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  1. dullguy


    Botts meet Raugh in the championship at 135 and won 3-1, Sprunger wrestled 140 and finished in 3rd place wrestling up a weight class to help the Starfire team chances.
  2. dullguy

    Coach Peck

    Congrats Coach Peck on your 800th coaching victory!!!!
  3. dullguy

    Thank You

    Coach Sparks, Your contributions to SA wrestling and to Indiana wrestling have been HUGE and will never be forgotten!!! Good Luck in your new challenges you are embarking on in the Army and the squad at Ft. Bennings is getting a wonderful LEADER!!! God Bless you for everything you have and will do for our wonderful United States of America!!!
  4. dullguy


    Y2, Great points here as you normally do have up your sleeve!!!!
  5. dullguy


    Ehr wrestled 145
  6. dullguy

    Ehr vs. Mullins

    Mullins scored his one point against Ehr on a referee awarded stalling call.
  7. dullguy


    What are the dates for this tournament?
  8. dullguy

    Time for a classic Y2 rant

    Great points here Y2!!!!!!!!!
  9. dullguy

    1A Team Rankings

    South Adams went 5-0 in a very convincing fashion beating Jay County, Eastbook, Delta, Union City, and Ft. Wayne Harding to win the innagural Spencer Haworth Memorial Invitational at South Adams. The Starfires are now 12-0 and will travel to the New Castle Super Dual next Saturday to face some very stiff competion down South as we do every year. Spencer Haworth was a SA wrestling captain from several years ago who was killed in an ATV accident this past Memorial Day weekend and the SA Wrestling family decided to change the name of our invite from the South Adams Invitational to the Spencer Haworth Memorial Invitational in his memory and honor.
  10. dullguy

    Wrestling Team Rankings - Classed

    I would expect Carrol HS (Allen County) would be considered a 3A school based on their overall size. They are a very large school and growing.
  11. dullguy

    Wrestling Team Rankings - Classed

    Great job here Y2 and our class wrestling pollsters!!!!!!!!!
  12. FYI: Gabe Sprunger beat Elkins (Snider) today at 135 as he went 5-0 at the Homestead Duals for the Starfires from South Adams as they won Homestead Duals Tournament. Todd Batt beat Rushing from Homestead and Flores from Marion along with beating a very quality Snider wrestler at 125. TJ Burnfield went 5-0 on the day today at 145 where he will be this year. Josh Ehr at 152 went 5-0 as did Issac Werst at 171 for the Starfires.
  13. dullguy

    Team Rankings for Three Divisions

    I personally think it would be a wonderful idea to rank the teams by three (3) or two divisions (2) as I suggested in my revamping of the actual team state tournament format in the other web blog that had some great momentum the past fw weeks. If we can not get the IHSWCA and or IHSAA to compile and administer this team wrestling ranking process in a formal fashion this year, I think the ranking team the Indianamat.com Brotherhood has put together could do something in the interim. Have at it Y2 and Team!! Give us your best shot by region for starters!!!
  14. dullguy

    Brock Norton

    Brock, The South Adams wrestling family is praying for a quick and speedy recovery for you!!!!!!! God Bless!!!
  15. dullguy

    Team State Debate

    I agree the IHSAA Wrestling Team State competition should not be eliminated but potentially improved upon. An easy solution would be to have schools placed into two (2) categories at the beginning of the year (Largest 50% and Smallest 50%) and have the Wrestling Sectional determine who would proceed in the team competition based on overall sectional team points as the Sectional crown is chosen today. The Team from the Sectional the finished highest in the Large School category would proceed as would the Small School Category team. This would create more excitement in this area at Sectional as there would be more on the line as Sectional Finals concluded as maybe the teams shooting for the small school advancement might still not be locked in even though the overall champion had been annointed before the finals even started. With the two team state plan, 50% more teams could continue in the team competition, more revenue would be reaped and their would be 50% more fans excited about the Team State Tournament. I would not support a Class system like basketball did as that has ruined their state tournament but this would be a change that would leave the existing program in place but would afford another set of teams to proceed in a State team Tournament format.

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