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  1. Former Wrestler 2006

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    Balbach from Mt. Vernon was beaten at sectionals last week by Tucker from Roncalli
  2. Words cannot even describe how screw up this is. The one thing that really gets me is the fact that the bus was for the cheerleaders! They are definitely not the ones competing at the basketball game, and I would bet there was room on the bus with the basketball players. The AD totally dropped the ball on this one. Coach Mendoza, keep up the good work. If Tech doesn't want you anymore, then there will be several schools throughout the state that would love to have you in their wrestling room. Keep up the good work and as someone said earlier in this post, don't let this fade away!
  3. Former Wrestler 2006

    Triton Central results at Edgewood

    Triton Central vs Edgewood 26-51 Triton Central vs Rossville 66-10 Triton Central vs Owen Valley 42-42 (OV wins on 8th criteria) Triton Central vs West Vigo 48-36
  4. Former Wrestler 2006

    Jan. 15 Tournaments!

    I believe Western Boone is there as well. Edgewood it hosting a 6-way Edgewood, Triton Central, West Vigo, Indpls. Washington, Owen Valley, and ????
  5. Former Wrestler 2006


    I still think Union County is the front runner for the TEC this year.....UC will definitely get three champs, but it will all depend on how many 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths they can get. I can see UC placing anywhere from 5-8 wrestlers.
  6. Former Wrestler 2006

    unranked 119lb wrestlers to look out for?

    Logansport has a solid 119...Beat Venezia this past weekend and had a close match with Farrell....Not sure if he is ranked or not though.
  7. Former Wrestler 2006

    Triton Central @ Beech Grove

    TC 0 BG 71
  8. Former Wrestler 2006

    Triton Central results at Columbus East

    Triton Central vs Northview 18-60 Triton Central vs Center Grove 9-69 Triton Central vs Columbus East 0-80 Triton Central vs Seymour 30-47 Triton Central vs Greenwood 33-48
  9. Former Wrestler 2006

    Triton Central vs Shelbyville

    Shelbyville 58 Triton Central 15 Don't have all the names but here were the match results 152: S by decision 160: S by pin 171: S by pin 189: TC by ff 215: TC by pin 285: S by ff 103: S by decision 112: S by tf 119: S by pin 125: S by pin 130: S by ff 135: TC by decision 140: S by pin 145: S by dq
  10. Former Wrestler 2006

    Coach Peck

    Congrats Coach!!
  11. Former Wrestler 2006

    Kieffer over Raley

    It was 0-0...a couple of good scrambles in the first that could have resulted in takedowns but didnt.
  12. Former Wrestler 2006

    112 is it up for grabs

    I have see LeCount wrestle a couple of times....very impressed with him...Phillips won't overlook anybody and will have his 3rd state title this year.
  13. Former Wrestler 2006

    112 is it up for grabs

    Phillips still wins and wins hands down.
  14. Former Wrestler 2006

    venezia vs julien predictions....

    I think if Julien can catch him in something then it will be by pin...other wise I think Venezia wins pretty easily.
  15. Former Wrestler 2006

    Upsets of Ranked Wrestlers

    I woulnt say Gettinger over King was an upset...Gettinger is solid..I know according to the rankings it is though and Poynter beat Kieffer 9-5.

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