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  1. DemOGuy

    great event last night at Coliseum Combat

    Glad to hear Chris is now PRO and working with the best Jui Jitsui instructor in IN James is a stud, I could see Chris being in Strikeforce or UFC really soon. Good luck in the future im sure with the work ethic that Chris has he will do great. We will start being at more events after april 15th, 18th bday. Richards 2 and 0 as a 17 year old. Please keep me informed on events coming up. Great job again to Chris Collins
  2. DemOGuy

    MMA Training ?

    James Clingerman is a great JJ trainer but there is a difference between Cage fighting and comp Jj. Any others that souly work on cage skills. We been there and like I said James is great but not really into the gee part of it.
  3. DemOGuy

    MMA Training ?

    Where are some good trainig spots around IN, IN has some great fighters not a hole of gyms dedicated to cage fighting.
  4. DemOGuy


    Hows it lookin for Braden and Cam to get a varsity spot?
  5. DemOGuy

    Wabash Wrestling

    When is your next camp or open room?
  6. DemOGuy

    Premier Cage Fighting

    Cool let me know when the next fight will be would like to come see
  7. DemOGuy

    Premier Cage Fighting

    Whens the next event.
  8. DemOGuy

    Premier Cage Fighting

    The kid was tough though and great job to Parish and Lile
  9. DemOGuy

    Premier Cage Fighting

    Was the kid Parish fought Seth Farris if so in what time Dre beat the kid Seth in 45 sec KO
  10. DemOGuy

    Premier Cage Fighting

    Great job, do you know who Parish fought whens the next fight you guys will be at?
  11. DemOGuy

    Premier Cage Fighting

    How did the boys do, who did Parish fight? Who was some of the other fights
  12. DemOGuy

    New Indiana Fighters to watch

    Who did Dmarcus fight?
  13. DemOGuy

    UFC 132

    Wow Great fights nice to see Tito have a good showing, how about Chris Leiben
  14. DemOGuy

    UFC tonight any thoughts

    Great job by Matt he keeps improving every fight he has great stand up.
  15. DemOGuy

    BEST 135 ammy in Indiana

    He said something of the lines of Dre needing to worry about wrestling instead of getting his head kicked in or something. If GoGo is who I think Dre pinned the kid in 20sec at regionals and really hopes to fight him when he turns 18 and can fight. Im over all the drama but that is what the comment was in refrence to.

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