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  1. Rex Stillions is a Bloomington South wrestler who had an amazing season. He finished last year 1-32. This year he was a Sectional Champion and a Semi State qualifier! Rex never gave up and showed so many people what one can accomplish with dedication and hard work. He is an incredible kid who also has type 1 Diabetes. Below is a letter he wrote that I felt should be shared in the wrestling community. This is Rex's Riley Dance Marathon fund raiser page. Riley Hospital has meant a great deal to our family over the last six years. Not quite sure how we would have gotten thru this without his wonderful endocrinologist and nurse practitioner! They have been life savers for us many times!!! When I was 11 I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I had been drinking tons of water and my Mom knew that something wasn't right so we went to see Dr. Laughlin. He told me I had Type 1 diabetes and sent me immediately to Riley Hospital where I spent four days getting poked and prodded to get my blood sugar back to where it was suppose to be. While I was at Riley Hospital the doctors and nurses took great care of me. They showed to how to give myself a shot and how to test my blood sugar on my fingers. Now six years in to my diabetes I take five shots a day and poke my finger numerous times a day to keep my blood sugar under control. I also have check ups at Riley every three months where I meet with my endocrinologist and have lab work done to see how in control my blood sugar has been. It is important that I keep by blood sugar under control because if I don't I can go in to a diabetic coma and die. My family and I feel very fortunate to have such a great hospital so close to us! Since I am a Riley kid, I am lacing up my dancing shoes! I will be participating in a Dance Marathon that benefits Riley Hospital for Children and works to spread awareness of all the terrific kids in Riley's care. I will be on my feet dancing, playing games, and interacting with the kids from Riley who come as guests. Any money you donate will go straight to Riley Hospital for Children to improve care and save lives. Just click on the "support me" button to make a donation. Every little bit helps. Then, please pass this on to anyone else who you think may want to help this cause. Thank you for your support of my fundraising efforts for Riley Hospital for Children! http://donate.rileykids.org/site/TR/Events/General?px=1311073&pg=personal&fr_id=1180
  2. I will be taking pictures this year. If you get me the school and wrestlers information, I will let you know if I will be able to take photos of your guys. brizzit@icloud.com
  3. Now I'm interested in knowing record falls this year. 155 out of 177 is amazing!
  4. Curious to know what the record number of first period falls in a season is?
  5. Dakota Thacker (195) had a 13 second pin against Mater Dei's Rob Ralph on Dec 14.
  6. Bloomingon South is taking 11 to Semi-State, 7 Champs, one Runner-Up, two 3rd places, and one 4th.
  7. “One Shot” Its 5am, I’m up again Just like the Saturday before So many days spent with this boy of mine Wrestling on mats on gym floors Today though, is different Today is the last I’m so proud, so happy, so scared My son, you see Is wrestling at State The bouts have already been paired Years of hard work, Sweat, pain, and blood Devotion from him and from me “It’s all a state of mind” That’s what they say Wrestling, it is his dream There is no room for error No room to fail To be champion he must be the best Lay it all on the line Hold nothing back Today will be the true test I’ve recorded it all Frame by frame I will never forget with these shots Each moment in time framed on my walls Each take-down magically caught It all comes down to one chance One shot This arena is filled to the brim We’ve both come so far To lose this now I watch as the lights go dim They call out his name My hands start to shake He Steps on the mat to begin They start by announcing his record His career wins, and losses, and falls They add his many accomplishments Is this really the end of it all? I point my lens Start clicking away Not one single shot can I miss I fight back the tears And the lump in my throat My focus, it must stay on him I may not be a wrestler myself But my job is still hard you see I’m a wrestler’s mom through and through It’s what we eat, sleep, and breathe I hope and I pray he can pull off a win A State Champ for life He would be My pictures, well They may fade over time But a South Legend forever he’d be
  8. Castle The link for the Castle Sectional results is not working...
  9. Bloomington South Results: Champs - Luke Stull -106, Griffin Schermer - 120, Rex Stillions - 126, Devin Broukal - 132, Ross Abram - 138, Brennan Barlow - 145, Zach Hay - 170, Dakota Thacker - 195, Zack Dobos - 220, Gus Dajani - 285 Second - Chase Webb - 160, Third - Blake Webb - 113, Fourth - DJ Dixon - 152, Fifth - Mark Dobos- 182 Edgewood Champs: Gabe Kootz - 160, Damien Chambers - 182 Team Score Bloomington South 288.5 Edgewood 159.0 Northview 148.5 Terre Haute South 119.0 North Knox 109.0 Terre Haute North 106.0 Bloomington North 75.0 Owen Valley 72.0 Sullivan 70.0 West Vigo 46.0
  10. Bloomington South had 11 in the finals. 10 champs, 1 runner-up, 1 3rd, and 1 4th.
  11. Does anyone have full results/scores/brackets for Conference Indiana?
  12. [table] Bloomington South54Edgewood7[/table]106:Luke Stull, BS, dec. Daniel Bradburn, EHS,8-2 113:Blake Webb, BS, maj dec. Carson Deckard, EHS, 9-1120:Griffin Schermer, BS, forf. 126:Rex Stillions, BS, pinned Grayson Reinhold, EHS, 3:49 132:Devin Broukal, BS, dec. David Hannah, EHS, 7-0 138: Ross Abram, BS, dec. Dillon Deckard, EHS, 9-4 145: Brennan Barlow, BS, pinned Rhett Blake, EHS, 4:18 152: DJ Dixon, BS, maj. dec. Denver Aydelott, EHS, 15-2 160: Chase Webb, BS, maj. dec. Michael Houghton, EHS, 11-1 170:Gabe Koontz, EHS, dec. Zach Hay, BS, 7-5 182: Mark Dobos, BS, pinned David Wilson, EHS, 2:56 195:Damien Chambers, EHS, maj. dec. Zach Dobos, BS, 16-3 220:Chase Dixon, BS, dec. Cody Gaunt, EHS, 7-5 285:Gus Dajani, BS, pinned Logan Staley, EHS, 3:25
  13. Bloomington South had 5 Champions. 120 - Griffin Schermer 138 - Ross Abram 170 - Zach Hay 195 - Dakota Thacker 285 - Guss Dajani
  14. 195 Thacker over Wipple, 9-1 Thacker over Dixon Fall :57
  15. Bloomington South 132 - Devin Broukal 23-0 195 - Dakota Thacker 23-0
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