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  1. Glad to hear Chris is now PRO and working with the best Jui Jitsui instructor in IN James is a stud, I could see Chris being in Strikeforce or UFC really soon. Good luck in the future im sure with the work ethic that Chris has he will do great. We will start being at more events after april 15th, 18th bday. Richards 2 and 0 as a 17 year old. Please keep me informed on events coming up. Great job again to Chris Collins
  2. Anyone know what Jackson is going to do?
  3. I would have to agree with Chambers how many bigger 8th graders do you see wrestle in HS in these other states? Most are the lightest weight classes. I believe a bigger 8th grader has a good shot of getting injured. Might be the best at that school in that weight but as the season goes on they are more likely to get injured than placing. Plus they are not in HS yet give them time, let them enjoy middle school.
  4. Can someone post the results trackwrestling is tough to get on this phone. Thanks
  5. I was just wanting to here some thoughts as some wrestlers have to make this difficult choice. Trey Reese last year, Im sure Ty Willis this year. Mitch Sliga the next year. I know its different in every case and there is lots of money if you get far enough in football. Just wanting to here some of the thoughts of others. Is Jackson Bratcher going to college and wrestle or football? Just a little something maybe to discuss.?
  6. We Love you guys and thanks for being such a great family. We will see you soon.
  7. Can we get Ind. Results as they go please
  8. Great job Andre enjoyed seeing some of Lances sick throws, We will help in anyway possible, I still need to get some shirts I had to work and did not get to make it. Thanks
  9. How are things going in Michigan anyone know the Team and Ind records yet.
  10. What SS will have the most finalists? And who do you think will be under the lights.
  11. Sliga is a tough cookie, THATS WHY WE WRESTLE I bet the wrestlers all think they can win it
  12. 82 will be very tough @New Castle SS Willis,Sliga,Albertson,Richards, Martin and a few more that have a great shot
  13. One more thing Andre has never lost a wrestle off as a fresh he beat Jordan Robinson for his spot as a soph he beat Logan Cooper for his spot. Just because he sat for a few months because of Family and Health Issues you post something like that about him, thats crazy his plans are to be towards the top of the podium. He is in good shape and Danny will be there to push him if needed so he will be ready to wrestle 82 its going to be a tough weight class TYLER willis ,Mitch Sliga, Damon Albertson, and thats the weight he said he is going so I give him credit for going that weight class.
  14. Thanks to the people that know my true passion for the sport. Who is Blue monster anyway if its who im thinking it is he didnt even wrestle.
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