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  1. It's already classed, 106lbs. 113lbs. 120lbs If your wanting to better the state tourney, tighten up the weights [every 4 or 5 lbs] 104 108 112 116. Allows for more intreg.for team comp. more weight classes equal more chances for more kids. Wrestle on sundays for Regionals. semis-state,&State. Take top 32 to each & have double elimination with full wrestle back to 2nd. With 20 weights & 32 wrestlers ( 640 ) it would be an awesome experience.
  2. You mean if Lee ends up @Reds weight. Red is a champion, Lee would be a contender.
  3. :)Ha I Razzed the most interesting wrestling fan in the world. ;D. sry Nicfan
  4. They also was mistaken by saying the crowd was booing Red. I was booing the ref for giving Glog a cheap 2 points at the end just to make it look close. No control No points.
  5. Did Lee make it to finals ??? For 2 years you all have tried to deny C.J. s accomplishments. Compare him to everyone in the weight classes above him. By the way C.J. will be wrestling 132 next year and you will all say he cant win making that jump and he will prove you all wrong for 3rd year in a row.
  6. Someone needs to make a map and pinpoint where every finalist is from. It would show the center is truly the heart of Indiana wrestling. A fifty mile raidus from circle center has probly 70%.
  7. C. Red takes them both...... there now the topic is worth talkin bout.
  8. Coach Bane of Richmond & his son Alston Bane Regional champ 132. Good job Alston Cody Handley is coaching his younger brother Colton Handley @106 @ Notheastern.
  9. Think all wrestlers should knee theirselves in the nose when their in a cradle. blood time please!
  10. IMO If the ihsaa would just sign Trackwrestling to a contract to track and takecare of the whole hs season, everybody would be happy. Ihsaa could forget aboutwrestling and concentrate on basketball ∧ we would get day by day updates on rankings and make seeding meeting a thing of the past. THEY'VE GOT AN APP FOR THAT. Wouldnt it be grand if you can open tw and watch your kids ranking through out the whole state on a day by day bases. After the sectionals eveything should be double elimination wrestling back to a true second or you let tw reset the field. THEY'VE GOT AN APP FOR THAT.
  11. Good luck to C. Handley, L. Markley, C. Coffman, B. Miller, A. Jenkinson, D. McClurg, C. Bowers, C. Cox, D.Tipton, L. Oswald, K. Aguiano, E. Aquino-Morales, G. Gough, E. Terriquez, C. Cook, B. Robinson, D. Hangen, E. Caldron & C. Minges. Extra hard work this whole week could pay huge dividends this weekend. Run the exra mile, do the extra pushups, practice the extra take-downs & escapes. No regrets leave it on the practice mat every night(shark tanks if your healthy enough). Get to bed extra early especially thurs.& fri. Good diets high in protein, no junk food. If you can get and watch the movie Vision Quest early in the week might be the inspiration thats needed to get you over the wall known as s.s. GO T.E.C.
  12. :)Red by pin in :42 Red by pin in 1:05 Red by pin in 2:10 Red by pin in 3:02 Red by tech.f.
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