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  1. Great post and stance on this matter Coach Faurote!!!
  2. Yes the SA wrestler was in mid-air as the horn sounded and had not been taken down to the mat yet. Life goes on and maybe there will be a re-match next Saturday.
  3. IHSWCA Team, You folks are to be congratulated and applauded for puting together and pulling off the 1st Annual Team State Tournament!!! I would have liked to have seen our Starfires from SA do better today but I am very happy we were invited to participate and I personally am glad I made the 2 hour trek to Westfield today to take these events in right up close.. All wrestling fans and wrestlers across the state need to applaude your efforts as it was a really neat atmosphere and event at Westfield HS that ALL teams of all shapes and sizes should be shooting to participate in. Great job IHSWCA and I hope today is the first of many years of this event!!! Thanks to all!!!
  4. South Adams 41 New Castle 40 (6th Criteria Tie Breaker) South Adams 48 Alexandria 27 South Adams 53 Richmond 30 South Adams 48 Muncie South 32 Union County 45 South Adams 36 (SA gave up pins in the last 4 matches to let this one slip away...........) Overall good day for the Starfires at New Castle!!
  5. Please keep the South Adams Wrestling Family and the family of PFC Nick Taylor, (Tim - Father, Stephania - Mother, Drew - Brother, Holly - Sister, and Sofia - sister) in your thoughts and prayers at this time of sorrow and need. Nick was a 4 year letterman in wrestling at SAHS and grduated in 2010. http://www.wane.com//dpp/news/indiana-soldier-dies-in-afghanistan South Adams and Indiana HS wrestling lost a very, very, good young man yesterday!!! Thank you Nick for for paying the utlimate price to protect your fellow soldiers in Afghanistan and to keep us all safe back here at home. God Bless and sustain the the Taylor Family at this time of loss.........
  6. My favorite singlet under the lights was the Black and Gold SAW singlet that graced the mat "Under the Lights" for the South Adams Starfires for the first time in the schools history on Saturday night. It was neat to see Coach Corey Spark's art work on display with his fierce Sparky Starfire design in Bright gold standing out on Todd Batt's championship singlet!!!
  7. The IHSWCA implemented and put our a 3 Class wrestling ranking this past year for the first time and should be complimented for that for sure!!! This was a HUGE step in the correct direction for Wrestling Team State competions. If you want to have an IHSWCA team competition in the future, I would suggest that these state ranking team classification be used and you invite the top 8 from each class to wrestle in a team tournament within their class as has been done for the current IHSAA Team Championship in the recent past. The tournament can be held at one location or at 3 different locations with a Champion in each class being crowned. I am sure South Adams, Adams Central, or Garrett would love to host the Class A IHSWCA tournament regardless of who is invited to participate.
  8. Coach Peck, Congrats!!!! I am TJ Burnfield's (South Adams) Dad and a current City of Berne City Councilman from our District 4 and also the Head of our Berne Democratic Party here. You will do the City of New Castle Proud when you are elected in November, Best of Luck from the South Adams Wrestling Family!!!!! Ron Dull City Councilman - District 4
  9. Anyone who can go up 55 pounds and three weight classes in one calendar year and then pin his way through the State Championship field like Trey Reese did, his picture deserves to be on the cover. Not even to mention his fine scholastic achievements they announced over the PA at Conseco as he was being introduced on Saturday night.
  10. Congrats to Coach Faurote and the Bellmont Braves!!! Very exciting win last night and nice to see Brooks healthier then last Saturday and to win THE crucial match of the night over Van Horn!!! I look forward to seeing Brooks punch his state ticket on Saturday at the Coliseum!!! And, of course the folks from South Adams continue to support and fight for a classed Team tournament!!! We want to join this excitement too!!!!!!!!
  11. dullguy


    Botts meet Raugh in the championship at 135 and won 3-1, Sprunger wrestled 140 and finished in 3rd place wrestling up a weight class to help the Starfire team chances.
  12. Congrats Coach Peck on your 800th coaching victory!!!!
  13. Coach Sparks, Your contributions to SA wrestling and to Indiana wrestling have been HUGE and will never be forgotten!!! Good Luck in your new challenges you are embarking on in the Army and the squad at Ft. Bennings is getting a wonderful LEADER!!! God Bless you for everything you have and will do for our wonderful United States of America!!!
  14. Y2, Great points here as you normally do have up your sleeve!!!!
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