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Everything posted by grappleapple

  1. For some reason I was thinking Parris was in this as well. Was he ever slated to wrestle in this event?
  2. I didn't know your dad, but I'm very sorry to hear this. I will never forget the match you had with Brendan Campbell under the lights. One of the best finals matches I've seen. I'm sure he was proud as heck of you and your accomplishments.
  3. My son wrestled on your team this summer. I wish you the best...and at the very least - you made this board a little more interesting.
  4. I say Jimmy Heart jumps in and hits them both with a chair, and then the Undertaker gets credited with the win then.
  5. As long as they both lose - we would all be winners.
  6. You don't happen to have any results do you? My son wrestled in this and said it was a great tourney. I couldn't be there but I'm always interested in seeing who he faced, etc.
  7. You're giving #TheCounty too much credit. I would maybe put them a top 10, but not No. 1. They are behind class wrestling, two tournament qualifiers, no wrestlebacks, having to face Mason Parris and, last but not least - having a 6-1 lead in the third and then shooting in and getting spladled. At best, #TheCounty is No. 6 on the hated list.
  8. I've seen several good wrestlers registered. Just a quick scan of the list (and there are tons of good wrestlers in my opinion that are competing that I'm not mentioning) - Alec Viduya, Gavin Rose, Seth Johnson, Alara Boyd, Silas Allred, Lukasz Walendzak, Brycen Denney, Josh Stephenson, Trevor Ragle, Carter Noehre, Jordan Slivka, Triston Sellmer, Zach Mellowh, Kasper McIntosh, Noah Warren, Kyle Hatch, Oszker Kasch, Tucker Coffman, Eli Stock, Gleason Mappes, Jack Eiteljorge, Brad Lowe, Tanner Webster, Lucas Davison and Thomas Penola - just to name a few.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OSI_wpCvkw
  10. I don't know many parents that are handing out the trophies. I agree that participation trophies aren't worth a hill of beans - but that's not the parents fault - it's generally the league. I coach multiple baseball and softball teams during the spring/summer/fall and I'd say 95% of the parents I have are great. They expect their kids to give their best effort, be attentive and learn. They don't expect trophies for losing. Most of the parents I know understand that a kid can learn more from losing and working to get better than from winning all the time. If parents are ruining sports, then we
  11. That one's hard to watch. Brendan was so instrumental in my son's wrestling and such a great kid. Hated seeing him heartbroken afterward - and for the fourth time. Freshman year, undefeated and had his appendix removed the week of regional. Sophomore loses a close one and finishes third. Lost two great matches in a row under the lights as a junior and senior. He was sure fun to watch though. Great kid from a great family.
  12. Good suggestion on the previous years.
  13. Bane vs. McCormick was a personal favorite as well
  14. Some of my favorites: Samuels vs. Clarke Campbell vs. Ayersman Campbell vs. Petrov
  15. I'm not familiar with that. I'll try to figure it out. Thanks. Nope - matrix is closed as well.
  16. You're probably right. I just hate to sign up for a tournament, drive two hours and there not be anyone there. We like to go to tourneys we haven't been to before - so we don't always hit up the ones closest. I think wrestler lists should always be available, instantly.
  17. What is the rationale behind hiding the wrestler lists to offseason tourneys? We usually pick our tournaments based on the potential amount of matches we can have. Why do some of these tourneys not release the wrestler lists?
  18. Ummm - anyone think Class wrestling is a good idea?
  19. I really wish I hadn't stepped into this conversation. And I'm not going to go on more about this. One reason I like this site is because it's about wrestling - not social issues. But, having said that - studies I have read show that the suicide rate actually increases after a transgender person "transitions".
  20. So, it is OK for a wrestler to get a doctor's prescription to take an illegal substance that knowingly gives a major competitive advantage? You do know professional athletes have been given steroids by "doctors". Right? So is that OK? I'm fine with him wrestling with the guys if that's their decision. I'm fine with him wrestling with the girls - since biologically she is a girl. What I'm not fine with is getting to use a banned substance - no matter if it's doctor prescribed or not. What's to say that a guy isn't allowed to take testosterone because he doesn't feel he is gaining muscle as qui
  21. "Richmond Regional 170 first round: 2-seed Jake Orschell of Franklin County edges 3-seed Hines of New Castle, 8-6. Without the win, the senior Orschell's team would have tied with Lawrenceburg in Team State qualification points and the tiebreaker would have left FC in the vote-in process." Dang that Hines kid! You had one job! Ha - I'm teasing, of course. But he is aware that if he could have pulled off the upset his friends at Shenandoah could have won their first-ever regional.
  22. I'm all for new posters on here. It makes the forums interesting. I don't really think what was said was insulting. It was talking about a lack of offense - correct? Why are we giving this guy such a hard time over that. It wasn't a personal attack - it was a comment on a style in one match. Maybe I'm missing something.
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