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  1. If it was my decision - the wrestler places as high as he can, always. Injury defaulting when not injured is unethical. So what if the kid gets a bad draw - it is what it is. So he loses to a better wrestler because of the draw. That stinks, for sure - but in my opinion there is a lot more reason to hold your head high and take some losses the right way, then there are to gain a victory the wrong way.
  2. I know this is common practice - but this is something I can't stand.
  3. So common opponents is a factor. That makes sense.
  4. The head-to-head confuses me a little, too. Here's a situation I noticed, that benefited my son by I'm not sure why. Wrestler A - 2nd best winning percentage, had not lost to a sectional opponent and had beaten wrestler B head-to-head Wrestler B - 3rd best winning percentage, lost to wrestler A but beat Wrestler C Wrestler C - best winning percentage, lost to wrestler B but did not wrestle Wrestler A It appears that head-to-head trumped everything because Wrestler A was No. 1 seed and Wrestler B was No. 2
  5. Sure there are kids at elite programs that are going to be very good at the JV level. But I would think if it were a JV tourney, the competing schools would all be relatively deep and have pretty good kids.
  6. I, for one, get irritated when I see JV scores against varsity guys. The varsity guy can't win in that situation. If he loses, he has to hear how he lost to another team's JV guy. If he wins, same story. There are plenty of schools in the state looking to get matches for their JV. Why not get a JV schedule with other JV teams - instead of going to tournaments and embarrassing programs with varsity wrestlers that aren't as good?
  7. I've thought about doing this. Thanks for the info.
  8. Coffman is at 152? Is that where he'll be in the state tourney?
  9. Should be a good tourney.
  10. Wow. Sounds like a crazy scenario and a ref who lost all control. Thanks for the information - that was good reading. And kudos to your dad for standing (or sitting) his ground.
  11. I wasn't at this one, but have read about it and talked to people that were. Back in the mid 90s New Castle and Shenandoah had a tight one going. I believe it all came down to the final match between New Castle's Jeremy Motl and Shenandoah's Scott Gross (runner up at 215 in 97). The atmosphere was so heated that the officials threw everyone in the gym out, including reporters, teachers, parents, etc. If I have the story correct - only the two wrestlers, their coaches, and the school principals were allowed in. I believe Motl won, but I'm not 100 percent positive on that.
  12. I've got New Castle winning in a landslide. Sorry, flashbacks to the good old days of NC being in the NCC.
  13. Reminds me then of when Austin McCloskey was slammed illegally by one of the Kiefer brothers in the New Castle semistate. It wasn't an intentional illegal move, but it injured McCloskey. He decided to injury default so Kiefer could still have a chance to go to state. Pretty classy.
  14. I saw a similar incident at the HHC meet. I wasn't watching the correct mat, but from what I understand the NC wrestler was in the down position, and on the whistle the other wrestler chopped his arm to knock him flat - which I think severely dislocated it. The NC wrestler was done for the tournament (and I'd guess the season). The NC wrestler was given a loss via the injury default, and then also had to injury default in the 5th/6th place match. I didn't see the chop down - but at any point could a very hard chop down be considered illegal? It wasn't called illegal in this incident - but for
  15. Delta ran a nice tournament. There were some good matches throughout. I'd say 120, as predicted, was the most competitive. Stevenson stepped up. Greenfield is much improved and Delta, without a few of their better guys, had a very solid showing. I liked the introductions for the finals a little better last year at Yorktown, but no complaints because Delta had everything moving along quickly. I hope the New Castle kid that hurt his arm will be OK.
  16. I was at a tournament a few years ago in southern Indiana and my son had a very similar situation. He was being beaten pretty handedly but the offensive guy wasn't able to turn him. In an effort to do so, the offensive guy rolled my son - but my son ended up on top and his opponents shoulder blades were flat on the mat. My son wasn't turned in, but he was on top, looking up and being held by the other guy, while the other guy was literally laying flat on his back. Whether or not it qualified as a defensive pin or not, I am not exactly sure. But when I said to my wife beside me that it looks li
  17. I agree on all accounts. Anyone know what happened with Green from Delta? I see he isn't listed in the brackets.
  18. "Edit: New Castle's shiny records are nice and all but don't tell the story. Their road to semi state and schedule is soft." You do know that Johnny Loos, who beat Noehre in the first round of semistate - is from the same regional New Castle feeds into, right? And Greenfield and New Castle are in the same conference and semistate.
  19. Ragle didn't wrestle Wilkerson this season. If he had, and lost, do you think he would be seeded higher than him? If you look at the results Wilkerson didn't go 120 vs. New Castle at the beginning of the year. I'm really not sure why you are hating on such an outstanding kid based solely on my prediction that he could win conference. Also, you can claim all you want about New Castle's schedule, but that doesn't change the fact that Ragle lost by two points in the ticket round to get to state. And, I don't know how good Noehre is. His record is impressive, for sure. And he's a No. 1 seed for
  20. Why? Ragle placed second at the same weight last year. He was a few points away from going to state last year. He is a quality wrestler who shouldn't be overlooked. Also, Noehre has to get through Stevenson, which will be difficult for anyone. I'd say picking Ragle to win isn't anything absurd at all. Last year Ragle was 41-7 and lost to Dylan Culp 6-4 in the ticket round. Noehre was 33-12 and was pinned by Johnny Loose in the first round of semistate. I know that is last year - but it's certainly not out of the realm of possibilities that Ragle has a shot. And, these aren't definitive result
  21. Avon is so good I don't even know why the rest of the state has a team. They are probably the sole reason wrestling numbers are down state-wide - because everyone knows that next year Avon will win all 14 championships. I wonder if they could send their JV team and their freshmen team to a few other states and win there too. This isn't a knock on Avon, it's just a little tiring hearing over and over and over how wrestling starts and ends in Hendricks County.
  22. My predictions 106 Curtis (Y) over West (D) 113 Rose (G) over Owens (NC) 120 Ragle (NC) over Noehre (G) 126 White (NP) over Curtis (Y) 132 Hunt (Y) over Avey (PH) 138 Heistand (Y) over Noehre (G) 145 Buck (NC) over Barr (Y) 152 Rutter (Y) over Johnson (PH) 160 Laughlin (Y) over Melton (NC) 170 Lowe (G) over Pease (D) 182 Gray(D) over House (NC) 195 Dullaghan (G) over Watson (Y) 220 Burton (NP) over Clouse (NC) Hvy Rhoades (Y) over Weurch (MV) I think 120 is the most stacked class. Team-wise, I think Yorktown wins, Greenfield is second, New Castle 3rd
  23. It seems "Finish Him" is a new catch phrase for some parents. I had flash backs to Mortal Combat on the Sega.
  24. That might be a crowded venue. It worked out pretty well last year at Yorktown. Hopefully this year is equally as nice.
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