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  1. I was also a fan of Hanover Centrals powder blue singlets...very nice...also liked Brooks singlet and the Perry meridian pinstripes...I've also been a fan of Cathedrals gold singlets...I know they have been around a while I like them.
  2. Here is a link about Cody in our local paper. http://www.pal-item.com/article/20120217/HSSPORTS/202170314/Phillips-will-miss-state-wrestling-tourney-because-injury?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s
  3. Here is a link to the local paper about Cody http://www.pal-item.com/article/20120217/HSSPORTS/202170314/Phillips-will-miss-state-wrestling-tourney-because-injury?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s
  4. I always like the classy shake hands with the wrestler and coaches and then walk off the mat!
  5. Connersville has been known to do the same thing...dodge good wrestlers and it isn't because they are hurt...you definitely shouldn't have stirred up the bees nest with this
  6. I don't think he is trying to knock Austin Fuller at all...Austin is a great wrestler and Cody has had a helping hand in getting Austin to where he is now, but Austin isn't on Cody's level...no offense to Austin, but I think he knows that.
  7. Who is the highest placing alternate to wrestle at state??
  8. I agree that UC doesn't have the depth in the room...we are a school of around 450...they are lucky to get 25that kids to come out but if you look at some of the wrestlers to come out of UC over the past decade you would realize there have been some quality wrestlers to come through.
  9. I think Judy avenges a loss from Team Regionals on a pretty sorry stalling call. I'm picking Venezia in a close one with Kelley, but I wouldn't be surprised if Kelley pulls it out!
  10. I like Andrice Martin in this matchup...I haven't seen Garcia, but I did see Martin pushing Todd to his limits last saturday at Semi State!
  11. I'm completely serious and yes I do follow college wrestling...I'm not saying he's gonna win it his freshman year or anything like that but with Cody's work ethic and training he's gonna get from JRob and the his practice partners...yes I think he will win at least one and possibly two national titles!
  12. Another difference is 0 national titles (Ayersman) and 1 to 2 National titles (Phillips). Not to mention a possibility of anywhere up to 4 team titles (Minnesota) and finishing in the bottom four of the Big Ten every year (Purdue)
  13. I think there is a little bit of a difference between Minnesota and Purdue
  14. Did he tell you that personally?? Because I highly doubt that...he took last summer off of wrestling so he could heal up....Union County wrestles a very tough schedule for a school that size...it's not Cody's fault that when we wrestle the bigger schools they decide to sit their better wrestler or bump him away from Cody...He is definitely strong enough to compete with any body at 126..as far as the Big Ten is concerned, I'm sure Cody knows its going to be tough, it is the best college wrestling conference in the Country! He may take his lumps but I can guarantee he won't be making excuses! Go get em Cody!!
  15. I got a chance to see LaHue wrestler towards the end of the season..very impressive for a freshman and he seems like a really great kid too. Best of luck to him!
  16. Because you would know what he's going through?? Just like your picture says...haters gonna hate...guess that makes you the hater
  17. Cody shook Lecounts hand and the PM coaches hands then grabbed his stuff and went up top...he didn't throw his head gear or stop off the mat moaning and groaning...should he have gone down for awards yes but he didn't...he made a mistake...he's not perfect it happens...I think he will be ready Friday night! FC215 I also have a little free time every now and then
  18. Congrats to the four wrestlers from the TEC for advancing to state! Cody Phillips, Austin Fuller, Cody Handley, and Kyle Walters! Good luck at state boys....way to represent the TEC!!
  19. It's a shame these two meet up Saturday morning....both wrestlers are easily a top four in this weight..bad draw for both..should be interesting...i was pretty impressed with Cash this past weekend and New Castle...if Micic overlooks Tommy it could be him wrestling for 5th place
  20. pretty solid rankings this year...only two wrestler who weren't ranked moved on..nicely done!
  21. Agreed but like you said before it is over now...move on...by the way FC215...shouldn't you be teaching right about now??? haha
  22. I don't think this will much of a match...I'm taking Johnson by fall
  23. Don't know if it will happen or how great the chances are but I'm gonna go with Miracle over Lee...I think this is more of wishful thinking but I'd like yo see it happen!
  24. I think it all depends on how healthy Phillips is feeling come Friday night..I think a 100% healthy phillips will win this match but if he isn't then who knows...either way if either of these guys wants to win under the lights they are going to have to come ready to wrestle Saturday...going through LeCount and Ayersman isn't going to be easy.
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