot of whiners on this board. Face it! We keep losing, so lets find something to blame besides we are getting out coached and out worked! If I remember correctly, McClurg was best, a SSQ. He moves to Perry and is coached to a State title. Man McClurgs, you sure made a bad decision to move. From what I have heard, Elliott has lived in Perry for years and was going to FC. Nothing was said about Elliott only being a Regional Qualifier last year. Now that he is probably a solid Top 4 this year, here we go about the move in. For some reason people want to make these kids State caliper wrestlers when they moved to Perry. They weren't! They have ben coached there. If your child has the passion to work hard for something and the school they are attending does not hit National tournaments , practice through the summer and so on, I think its great that the parents had the "balls" to sacrifice so much for their family to make a move. It happens all over the state. For wrestling and every other high school sport. Do you really think that LN has a 7' basketball player living in their district year after year? Since I am venting, I will say that the majority of the schools in Indiana "Build" Champions. And then some just get the Middle School State Champs signed and goes with it! Now you all can beat me up!!!!!1 ;D
  6. It was a great dual. All 28 kids gave it their all. Good show Perry/ Cathedral.
  7. What happen with Logan Hunt @ 152 for NP. I see they FF that spot last week.
  8. I am taking FC. But they will need to win 2 of the 3 swing match. 145, 170 or Heavy.
  9. Since LC and Pike left, Is Terre Haute North and South in it now?
  10. 91, You are correct. Putting in some extra summer work makes a big difference. There seems to just be a couple that has made any comments about the twos school changes and thses people have no affiliation with any of those schools I wouldnt say many. I have heard both kids are still great friends with their former team mates. I have read very positive comments on here on the direction the FC program is heading and that is great. Nothing better then to watch some good wrestling. Im sure Coach Fox doesnt want the hard work taking place in ypur room tarnished because of a few questionable post on a website. Good luck the rest of the season. Im sure FC will have a few downtown this year.
  11. He just seems quick to remark about somebody elses wrestlers, but if one of his gets beat or has a bad day and someone mentions it he freaks out and wants to jumps on the defense. If Elliott or Wilson had no impact on your program, you are obviously glad they are gone so why not just let it go? Your happy, I assume their happy Jesus, let the kids enjoy their short high school career . And if you really want to get in a debate and bash the schools in our Richmond regional. How many State placers or qualifiers has your program produced in the last 8 years? That answer looks like (1)! For a school of roughly 2800 kids, I would leave the little programs alone. Just how I see it.
  12. Hey Stevie Wonder. One couldn't get out of regionals and the other sectionals? I dont understand if your bashing the kids or the coaches. Are you saying those two never got any better to get out? I would hope you wish them well because i dont see or hear of them bashing FC on here. If your a 91 state qualifier, a little old to be on here being negative about a couple of 16 year old kids, aren't you?
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