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    JoshMed reacted to hogleg in East Chicago Semi State Rankings   
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    JoshMed reacted to rdrodd1 in Evansville Semi State   
    Glad to see this topic is getting over the officiating at Evansville.  These guys go out there and Ref for the love of the kids and the sport (certainly can't be for the money). I challenge any of you ref haters to go out there and give it a try.  They are human, they may make mistakes just like you and I but they are there for your team and your kid.  Just stop and think for a minute about how you would feel if they didn't show up for a match on Senior Night.  You would be wishing that they were there.  I once remember an old, out of shape guy that reffed on the South Side of Indy.  He was reffing for the love of the kids and the sport.  He wore thick, black horned rimmed glasses and had trouble getting up and down on the mat to see a fall or back points but he was there for the love of the sport and your kids.  What was pitiful was what I was hearing from some of the parents in the stands that day and I was cheering for the same team.  Kind of made me ashamed to be part of that team though not the Coaches.   I don't in any way disagree with a Coach arguing with a Ref (that is part of their job) but when you come on here and ridicule/trash Ref's for what they do, what are you teaching your child?  Done venting....You Ref's and Coaches Rock.    
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    JoshMed reacted to jchas in Bracket Fiasco 2015   
    I would say this bracket Fiasco has effected my son as much as or more than most.
    This is the text I sent him this morning.
    Today you start to prepare for greatness.  You were in the exact same spot last week
    and last year.  You rose to the occasion and people said Wow!  You will do the same
    this week.  Move forward, never look back and in the end you will have a story to tell.
    As fathers we are called to do more than fix or coddle our young men.  We teach them
    that life does not always go your way.  But you always have a choice on how you live it.
    What story's will they tell when they are old like us.   Hopefully it will be one that they can
    be proud of.  Not one that always went their way. 
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    JoshMed reacted to ENoblewrestling in How would class wrestling work in Indiana?   
    I am not saying we would bump up if classing ever happened. I wish I had that much virtue, but honestly I don't. I would take the easier accolades, and I am sure that my team and staff would be all right with that. I honestly do not think that classing would kill the sport like I once did. I also don't think it would do anything to make wrestling in the state "better".
    It may add some kids at small schools I guess, but I don't believe that the easier path would cause the level of wrestling at small schools to improve. This season we had five kids on the team who went to camps, wrestled club and did the things currently needed to advance in the post season. Want to guess how many moved on in the post season? If we were classed those same kids and others who didn't put in the extra effort would be able to move on. The system we have now forces you to put in extra effort, if we classed you could get to a higher level without having to put in the extra effort. If that makes our sport better then I guess the is what we should shoot for.
    In the end I don't think the any small gain in numbers at small schools would be worth throwing away the strong tradition the our state has built. I have two kids wrestling tomorrow, if they make it, it's because they earned it under our current system. If they don't make it, it won't be a fault of the system they simple wouldn't qualify because they didn't earn it. I don't see a need to change our system because it is difficult.
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    JoshMed reacted to Rookies03 in ref medical authority   
    There is a process for approving a skin condition as non-contagious which allows a wrestler to compete and that has already been discussed. This process is actually in place to take the decision process off of the "untrained" official. Unfortunately unethical behavior has forced officials to make decisions on skin conditions that I guarantee they don't want to make.
    Is it the best system? No. Do wrestlers that are contagious slip thru the cracks and are allowed to wrestle? Yes. Do wrestlers that are non-contagious not allowed to wrestle? Yes.
    Arguing whether an official is qualified to make a decision on a skin condition is a waste of time. There are 2 ways to help this situation:
    1. Coaches, Parents and Wrestlers make skin issues a non-issue by having good hygiene, washing mats and being relentless to identify any problems. When a skin condition does pop up during the season get it treated correctly. Do not worry about wrestling the next match until the condition is truly gone. Wrestling in conference with an iffy skin condition that a doctor signed off on (on the correct IHSAA note) doesn't mean much if your season (or high school career) is ended at weigh-ins of Sectional because the skin condition wasn't truly non-contagious (or at least doesn't look non-contagious to the official).
    2. Coaches and IHSWCA demand that the IHSAA requires host schools to employee a licensed physician for Sectional, Regional, Semi-State and State. Charge $1 more at admission to pay for them if that is what it takes. Having a licensed physician at every "Major" tournament is not a realistic goal but I think it is very reasonable to have all the Sectional sites (and Reg, SS, S) have a doctor for weigh in. Most weigh-ins take 30-45 mins. I imagine the cost wouldn't be very much to get a doctor just for weigh-ins.
    Notice I didn't say anything about having the right note or training officials. These are not the problems. Getting skin conditions under control for the health and safety of high school athletes needs to be the priority not letting a kid wrestle at any event.
    And before someone says the condition in question from the original post wasn't contagious, I am referring to the overall problem of skin conditions and unethical behavior surrounding skin conditions which leads to a kid who probably should be able to wrestle getting DQd at Sectional.
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