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  1. Tri has 34 forfeits. Most of which are at 106, but four at 160 (I wonder if Bane is the reason there).
  2. Just curious as to what weight class in what sectional has the most forfeits. I see Tri sectional has six forfeits out of the 11 teams at 106.
  3. I don't think anyone was saying those are the only kids to work hard in the offseason.
  4. Not sure why you are disrespecting a very good Knightstown team. New castle will certainly not run away with this and they aren't a veteran team either. They have two freshmen, six sophomores, two seniors and four juniors. I do think they will win a tight one. And Gee was pinned in under a minute by Bane last season. Not sure how you can overlook Bane.
  5. What's the typical time frame for when brackets are released? Have seeding meetings already been held, or are those next week? Just curious/anxious.
  6. There are four pages on the topic. Not bad considering there probably isn't one weight class that every school has a participant in. Don't get me wrong - I'm interested in the results. But this isn't probably of great interest to most of the state. And I'm sure they put the brackets in as soon as they become available - but they aren't going to go track down every conference in Indiana. That being said - based solely on the information in Richmond's paper about the top four seeds...here's my guess (and I stress, guess): 106 - Markley. 113 - Harris. 120 - Hale. 126 - E. Phillips. 132 -Cra
  7. I saw this in Richmond's paper. So Phillips is still going 138, and Handley appears to be wrestling. That class is loaded.
  8. Isn't Kokomo in the North Central Conference? The NCC also has a 125 mile trip from Richmond to Logansport, and 130 miles from Richmond to Lafayette.
  9. The NCC is worse now. Lafayette is back in the conference. So you go as far west as Lafayette, as far north as Logansport and as far east as Richmond.
  10. Keep in mind New Castle wrestled without Sam Buck (145 - 30 plus victories this year), Garrett Marsh (28-2) and Billy Decker (not sure his record, but less than 5 losses for sure). It should be a great sectional. My takes I think Shenandoah wins 106, 113. New Castle takes 120 (reversal of dual meet result), 145, 182, 195 and 220. Knightstown: 138, 170 Centerville: 132, 152 (But this will be an absolute dog fight with Marsh and Waterman from EH in the class. Marsh lost by a last second takedown to Michaels during the season) Tri: 126 Richmond: 160 I don't have a pick at heavy.
  11. Here's what I found on the IHSAA site. 1) head to head - if the wrestlers have beaten each other, it resorts to last victory 2) Record against common opponents 3) Semistate quarterfinalist in the previous IHSAA semistate 4) Best overall record (winning percentage) 5) Farthest advancement in previous IHSAA state tournament series **A wrestler with less than 10 matches may not be seeded higher than a wrestler with at least 10 matches and a winning record unless they have beaten them in head-to-head*** Hope that helps. I'm no expert at all - but that's the info I found
  12. What's going on with Colton Handley from Northeastern. Is he injured? Will he return if so?
  13. This article highlights a tragic situation that wrestling is helping people cope with http://www.thecouriertimes.com/sports/article_3f608a06-bd30-11e5-ae79-13f6f1e0316f.html
  14. Agreed - I thought t was a nasty reversal. But it went OT and he got taken down. Great match.
  15. Has JaVon made scratch weight at 132 this season?
  16. Who won between Cam Coffman and Javon Phillips, assuming they wrestled each other?
  17. I may be wrong about the score. I don't think Buck was losing by 7 at all, but I do remember Buck putting Coy on his back for what most thought was a pin (I obviously don't have the ref's vantage point so I am not certain). Ragle wrestles 120. Yeah - 145 is stacked.
  18. No, they don't face everyone in a dual before conference.
  19. Sorry for my ignorance. I'm assuming the 1 seed is at top vs. 8 seed. The 2 seed is at the bottom vs. the 7. Where are the other seeds located? Would 4 be second tier on top with five below, then 3 and 6?
  20. I think New Castle's Trevor Ragle will have a shot at 126. Sam Buck was leading Sage Coy last year until he was pinned at the end of the third period...so Sam could contend at 145. 195 might be interesting too, New Castle's Nate Woollard beat Evans in overtime during a dual this season. Team wise - New Pal and Yorktown are clearly the frontrunners with Delta right behind.
  21. http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/columnists/gregg-doyel/2016/01/07/doyel-wrestler-says-he-doesnt-deserve-story-you-decide/78412520/ A pretty good read.
  22. The Henry County tournament was last night, and without a doubt it was one of the best in decades (as far as competitiveness). Shenandoah started out up 20 points, but Knightstown battled back. Came down to the heavyweight match, Shenandoah winning by three, but Knightstown got the pin. Knightstown won the county title. Tri was beating Shenandoah in the final round until Shenandoah's AJ Black earned a quick pin at 106 for the win. Good to see three of the four "Henry County" schools field full rosters. That's a rarity. New Castle has never competed in this tournament, to my knowledg
  23. Thanks for all the updates. It stinks being stuck in an office while all this wrestling is going on.
  24. If anyone is at this, please post updates. Thanks
  25. Caleb Hoots is ranked 6th overall at 182, but not in the top 6 at semi state? Is that just an omission?
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