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  1. There are about 4 teams capable of winning this sectional and Kokomo will be one of them. They did however lose Tony Benedict for the year which will hurt but they still have other kids that could step up and win this sectional. It won't mean much though because with what the Lafayette Jeff sectional has teamwise and a couple decent Peru sectional teams, I don't see any team in the Oak Hill sectional making a state berth as a team.
  2. There is no way Eastern will be at team state. They are the favorites to win the Oak Hill sectional but there are at least 4 teams in the Lafayette Jeff sectional that will have much stronger teams, and at least two teams in the Peru sectional that will be stronger. I'm predicting Huntington North to win that team regional. They only graduated two kids and did beat New Castle last year. They should be pretty solid.
  3. My top 3 IMO could finish 1, 2, 3 in any order.
  4. 189 1. Jackson Bratcher 2. Mitch Sliga 3. Aaron Stevenson 4. Tyler Kral 5. Brandon Dillenbeck
  5. My opinion is its way too early to tell.
  6. Jackson Bratcher does both, and there is a good chance he will have championship rings in both sports next year. Dylan Green was a starting runningback for Kokomo and got 3rd in state.
  7. Jackson Bratcher will be going 189 next year, I think he'll win state there too.
  8. Former Marion wrestler Brandon Barrett who graduated in 2001 was fatally wounded in Afghanistan and lost his life. I do not know the exact details but do know this was a tragic loss. Brandon was a senior in high school when I was a freshman and he was one of these people who never met a stranger and was well liked by everybody who ever talked to him. My thoughts and prayers go with his family and I would like to say thank you to Brandon for risking your life in fighting for our freedom. RIP
  9. I graduated with Joe Bragg's wife, this is a terrible loss. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
  10. Khiry Henderson, a 2007 Marion graduate is serving in the USMC and is stationed in Afghanistan. Von Wasson from New Castle has enlisted in the US Navy.
  11. Chris, Mr. Dunham told me you like to play Christmas music and Miley Cyrus during your Boiler Elite Practices, is this true?
  12. I'd have Cody LeCount from Perry Meridian in the top three at 103 for next year, this kid is the real deal. Also, there is no way Jackson Bratcher will make 171 next year, he'll be at least 189.
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