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  1. Same with Lee he chose 126 and was not going to dodge Micic great respect for him because of it. IMO Could of had a better shot at 132, no crystal ball here though.
  2. Just wanted to say how proud I am of Brendon Kelley, wrestling did not come naturally to him but he loved the sport and had a goal of being a State Champ. He was willing to work year round giving up summer breaks and weekends to go to camps and clubs to get better. Just some insight 6th grade he placed 8th ISWA, 7th grade was 2 and out, MS State 5th , 8th runner up @ ISWA and finally won his 1st city championship. You guys know the rest. Just glad he got to learn hard work does pay off, thanks for the memories.
  3. Well if you cant figure it out I think what he is saying is he could care less who won the match and I agree with his INSIGHT
  4. I think these coaches are doing a great job what you don't know is all these schools are wrestling each other, which is a tough schedule and as a team progresses you add strength to your schedule like Greg did by adding Union County Ky to his schedule like Lapadat did by adjusting Ce schedule and Memorial has done the same. Kids don't get anything by losing every match we already have issues with FF don't need anymore kids quitting.
  5. What makes wrestling so great is you always have a chance to win unlike other sports where you have a full game to play, wrestling can be won any time w/ one play, as coaches the message to our wrestlers shouldn't be "this kid is better than you so don't go wrestle him you don't have a chance" there is always a chance. Good for the central coaches to put there kid in to wrestle Konrath.
  6. only thing that would be missed at the ford center would be the face off, my bilfold would much rather go to North 3.50 for a 20 oz coke and your there for 10 hrs lots of eating and drinking for a big family. The seating reminds me of being stuck on an air plane id much rather see conscession money going to a program instead of the ford center.
  7. Sorry so random just off memory, 132 Pierre MD beat Karges P 2-1 126 Jourdan over McDaniel Fall 126 Braye 3rd
  8. 182 Lane No over Bassemier Inj Dflt 152 Forzley MD over Smith Fall 145 Kelley Ce over Weinzapfel MD 14-1 ( kelley w/large leg brace) 138 Kemper Ce over Schreoder MD
  9. HWT Wright MD over Little NP 1-0 220 Pace Ce over Greenwell No Fall 220 Martin GS 3rd 195 Jefferson over Hart Ce Fall
  10. 106 Nawl VL over dilbeck GS Clem over Phillips Ce
  11. same issues we had, the shorts rip easy also. clinch gear is alot better and better customer service
  12. It will be hard for MD just because of the FF @ 195 and 220. You cant have wrestle backs w/ empty spots. We will have a good idea next week after the MD and Reitz dual. Centrals dual w/MD was last night. Throw Mem. and Castle in the mix will be a good SIAC, Mastison and D.Lane cant be forgotten either.
  13. 2 weeks away and my guess is reitz takes it, champs at 106, 113, maybe 120, runner up at 132 and maybe runner up at 220. MD will have 160 and hwt. Castle will have 126 runner up at 113 and maybe 138. Memorial 132 if hes healthy? Central 138 145 and 220 North 182. need some input lets hear it
  14. brackets are out lets hear about possible match ups this weekend
  15. MD wins it again this year the kids just dont give up the extra points if they lose, the team is hard to beat. UC will compete w/ Blackwell, Carr and the Ervin's. Kreich and Gabe Ervin will be a good match also.
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