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Everything posted by grappleapple

  1. I've been to hundreds of wrestling matches - but this is the first one I've ever seen charge $10 for single session admission for a Friday night with three rounds.
  2. That was a great year for the TEC, for sure. Fun wrestlers to watch.
  3. Fair enough. To me, and I think others, it came across differently. I hope they do well in the TEC meet.
  4. That win over Shenandoah was in early November when Silas Allred wasn't wrestling. I'm betting several others were out as well, including Jake Webster. Also, Shenandoah had AJ Black when they were ranked No. 9. Union City is not beating that Shenandoah team.
  5. I did a little research to see just how underrated Union City and the TEC is. Here's what I have (mind you, some results may be missing). Centerville 13-2 Knightstown 18-3 Union City 10-7 (was beaten 63-6 by Mt. Vernon and lost to Harrison's JV team) Also, lost to Cambridge City who is 2-7. Union County (1-14), Tri (5-12), Hagerstown (4-6), Winchester (4-8), Northeastern (3-4), Cambridge City (2-7) and Union County (1-14) all have losing records. Now, I do think there are good wrestlers in the conference. The Phillips kid from Centerville, Tucker Coffman and some of the Knightstown kids like Jon Simmons, Thomas Sollars and their heavyweight are pretty legit. I just don't see how someone argues for a team to get more recognition when that team is 10-7 in a conference where the majority of teams are struggling this season.
  6. How do you get underrated when there aren't conference ratings? And, what are you basing this off of? Is this single class, state wide? Is it Class A?
  7. I saw the Yorktown vs Prairie Heights score. Some unusual weights for Yorktown. It has Barr at 132, Ritter at 138 and Heistad at 152. Is that correct? Seems pretty crazy.
  8. I remember my coach telling me that the huge Russian across from me was not a machine.
  9. I noticed some results posted on the beginning of this thread from a tournament. It looks to me like Sebastian Brown of Delta defeated Brad Lowe of Greenfield, if I'm reading that correctly. Is that right, or did I misinterpret it?
  10. He is eligible to wrestle now. He would have wrestled in a dual meet last night, but he wasn't down to weight yet. I'm 99% sure he will wrestle Saturday.
  11. This is true. AJ is at New Castle now, where he lives right next to the school
  12. I wonder if it is a situation like my son's first meet. He didn't quite get down to 170 (weighed 171), and then bumped up to 195 to wrestle. I'm betting Tucker will be 70 or less at some point this season - but I'm don't know for sure.
  13. According to the numbers - using a highly technological algorithm, in the last five years the New Castle semistate should have had 70 champs. But, due to complex issues such as interest rate, voting record, mom's apple pie and Brayton Lee - the number is only at 25.
  14. Man I'd love to see this matchup. I've watched Stevenson dominate - but I would not county out Parris. Mason is explosive on offense and does moves the big guys just don't see. If this happens in Indiana - I'll accidentally forget my 20th wedding anniversary in order to be there.
  15. There are certainly risks involved in football. But, those risks are prevalent in every physical activity. I played multiple sports growing up, including football. The only sport I was badly injured in was basketball. You never know what sport is going to be the one that a person gets injured in. Sports have to be about love of the game. In my opinion, you can't be scared to pursue your passion because it might risk an injury. You can easily be injured slipping on the ice, or walking down the street. Play what you have a passion for - and take every necessary precaution to limit the amount of injury. As you know - my son is having a horrible senior year, injury-wise. He broke his leg playing baseball in June. He worked as hard as he was allowed to, going to physical therapy and doing every recovery suggestion to the letter so that he could be released in time for wrestling. He got released the day football sectionals began. He was really upset that he missed his senior tennis season, but he was ecstatic that he could do his true passion - wrestling. Then, in the third wrestling practice of the season, wrestling with his twin, he broke his leg again and will be out for the entire season. I talked to him about the injury. He is really going through a hard time emotionally being done with wrestling. But, he said he doesn't regret trying to wrestle. That was his goal, and it didn't work out. Silas' situation is different because, as you said, he wants to wrestle at the next level. So, the question would really be - does his passion for football trump his desire to be the best wrestler he can, for as long as he can? Knowing you guys, you'll make the decision that is best for your situation. Can't wait to see what this season has in store for him.
  16. It's hard to take the region seriously when it changes to add whatever hot team there might be up north. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't try to claim Mater Dei at some point. The boundaries of the region are endless.
  17. Ok - for the sake of hashtagging...I'll add this. Who will fare better - DaRegion or #TheCounty?
  18. You son of a gun! If we don't have a class wrestling debate now heads are going to roll!
  19. Wow - my story lines are dropping like flies. That stinks about the Littel kid.
  20. Official practices start Monday. What are some of the story lines you are most looking forward to this season? For me, it's - can anyone beat Brayton, Joe or Mason? (the answer is no with Mason...and maybe with Brayton and Joe if we're lucky enough to see them in the same class). Who will be the team to beat? How soon before a heated class wrestling debate pops up? I also fully expect some debate on the fight shorts and the weights of ranked wrestlers being initially incorrect. I'm mildly interested in how the Littel kid does with the new team come tourney time. Will Silas Allred get on the podium as a sophomore? (He's one cool kid that you can't help but root for) What teams have a chance to turn some heads for the first time in a long time (like Shenandoah did last year)? I am also curious as to what Yorktown does with Alara Boyd. Is she going to wrestle high school? Can't wait for another fun season. Hope all the wrestlers make weight with ease, everyone stays healthy and Indiana continues to get national attention for the sport.
  21. For some reason I was thinking Parris was in this as well. Was he ever slated to wrestle in this event?
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