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  1. This rematch will be under the lights. Borta beats Hughes. Borta looked flat all day at New Castle. Having said that NO ONE beats Vinny this weekend.
  2. Once again you rankings guys earn your salt! Great work. Thank you for your time and effort.
  3. Can u post the link? I have been to Track and IHSAA link to track and do not see them. Thanks.
  4. Dingo, you are in danger of receiving a "C'mon Man!!" Great work. Anxiously awaiting the rest.
  5. Will the rankings be updated one more time? Who will be participating in the Hangout tonite?
  6. Totally agree with medals not cheesy ribbons. Also team champion is a big deal. Should be celebrated as such.
  7. 152 Graham has to get by Eli Carlson from Carmel 1st round. That is no gimme!! Also 1st rd Steele vs Thomas 152 will be a close one.
  8. God bless you guys in the future. Looking forward to seeing him in the black and gold! FYI...4 bucks to watch Big ten Wrestling and homegrown talent is the best bargain going. Not a bad seat inthe house.
  9. Ode to the Oaks!!!! Calumet High class of '88'!!!
  10. Hangouts are awesome. Love the interaction and input from everyone. Keep it up guys.
  11. Van Horn VS Schoeble rematch? Spell check on names.
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