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  1. Hawkiiiii


    Jamal lawrence is wrestling!
  2. Hawkiiiii


    Go to Iowa Public Television and watch Iowa vs UNI wrestling.. Live now
  3. Hawkiiiii


    Check out the website! Watch the Trailer for the Independence Wrestling Team documentary on dedication/perseverance/heartbreak/triumph. Independence is a small town school east of Waterloo, Iowa home to Dan Gable.
  4. Hawkiiiii

    Total Domination

    As an outsider! Conner Mullins and Tsirtsis is going to be good! Who ever is the most physical, beat the head and move forward, ground and pound! Can't wait! How bad do you want it!!!!!
  5. Hawkiiiii

    Expensive weekend compared with attendance

    If you have a son wrestling and that son is good plan on it through the year, have cofidence in him making it.. If you are a fan pay to see it...i don't know a soul in Indiana wrestling and i went just to watch. Cheaper and better than a movie.
  6. Hawkiiiii

    New Castle

    From what i seen today Conner Mullins is a beast!!!

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