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  1. I am very sad to share with you the message that one of Indiana's best wrestling officials passed away suddenly Sunday, October 27th, after suffering a heart attack. My good friend Mike Golando worked very hard to be the very best official he could be, and generously shared his knowledge and experience with others in an effort to improve the quality of both wrestling and officiating in Indiana. He shared his love of our sport with everyone who knew him. I am grateful for the times we were on the mat together, and I will miss him very much. The sport of wrestling in Indiana is lessened with
  2. It's very difficult to compare wrestlers from different eras, but David Palmer was at least as dominant in his time as those mentioned are dominant now, and so was Bloomington South's Randy May.
  3. 1983 105 lb. State Championship match, Scott Ellis (Warren Central) dec. Paul Mayer (Lowell) 13 - 12.
  4. Using the latest IHSAA enrollment figures: 1A Schools represent approximately 12.5% of the total students in schools with wrestling programs 2A Schools represent approximately 24.3% of the total students in schools with wrestling programs 3A Schools represent approximately 63.2% of the total students in schools with wrestling programs
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