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  1. Tieshawn Johnson, Elkhart Memorial as a sophmore, made it to the ticket round at semi state, weighing 180. Kain Jenkins also Elkhart Memorial made ticket round at semi aslo under weight at 182. Watch out for these two as they will be able to gain strength and weight and stay at the same weight for next year.
  2. We the fans and Parents of Elkhart Memorial Wrestlers are very sad to see him go. Coach spoke with all the wrestlers this week and informed them of this change. He was a large part of my two sons lives, coaching them for 12 years from grade school up. He has pushed my sons and trained them well. At Sectional this year my youngest son a Senior wrestled poorly in the second round and lost t a wrestler he had beaten twice earlier in the season. Then he let his emotions get the best of him and cost the team a point, Coach grabbed him, chewed his A$$, loud enough most people heard him tell him to sit down. But before the wrestle back round he grabbed my son held him and reminded him of what he can do, that he still believed in him and that he would still go to semi state. This is just one of the things that make him a great coach, he will be missed by the Charger wrestling family. Lawrence North is gaining a great coach, I will be looking for great things from them in the future. LN wrestlers be ready to work your tails off. I wish Coach a the best of luck in the future and thanks for all you did for my sons.
  3. Good question, I would consider it fleeing. SO zebra's what is the answer?
  4. If that is the case with the official then this should be addressed with him to make that change in his hand signals. I have been around wrestling for 30+years, as a wrestler, vol coach and parent, and have wrestled while in the military in europe. And as far as I know the signal for out of bounds and both wrestlers are nuetral is open hands, stalling is a closed fist. I may be wrong but I believe that is what the rule book shows along with closed fist for stalling.
  5. I agree, this would encourage stalling from the top. I believe to often the bottom man gets hit for stalling becuase he is not or can not get his hips off the ground, when questioned the ref states the top man was working to turn. But I am here to tell you with the crab ride, legs you can do so many things from the top to make you look like you are doing something and not really be doing a damn thing. All a riding point is going to do is encourage a good first take down then crab and leg ride till the end of the period. No attempt to turn becuase you might get out of position and lose some ride time.
  6. May our Lord and Savior, the almighty healer, hear our prayers and bring a speedy recovery for these two young people and their families, friends and team.
  7. I have read both post on the subject of team state, and not sure what to think. But here are my thoughts if anyone cares. 1> I told my sons growing up that wrestling makes men out of boys, you will learn leadership, discipline, respect for yourself and others. 2> I can't imagine as a coach( which I am not) not wanting to do my best and push my team to do their best. 3> I watched my sons team push them selves last night only to lose to a very strong Penn team, the pride I saw in them being there and us parents on how well they did. Then watch a under ranked East Noble team step up and give it a go pushing Penn farther then they thought they would be. 4> I challenge anyone to tell those three teams East Noble, Penn and Memorial that team state does not count or mean anything. I can't comment on Culver becuase I did not see them to busy watching my team. 5> If wrestlers don't think it means anything or they don't have a chance it would be because their Leaders (coaches) told them that. 6> I am ashamed of the things that are being said on these topics about coaches, as a adult we should know that tearing people down in public usually does nothing to fix the problem 7> IF these coaches did as suggested, throwing these meets, will have to look themselves in the face every time they look in the mirror and in the faces of the young men that they are in charge of. Let their conscious be their judge.
  8. Well it looks like everyone else thinks this will be to close to make any guess. Oh well.
  9. I agree with what you are saying, but it's too often that appears that a Ref is biased one way or another. By that I mean hit one guy for stalling, next period same thing happening but the wrestlers have switched position top/bottom and no stalling. I have seen a few refs, some I even call friends who I liked to give a hard time to, who tell the wrestlers those tid bits of info that give you a idea what is happening. You can her them say thing like Red you need to move, watch that arm, green stay in the circle etc. They give these wrestlers the chance to correct the action or inaction, but at the same time aren't afraid to make the call, even if it ends the tie or the OT becuase of point awarded.
  10. 106 - Gayfield, Vaughn, Franko, Huff 113 - Flickenger, Glogouski, Cox, Zelaya 120 -Moody-Neukom, Puckett, Koebel, Yoder 126 - Crume, Baxter, Maynard, Mathiak 132 - Echartea, Forrest, Blodgett, Sleppy 138 -Bogle, Hinen, Kenny, Schieber 145 - Roberts, Williams, Pickard, Deters 152 - Ntende, Tredway, Hinen, Vaughn 160 - Adams, Kendall, Smallwood,Weldy 170 - Adams, Vance, Kurtz, Smith 182 - Hinen, Volheim, Telschow Jenkins 195 - Weinkauf, Johnson,Eldridge, Carter 220 - Spears, Chafin, Connell, Swanson 285 - Stauffer, Daniels, Henderson, Guevara Team Memorial, Jimtown, Goshen
  11. Mayor, I hate stalling. But as another soul said "match management" much like two min drill in football, or slowing down the game in basketball by using all the shot clock, or fouling to stop the clock and hope your opponent can't hit free throws. But let me be as honest as possible here, I hate stalling when has adverse effect on my team and the ref does not or wrongly calls it against us. However if my team is using it to our advantage then it "works for me"
  12. I have seen very good wrestlers in all levels of the state tournament who have continued to work for the pin, with 30 sec left and been caught in a crap move the other wrestler threw in desperation to try and win. I taught my sons to wrestle hard, aggressive and look for the ultimate win with a pin. But when it comes down to the last of the third period, you have a small lead and you have given all to get where you in the match, STALL YOUR BUTT OFF. Both boys have been caught in the last ditch effort of their opponent to win. After having said this, I hate stalling especially when one wrestler gets a small lead and then does nothing for the rest of the first two periods. If some one were to tell me that my son is stalling and the ref should call it, I won't disagree with them. However to me the worst part about stalling is how it gets called these days or does not. You can see a man ride with the crab or legs and move from side to side banging on the head, puling a arm but never leaving the hips. Wrestlers know that it is almost impossible to turn some one with out getting to a side, yet it will be the bottom man who gets hit with the stalling, becuase if he opens up to much it could be bad for him. In the confernece tourney this weekend I watch one wrestler take lots of shots through out the 3rd and the 1 min of OT, and the other wrestler backing out and riding the edge. The ref called both for stalling becuase there was no action. I personally think he knew the one wrestler was stalling but did not want to have to argue with his coach, so he made a "no call"
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