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Posts posted by OldGoatGrappler

  1. 4 minutes ago, MOWrestler said:

    I think they would do well to sell reserved seating, just like many other events.  You could have general admission for the seats on the upper levels, but (like suites) sell tickets or blocks of tickets for the lower level.  Then no more coats and seat saving...

    Or like the B1G and NCAA do for their wrestling championships - sell blocks to the schools that want them.

  2. 56 minutes ago, Westforkwhite said:


    If i want nuance i'll watch a French art film, but when i go to a wrestling meet i prefer to see wrestling rather than pushing and the nuances of drawing stall calls.

    If your naïveté results in inability to appreciate the fine art of heavyweight wrestling, it's your loss.  Some folks can discern and appreciate fine French wines and other drink Boone's Farm.  

  3. On 1/23/2018 at 8:02 PM, 84headhunter said:

    I'd watch a 106 match over a heavy weight match ANY day.

    I'd watch a heavyweight match over a 106 ANY day... and when Bankers Life disrespectfully empties out - there is a silver lining, I get a front row seat.  

    It's shameful how heavyweights are treated in our sport.  Mainly this is due to sheer naïveté.  I could go on and on, but let me just say that heavyweights are the only ones that are discriminated against because of weight (i.e., maximum weight is 285, weigh more than that and you sit - opposed to weigh 50 and you can still wrestle 106 - why is there an upper limit and not a minimum required weight?).

  4. Why is wrestling the only individual sport in Indiana that is not separated by gender?


    All you pro-class folks should be fighting for this... want to increase numbers - then have a separate class for girls wrestling... we do it in ISWA, we do it in college, we do it for world championships and for the Olympics... 


    We don't have girls playing boys in tennis, we don't have them swimming against each other, we don't even have them golfing against each other; and yet we have them competing in the only individual contact sport against each other...?

  5. I'm sure the buzz around Monrovia right now will help get some more wrestlers out for the program.

    Many small schools have clubs and have had clubs for MANY years.


    Simply starting a club doesn't magically make great wrestlers.


    Simply having a larger student population doesn't magically make great wrestlers either.  Just ask Carmel and Ben Davis (the two largest schools in our state).

  6. After all the big national Holiday Tournaments some new names come out of the woodwork and usually make the national rankings list.  The unfortunately side effect of this is that it pushes some of IN's lower ranked wrestlers out, since our wrestlers have no chance to attend these to prove their worth.  Doing well in the major off season tournaments is really the only time we will see IN wrestlers move up any national rankings.  Baring any ranked vs. ranked instate/boarder-state matches, during the school year our guys typically move down in ranking or if we get lucky they remain at their pre-season spot.


    Big travesty to our Indiana wrestlers... no Beast of the East, no Reno Tournament of Champions, etc. ... missing out on competition and opportunities to get better - it's just not right.   <_<

  7. Coach O's positive impact to wrestling in Indiana and Westfield cannot be overstated... all while being one of the most humble men you will ever meet.  


    He is a fantastic father, mentor, and teacher who, no doubt, will always be involved with wrestling in one way or another.  


    Thanks for all you've done and I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors Coach O!  

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