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  1. Congratulations to Camden and Wabash! Sounds like a great situation for both parties. Dave Cloud
  2. Thanks to Adam for putting on a great camp. The kids worked hard to pick up the techniques. Thanks to all for coming to PH. Dave Cloud
  3. Regardless of the opinions expressed before the coaching change and in who Purdue chose, I think it is very important that Coach Ersland receive the support of the Indiana wrestling community as he builds his staff and works to catch up on recruiting. Good luck Coach Ersland and welcome to Indiana. Everyone has a lot riding on the success of the Purdue program so I hope Coach Ersland can count on everyone's support. Hopefully Coach Ersland can come introduce himself to the coaching community at the Fall Clinic and through other forums. And I agree with BrennanFan, Rex and grecoref, Scott always conducted himself and his program with integrity and respect. Dave Cloud
  4. Dschjoll: Pendleton Heights is hosting IU All-American Adam Chalfant on June 10, 11 and 12 from 6:00 to 8:30 each night. The cost is only $60 (or $25 per night if you can't make every night). This is an on the mat clinic. Showers available and towels provided. If three from your school attend the price is only $50 each! E-mail me at dcloud@smcsc.com (or call 765-610-8150) and I will send you an entry form and answer any questions. Dave Cloud Head Coach-Pendleton Heights Arabians
  5. Here is a thought: Purdue, though in the Big Ten, is not going to be attractive to a lot of "name" coaches. The budget is just not there. If you get a hot name coach, how long do you keep him? I think Purdue needs to think more like Ball State in football. BSU got Pete Lembo from Elon. He has worked wonders with the BSU program and turned them into a solid program. So how about looking at a guy like Eric Keller from Wartburg. His team just won its fourth consecutive DIII title. He would have an Iowa connection and might bring a couple of guys that the DI schools missed with him from Wartburg. Someone like that is likely to stay around longer than a rising superstar. Purdue needs stability and someone with a long term commitment, not a stepping-stone type guy.
  6. Condolences from Arabian Wrestling for Sharon and her family. Thanks Mike for your dedication to Indiana wrestling. Rest in Peace. Dave Cloud
  7. The NWCA, in conjunction with Elite Level Sports Marketing, is sponsoring the Best of Brand contest. Copy and paste the link below to go to the website. The screen is hard to read as they chose a background that looks like wood planks. If your team prepared a highlight video, non-wrestling team promotion video (check out the hilarious Ohio State talent show video) or team graphic to represent your team on posters or online, you can enter (1 entry per category). There is no cost to enter. All the information you need to enter is on the website listed below. Again, the deadline is May 15. Would love to see some Indiana teams represented. Dave Cloud Indiana NWCA state rep http://elitelevelsportmarketing.com/2012/11/19/best-of-brand-awards-categories-and-deadlines/
  8. The family of Eric Kriebel has asked that I post the following information: Calling will be held this Thursday from 5 to 8 pm at the Madison Park Church of God (6607 Providence Drive, Anderson, IN). The funeral service will be held at 1:00 pm Friday, also at Madison Park Church of God. The family invites those who wish may make a donation to the Arabian Wrestling Club to establish a memorial fund for Coach Kriebel. All funds collected will go to this memorial to be determined by the family. Checks should have the words Kriebel Memorial on the memo line. Contact Dave Cloud at dcloud@smadison.k12.in.us with any questions.
  9. Indiana wrestling has lost a good friend. Eric Kriebel passed away yesterday from natural causes. I will make viewing and funeral arrangements available when I have them. Eric truly loved the sport of wrestling and will be greatly missed by his family, our wrestlers, coaches and friends around the state and the country. Dave Cloud
  10. This doesn't have to be a disaster for wrestling. First, focus on the September meeting of the full IOC. But realistically, with eight other sports, some deserving (Karate, Baseball/Softball) and some ridiculous (roller sports, sport climbing) all competing for for one spot, it may be too much to expect, especially since this would mean refuting the Exec. committee. If FILA is unable to convince the IOC not to act stupidly--a difficult feat under the best of circumstances--then FILA, USA Wrestling and all other interested parties should focus on conducting the best, most highly publicized and most heavily attended world championships possible. Get corporate sponsors. Consider including all major styles (folk, greco, free, beach, heck, even invite the sumo guys. Imagine the fun of having Indy host all of those styles at the Convention Center and Banker's Life. Enlist Mitch Daniels, a former wrestler, to champion Indiana hosting the inaugural "Olympic Corruption Free World Wrestling Championships." The Olympics can go stew in their sleazy tactics and keep sliding towards becoming a glorified X Games. No more dropping weights classes to comply with the IOC's whims or putting up with corrupt officials that the IOC protected (FILA--clean up your act, too), no more being treated like an afterthought when our sport was one of the reasons for the ORIGINAL games and a charter sport at the reborn games in 1896. Long live wrestling!
  11. Apparently Wrestling will have a chance to make its case for inclusion at the September meeting of the full IOC membership. However, that puts wrestling up againsat Karate, Baseball/Softball, Squash, etc... as sports wanting to get back in. The IMPORTANT thing to remember is that Rythmic Gymnastics, Men's Field Hockey, Dressage, Sailing--one person Dinghy heavyweight (I'm not kidding, you can't make that up) and Synchronized Swimming (I'm not a strong swimmer!) all survived. I guess we can now add historical blindness to the IOC's character trait list. It should fit in nicely with the rest of the set: corruption, arrogance, elitism, backwardness and irretrievable stupidity.
  12. I announced this at the Fall Clinic: Anderson Prep needs a head wrestling coach. Contact David Bradford (765) 649-8472 ? option 4. Let me know if I can answer any questions. Dave Bradford is a good guy and very much wants to keep the program going. He needs a coach to make that happen. Dave Cloud
  13. Anderson Preparatory Academy in Anderson is looking for a head wrestling coach. Contact David Bradford at APA (765) 649-8472 ? option 4) if you are interested in the position. This is a new program and you will have the opportunity to build your own legacy. You will have my support. I do the body fat testing for their kids and our program has donated equipment in the past. Dave Cloud
  14. What conferences had the highest percenetage of the 112 places at the IHSAA individual tournanemt? The Hoosier Heritage Conference (Delta,Greenfield Central,Mt Vernon,New Palestine,Pendleton Hts,Rushville,Shelbyville,Yorktown) had 7% of the place winners (8 of 112). Anyone else know your conference totals?
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