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  1. Gator Roll

    Marian roster

    Just going off of Marian's website and past HS weights.... 125- Chris Sharp 133- DJ Brookbank/Nick Ellis/Cole Lukaszka 141- Nick Ellis/Levi Moss/Logan Hurley 149- Jared McKinley/Levi Moss/Erik Owens/Jared Timbermann 157- Brett Johnson/Trent Pruitt/Trezdon O'Neal/Troy Owen 165- Riley McClurg/Troy Owen 174- McClurg? Worm? Cecil? 184- Zach Worm/Quinn Cecil 197- Worm? Cecil? HWT- Derek Lewis SO much firepower in the middle.. Bradley's obviously tearing up the IN recruiting trail. Let's hope it all falls into the right place.
  2. Gator Roll

    New Palestine Invitational Seeds

    soooooo?....is anyone going to step up and hand over the individual results?
  3. Gator Roll

    New Palestine Invitational Seeds

    I haven't seen any results? ??? can someone please list at least the top 3 in every weight class?
  4. Gator Roll

    Keith Knura

    a little birdie has told me that Trey Reese it weighing around 210lbs and most likely will not make the cut to 189 since he will be playing college football...
  5. Gator Roll

    ISWA Folkstyle State Finals

    I'm not trying to call anyone out, but weren't the Folkstyle State matches supposed to be posted on FloWrestling? I heard they were supposed to be up a month after the state finals, but its obviously been a lot longer than a month. Like I said, I'm not trying to call anyone out, I'm just wondering. If anyone could answer this question, that would be great. Thanks, Gator Roll

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