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  1. Way to represent Mitch... 5th in the whole wide world... that's awesome!
  2. There Mr. H goes again... picking on the big guys. I'd take Dremiel Byers or Tervel Dlagnev any day on a football team. If you watched their matches at the Olympic Trials and still say they have no wrestling technique, then you're blind. Additionally, if you didn't see the heavyweight matches at Bankers Life or in St. Louis this year and still concur that heavyweights don't know how to wrestle - then you're missing out on seeing some good wrestling. The big guys are much more athletic these days and you "little" old farts might find yourselves changing your tune if you actually stuck around to watch a match or two. Better yet, keep leaving early so I can keep getting a closer seat to the action. I know Mr. H, tongue in cheek.
  3. Hamilton County Middle School Wrestling Championship Results 3/10/2012 1st - Westfield 284.5 2nd - Carmel 261.5 3rd - Hamilton Southeastern 253.5 4th - Creekside 233 5th - Fishers 198 6th - Hamilton Heights 178 7th - Clay 158.5 8th - Noblesville 146 9th - Riverside 142.5
  4. Team scores: Westfield 344 Zionsville West 277.5 Brownsburg East 262 Zionsville Middle 247 Tecumseh 207 Avon South 201 Avon North 182 Brownsburg West 91.5
  5. Three awesome "pump up the crowd" songs: Welcome to the Jungle: Rock and Roll Part 2: Enter Sandman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY3LAFJbKyY
  6. Forbes article on Kayla and girls wrestling... might make some people think a little differently: http://l.wbx.me/l/?p=1&instId=199512c2-c85a-4704-984a-53aa7b9fa528&token=b6a7707998b03168cca4cefe205181a56a006b9b000001358e2a72cc&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.forbes.com%2Fsites%2Fbobcook%2F2012%2F02%2F17%2Fwhy-girls-are-the-best-hope-to-save-wrestling
  7. Agree that the little gym situation could be improved. Some suggestions: 1. Leave the bleachers in and having the littler guys wrestle there (bigger wrestlers = equal bigger parents usually and therefore less room) 2. Move the starting stripes so the wrestlers start neutral facing the "long" way of the taped off mats (therefore decreasing the out-of-bounds restarts which slows things down) 3. Put a Trackwrestling dashboard screen observable by everyone in the main gym to avoid trips to the table to check bout #s. Very good tournament overall and getting that many matches in is commendable. Thank you to everyone for a great day of wrestling!
  8. Per the event flier posted at: http://www.ihswca.com/MSState_information.htm - NO cards will be sold the morning of the tournament. If you need a card, go to http://iswa.com/athlete-application and then bring your card # a copy of the PayPal receipt with you to the tournament.
  9. I have a five year old who started hanging out in the wrestling room with the club last year when he was four. He didn't want to do many of the drills and couldn't really focus, so I just let him do what he wanted to do and didn't force him to do anything. I didn't get mad at him or show disappointment if he was just messing around. It's my experience from seeing a lot of wrestlers mature over the years that they all do it at different speeds. I'd strongly encourage you to focus on "making it fun" at this point as there will be plenty of time to for him to focus and work hard in the future. Also, be mindful that pushing too hard at a young age can lead to a kid hating and then dropping out of our great sport and none of us would want to see that.
  10. The ISWA duals are posted here: http://www.iswa.com/Elementary%20Duals%2009-10.htm
  11. Very inspirational story: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/42590729/ns/today-good_news/t/amputee-champion-gives-others-legs-stand/
  12. Great job, once again, ISWA. Avon did a fantastic job hosting this event too. Every thing seemed to run very smooth.
  13. by DREW MIKKELSEN / KING 5 News Posted on May 3, 2011 at 8:40 AM Updated today at 11:29 AM Related: Former SEAL on Bin Laden Mission TACOMA, Wash. ? A man born and raised in Tacoma helped plan the attack that killed Osama bin Laden. Admiral Eric Olson is commander of the Special Operations Command, including the Navy Seals. He was in the White House with President Barack Obama while the operation was taking place. Olson is a 1969 graduate of Stadium High School. He was involved in politics, wrestling and was voted "king cheerleader." Olson has stayed involved with his alma mater, speaking to Stadium's ROTC cadets. Stadium High School has a wall of recognition for its most successful graduates. We're told he will be added to that wall soon.
  14. If you understood that heavyweights wrestle different than lower classes - you might gain an appreciation for their level of wrestling. There were quite a few wrestlers who were way over 285 when I wrestled "unlimited". Some of us on this board might even remember or have seen a poster of an Olympian named Chris Taylor - some of his matches were pretty darn exciting and he was well over 400 lbs. I wonder how many kids don't even get to wrestle in high school since they weigh more than 285??? Even a kid who weighs 50 lbs. in high school could wrestle 103 (or now 106) - but if you're over 285...too bad.
  15. Congratulations to Indiana Gold in their 5th place finish today at the AAU National Dual Team Championships in Kingsport, TN out of 21 teams. Pool C Palmetto (SC) W 68-16 Terps (MD) W 51-36 Grapplers (OH) L 24-64 Little Hawks (IA) W 90-6 Northstars (IL) W 62-26 Minion (GA) L 31-61 Gold Bracket Iowa Black L 18-65 - eventual National Champs Pennsylvania W 43-41 Illinois United L 33-47 Young Guns (GA) W 50-39 - 5th Place Match 40 - Keaton Morton 45 - David Marchum 50 - Alex Cottey 55 - Josiah Byrd 60 - Dalton Craig 65 - Logan Bailey 70 - Alec Viduya 75 - Jake Scheonegge 80 - Zach Melloh 85 - Tanner DeMien 90 - Jonah Hayes 95 - Ethan Smiley 100 - Nathan Walton 108 - Mason Parris 116 - Ryan Hammond 125 - Andy Guhl 135 - Jimmy Cline 148 - Jacob Obst Hwt - Brady Shephard Alternates: 40 - Joey Cline 65 - Nick Smith 65 - Isaac Smith Additionally, the following wrestlers earned All-American status: Alex Cottey - Gold Logan Bailey - Bronze Tanner DeMien - Copper Ethan Smiley - Bronze Nathan Walton - Bronze Mason Parris - Gold Ryan Hammond - Bronze Andy Guhl - Bronze Brady Sheppard - Gold
  16. Very smooth tournament in a great venue with terrific officiating... priceless. ;D Fantastic job Red Cobra and all of the volunteers!
  17. Nathan Walton - 6th (toughed it out even though he was really sick)
  18. And to think, Westfield got no props pre-tourney... way to go Rocks! ;D
  19. Track wrestling (trackwrestling.com) has updated brackets.
  20. Ignorance of heavyweight wrestling techniques has always permiated our great sport. From coaches who never wrestled heavier than 125, to officials who don't recognize that what might be considered stalling in a 103 lb. match is actually a great setup move in a heavyweight match. Heavyweights don't (and never will) wrestle like little guys, and until you realize this you will continue to lose and so will the kids that don't fit the mold of what "you" consider wrestling.
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