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  1. Geesh, it's almost the end of February. Where are the 2017-2018 rankings? Just kidding - but really, can we have these by March?
  2. What constitutes a small school? Because this year I'd say the champs and runners up came from across the board. I think there was a great balance. Daleville with 281 students had more kids in the finals than Carmel with 4,993 (no disrespect to Carmel, of course). Warren Central, enrollment 3,722 - one runner-up Portage, enrollment 2,555 - 1 runner-up Brownsburg, enrollment 2,468 - two runners-up, 1 champ Perry Meridian, enrollment 2,298 - one runner-up Chesterton, enrollment 2,097 - 1 champ, two runners up Columbus East, enrollment 1,548 - 1 champ Munster, enrollment 1,504 - 1 runne
  3. We are going in circles - and neither of us will change our mind. I did not say attending small schools with inferior coaches and less-dedicated teammates is a privilege. I didn't say one bit of that. I did say that a small school wrestlers gets a shot in the sectional whereas many large school JV guys don't. If a small school wrestler has talent (because we all know hard work is great, but talent is usually necessary too), works hard, dedicates time in the offseason to the sport and strives toward a goal - they have as good of a shot as any large school wrestler. It's still two guys, weighing
  4. I don't think it hinders anyone at all. But, why are you ignoring hundreds of JV wrestlers that put a ton of time into the sport that aren't allowed to compete in the state tournament, but then claim you think the small school guys deserve more opportunities? So wrestlers from small schools should get special privileges even though they get to wrestle in the sectionals, and backup wrestlers at larger schools are just SOL? I have seen much more JV wrestlers quit because of the frustration of being behind someone, than I have small school guys because they got beat by someone from a bigger schoo
  5. Nobody has said they have the same exact shot. The route of a small school wrestler is different than that of a large school wrestler - but there are advantages and disadvantages for both. Why are you so concerned that a small school wrestler isn't winning state and a big school wrestler is? That's not saying the small school guy doesn't have a chance. But if you want to truly make wrestling more fair for wrestlers - the much bigger issue is wrestlers at larger schools not being able to compete because they are behind two or three people. The small school guys have the easy road. They don't ha
  6. I would say that's fairly accurate - since the vast majority of students are in the large schools, thus, by sheer mathematics they would have a larger number of athletes. As far as coaching, I would also say the very good coaches would probably gravitate toward a school where they have the largest numbers. There are certainly exceptions - but for the most part, like in any sport at any level, the high-level coaches would seek out the elite type jobs.
  7. I understand wanting to see more kids feel excited and empowered to wrestle. But, regarding your second point - I would argue (albeit completely based on perception and not statistics, because I don't have that info). But, as far as your point about fairness. I'd argue that small schools actually have an advantage over large schools. At large schools you have JV guys that can sometimes be very, very good. But, because they are behind someone in their own lineup - they don't even get to compete in sectional when a small school might have a kid with a 4-19 record that gets a shot. The kid from t
  8. Is your argument then that schools should be allowed to have 3 or 4 people per weight class? Is it that Indiana's tournament should be open enrollment so all JV and everyone can enter? Or, is it that small schools need a better chance? I get confused on this.
  9. What is the end game to the class wrestling argument? What is ultimately the goal trying to be accomplished? Is it about increasing wrestling participation? Is it about more guys feeling successful? What's the ultimate deciding factor that people have leaned towards it for?
  10. Are we talking about filling spots, or having success? Because, of course it's easier if you have 2,000 students in your school to fill 14 weight classes than it would be if you have a few hundred students. Your comment that population does not dictate participation is what I'm saying isn't true. How can you even debate that?
  11. That's not entirely true. They have the same number of available wrestling spots - true, but they don't fill those spots at all times. Blue River had two kids competing in sectional.
  12. That's not what I said at all. But, there aren't as many small school place winners as there are big school, because there's a lot less students making up the small schools. Why would you expect 10 percent of the students to fare better than the 90%? Exactly. But why? How is it that Richmond, with just a handful of wrestlers in their program - has a guy place in state? The "more wrestlers in the room to compete with" argument doesn't work in this case. And I do completely agree that having more opponents in the room pushes kids to get better. But I'm also of the mind set that kids are fully
  13. I haven't read this entire thread, but I will say I see wrestling picking up in popularity in my county, Henry. Before, New Castle could just trample anyone in its path. Now, New Castle is in an absolute dog fight with Shenandoah and Knightstown. Tri and Centerville bring pretty good teams to the sectional as well. The largest school in the sectional, Richmond, typically has finished toward the back of the pack. Shenandoah emerged as the winner this year. I think Shenandoah proved what can be done at small schools to increase participation and success. They had a coach absolutely dedicate
  14. NC includes as far south as Lawrenceburg, as far west as Attica and as far east as Richmond.
  15. It's possible, I guess. Gee has 9 losses and knocked off No. 3 and No. 4 last week. The two weeks before that he lost to undefeated Bane 1-0 both times.
  16. Winning records per class (in % order) 132 (590-50) 92% 152 (591-58) 91% 195 (578-54) 91% 220 (589-62) 90% 106 (601-74) 89% 285 (591-70) 89% 120 (584-72) 89% 182 (571-67) 89% 126 (560-71) 89% 160 (569-85) 87% 145 (565-90) 87% 170 (552-80) 87% 113 (560-89) 86% 138 (549-94) 85% Most undefeated wrestlers 285 - 3 220 - 3 195 - 2 152 - 2 145 - 2 182 - 1 106 - 1 113 - 1 126 - 1 132 - 1 160 - 1 Most wrestlers with 40 + wins 152 - 7 106 - 6 113 - 6 285 - 6 132 - 6 120 - 5 145 - 5 160 - 5 220 - 5 126 - 4 182 - 4 195 - 4 138 - 2 170 - 2 Most top 1
  17. Ha - I like your style. I won't be sitting near them though. I can't supervise them. I'm sure this is a strong selling point for the one with a girlfriend.
  18. When I coach baseball I always tell my guys some great wisdom that has been passed down to me by a coach much better than I'll ever be. He said that the three things that can ruin a baseball career are whiskey, women and a curveball - in no particular order. I feel this also applies to wrestling. Well, my sons are at the age now where one of them wants to bring his girlfriend along to state Saturday. Is this even ethical? I've got one kid that wants to watch wrestling, and pick up some good habits. The other kid wants to spend the day with his girlfriend under the disguise of watching wrestlin
  19. I'm no math expert - but this must be wrong. According to this there are only 11 classes the county can win.
  20. They actually got me all fixed up in a matter of seconds. Hopefully that didn't deter them from this weekend. I've always had good luck communicating with the ISWA. I know some have differing opinions, but I do appreciate the work they put in.
  21. I'm fine with the background check. I'm having a little trouble figuring out the USA wrestling membership portion. I've had my copper card for several years and it appears I have to somehow tie my membership to that info from that copper card. It's proving a little more difficult than I thought it would be. It's not finding my name in the system, and I have changed emails a few times over the last 10 years, when I first got my card. I only use this for a few tourneys when other coaches can't coach my sons in the offseason. It's not really worth the hassle to be matside with them, just to hold
  22. I saw Parris obliterate his opponents Saturday. He's just on an entirely different level, it seems. Probably one of the most impressive wrestlers I've ever seen. But, having said that - I'm also very impressed with Maddox. I'd love to see that matchup because both are great offensive wrestlers.
  23. Good question. 160 and 170 are very interesting to me. I wouldn't mind seeing either of those end it all. Also, 120 should be pretty entertaining.
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