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  1. If I remember correctly there was a point in the state championship match years ago between Jason Tsirtsis and Connor Mullins where it looked like Tsirtsis shoulders were flat for much longer than Fattore's - in a defensive pin situation. I am getting old though and my memory may be off. Anyone remember this?
  2. What a match. That call might be debated for years...could help shape team state title and individual title.
  3. Maybe the Banker's Life ushers should crack down on seat saving. If you see a big blanket taking up multiple seats - tell them to take it down. The people who get there early and wait in line absolutely have a right to their seat - but not seats for 15 of their friends.
  4. A few years ago my sons sat near the top with five of their friends. One of my sons got up to use the bathroom and came back down and a man was sitting in his seat. My son's friends had told the man that someone was sitting there - and he just said that it's open seating and no seats get saved. My son came back and asked if he could sit with his friends, as there were plenty of other seats around - and the man refused. I went from near the floor level up to the balcony and asked the guy if he would mind moving - he was dead set on not moving at all. Finally the guys mother (I am assuming)
  5. Say both wrestlers placed fifth. They are wrestling at 170 pounds - but they placed fifth at 152 and 160 pounds the year earlier. What happens?
  6. I don't know how you can determine who the "best" wrestlers are. No disrespect to those that do the awesome rankings here, but those aren't gospel. You can't say kid A is ranked higher than kid B, so he must be better. If that was the case, only the No. 1 ranked guy should win each year. Ultimately, the best wrestler in the state tournament that weekend will be the one that wins, no matter who is in front of them.
  7. The first round draws aren't so bad here, but 182 is loaded on one side of the bracket. You have No. 1 Walton, No. 2 Cressell and No. 3 Allred all right there together.
  8. Who said that? I never discredited him at all.
  9. So if you like the current system you have to be in favor of kids getting screwed? Comments like this are ignorant, plain and simple. We are all here because we love this sport and want what is best for it. We don't have to agree on everything, but to pretend we don't care about those participating because of whether or not we like wrestle backs is just plain dumb.
  10. Those crazy losses are what makes it fun. Bethel upset one of the greatest Indiana wrestlers in decades and shocked the state. Sure Lee was top 5 material - but on that day in that match he didn't end up on top. I'm sure you can look at every sport and one team that is better than another gets put out and another team moves on.
  11. I, personally, like the win or go home drama the ticket round at semistate brings. It's the most fun-filled round, hands down. There will always be people we know are more deserving of getting to state than someone else, but that's the beauty of the system. Yes, the draws can be brutal to some. Yes, it's not 100 percent fair, but that's life. Probably my favorite moment at the New Castle semistate was in the ticket round watching Dru Berkebile. This kid absolutely is better than some others moving on. He had some brace on his leg and wasn't able to bend it. He barely could get in the down
  12. Am I missing something? Hall is listed as a freshman and Viduya is a returning state champ. How did they wrestle last year? Are you talking off-season?
  13. Yeah I think Smiley's style was perfect against Hall. That kid has been a monster in the tourney though. Pins Ragle in first period, beats Phillips then Evans, dominated Viduya before getting dominated by Smiley. He's funky and it appears very strong. Didn't seem like he had much in the tank in the final though. This kid is definitely on my watch list at state.
  14. Freshman Bryer Hall beats Viduya 11-5. Kid can flat out wrestle.
  15. Pendleton's Jared Brown up 14-3 in third on undefeated Brendan Mattingly, but Mattingly cradles him in the third for the fall.
  16. You mean except Ft. Wayne, right? Kidding - they all have great wrestlers. Just couldn't resist the jab.
  17. They obviously don't care about my chances of winning these semistate pickem contests then.
  18. I understand there are going to be some bracket changes - such as 126 pounds at New Castle with Phillips being injured. When will these changes be reflected on the actual brackets? They are not at the moment.
  19. I'm rooting for him because his dog's name is Bacon. That's awesome.
  20. This absolutely stinks for a very good Centerville freshman that is fun to watch. But, although it's a break for Ragle, for sure - it's also probably a relief for Smiley as well.
  21. It looks like Chad Red did it in 32 seconds his senior year. Forfeit, 10 seconds, 12 seconds, 10 seconds.
  22. I was wrong about Knightstown. They got the job done. Congrats guys.
  23. My guess is Browning at 152 and he will go to semistate without having to wrestle a match at regional.
  24. I noticed at the Tri sectional there are three wrestlers at 152 pounds. The No. 1 seed, the only one with a winning record, won't wrestle until the championship. Then, someone will get an automatic ticket punched to semistate because of this. Are there any other classes in the state, in any other sectional, with a similar number?
  25. Possibly. I think it will be a good tournament for sure.
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