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  1. Fimbianti at 182 should see the finals. Hurford picking up a pretty tough draw
  2. It was interesting to see a returning state champ become vulnerable in a big match. Hartman wrestled smart and played the edge to his advantage, the kids like a worm and managed to scramble his way out of almost every situation. If Hartman can keep his breath it will be interesting to see him grind it out Malloy or any other top caliber wrestlers. Just because he caught him with a quick move doesn't necessarily make Malloy the better wrestler. Hats off to both boys for the best finals match of the evening.
  3. After the big weekend in Mishawaka a lot got shook up in the M'ville semi-state rankings. With Hartman wrestling and showing some serious interest at staying down at 132 that blows the 4th SQ spot at 138 wide open. Gelen Robinson pinning Gallegos and Peppers upsetting and knocking off this weekends 1 seed Crocker.
  4. Slosser did get knocked up first round at Al Smith but it was to Crume which is a respectable loss. but Slosser did beat Lopez too
  5. If the Mustangs get their lineup together they stand a chance against the pirates. All of their strong guys are at the weak links of the Pirates lineup
  6. I don't think you guys realize how good and how much experience Phillips truly has. I mean two state titles. ranked first in the entire nation for two years in a row and now he's second and never lost a match in his high school career. The kid is just a machine!
  7. Great! He pinned all the way up until the semis i think? and then in the finals vs. Hamm he controlled the entire match from start to finish. I've only had the chance to see Petrov wrestle twice this year so I'm still unsure how much he's improved.
  8. Its tough to say. On intermat wrestling they don't have Boston ranked at all, Tsirtsis #1, Roach #10, Phillips #2, Raley #17, Stein #13 and Sliga #9 http://www.intermatwrestle.com/rankings/high_school/103
  9. I think its a bit generous that they gave maldanado of highland the 145 top spot.
  10. We all said the same thing heading into last years Merriville semi-state. how brooks had the edge on petrov. those two are so close we're just gonna have to wait to see who really ends up on top. although from what I've seen from brooks this year; he has improved drastically.
  11. Marciano barely beating sarah last year was luck? you must be mad! the match wouldn't have needed to go into OT if the ref could control the match and not let the crowd take over giving stalling calls whenever they rioted for one. And after going 4-1 loss to Boston at the Al Smith theres no reason Santo won't be the lady killer he was last year. And the predictions for the county tourney they have him over Micic too.
  12. Marciano going from 17-5 to 4-1 is a pretty drastic jump. If they wrestle again I'd be willing to bet its even closer...maybe even an OT period
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