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  1. If anyone has video of this, please post. I want to show the wife. She would care about that more than all the stories I told her about Red/Lee and such.
  2. I get tired of these "lack of class" posts. The kid was probably the most excited he's ever been in his life. He has had to read for months how he was going to lose. The crowd chanted his opponents name. He was put flat on his back yet he bounced back. He overcame a hostile environment, an opponent that is one of the best in the nation and became a four time champ with an undefeated career in the process. Part of his success has always been his swag. It's not classless - it's just different from the norm. I for one love it that he is a free spirit that doesn't feel like he has to say all the r
  3. Those Daleville girls were awesome with the National Anthem. One of the best jobs I've heard.
  4. Parris is an absolute machine. I know this means nothing this week, but Parris pinned Guhl in 21 seconds last week.
  5. Indiana has Cash (2x champ), Goldman (1), People (1) and Roach (2). Purdue has Ayersman (3), Kral (1), Lydy (1), Lynde (1), Stein (2), C. Welch (1) and D. Welch (1). That's 16 championships. Not terrible - and that might increase next season.
  6. It is what it is. I'm OK with that. I would have really liked to see New Castle's Trevor Ragle get in at that weight class. He lost in OT in the ticket round to the eventual champion.
  7. It was an extremely well written article bringing light to a very gifted wrestler. Insulting the writer because he didn't mention another guy in his story, or because he doesn't write a lot about wrestling, isn't needed. Just take the story for what it is - a good feature on a great Indiana wrestler. We all know that the potential Lee matchup could by electric - but it didn't make it into the article. Big deal.
  8. He's a high schooler - pretty good record but lost close matches to the upper level guys he's faced. Looking to improve. One thing I suggested is he primarily work on weaknesses - such as his leg attacks, during the offseason. Only leg attack during matches - win or lose. He's not very good with the shots though - and it's not much his style, so I really don't want to give him bad advise. He has a few RTCs relatively close that we are going to go to for sure.
  9. Just looking for opinions on what aspects of training are most beneficial to a wrestler during the offseason. My son wants to do a ton of lifting and conditioning - but I want to see him get as much live wrestling as possible. He will wrestle folkstyle and Greco tourneys but doesn't have a big interest in doing freestyle (which I think he should). He knows a few areas he needs to work on is takedowns and work on bottom. How much live wrestling should kids do? Are camps worth the money? We aren't going to be able to do national tournaments, but he would like to get as much live wrestling as
  10. No need to apologize. I was just guessing at who would win. I don't know either kid. Hopefully they both continue with their success.
  11. DJ Brookbank beats Zach Melloh 13-11
  12. DJ Brookbank beats Zach Melloh 13-11
  13. I thought these prediction posts were for fun. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe, because I picked Worm over Irick without researching that Irick beat Worm last week, I won't even be allowed to buy my semistate ticket. I hope that's not the case because I've enjoyed going to the New Castle semistate for about a dozen years in a row. But by the way, I do own one of those fancy T-shirts for winning the one and only pickem contest I have entered.
  14. Well the question was about the New Castle semistate. I guess I should have started at each feeder sectional, then studied each regional before making my picks for the semistate. Then, this prediction thing that means nothing anyway, could have taken a lot more of my time and meant just as little. These are complete guesses by someone who hasn't wrestled a single match. If it makes you sleep better at night, I can change my pick to say Irick, then Worm. Since you're so passionate about that one particular match.
  15. Because I work full time, have a bunch of kids in a bunch of sports, have a wife that expects me to clean up after myself, occasionally I go outside and...mainly..because I don't have the time to research every wrestler and their head-to-head record. I do know that in second grade Worm was a stud - so I'm basing my pick on that. And I'm sticking to it.
  16. 106 - Murphy, Black, Walendzak, Strueder 113 - Turner, White, Slivka, Lohrey 120 - Bocock, Ragle, Smiley, Castro 126 - Bailey, McGhee, Holmes, Loos 132 - Red, Melloh, Phillips, Welliever 138 - Eldred, McKinney, Flood, White 145 - Timberman, Vaughn, Negangard, Boggs 152 - Pruitt, Johnson, Berkebile, Starks 160 - Bane, Warren, Frazee, Gee ***Brutal ticket round match up between No. 3 Ruberg and No. 4 Warren*** 170 - Hill, Goddard, Samuels, Stambaugh 182 - Rypel, Jones, Worm, Irick 195 - Tonte, Stewart, Cavins, Fox 220 - Parris, Guhl, Hipple, Fuller 285 - Brogan, Phifer, Bunce, Ridle
  17. I'd hope my sons have enough character to do the right thing in a situation like this. Even if the coach was telling him to say he couldn't go on - this could have been one of those character-defining moments for the kid if he would have stood up to the coach and said he didn't want to win/lose that way. The story certainly would have been completely changed then. I still remember at the New Castle semistate when the McCloskey kid was illegally slammed by one of the Keiffer brothers. He could have won the match because of the slam, but instead he chose to continue, and then injury default so K
  18. Here's my picks....just for fun. 106 - Black, Owens, Markley, Stapleton 113 - Lohrey, Schaefer, Wilburn, Beard 120 - Ragle, Puglsey, Walton, Plunkett 126 - Loos, Phillips, Craft, Purtha 132 - Phillips, Browning, Bundy, Surguy 138 - Fender, Gosnell, Lane, Hines 145 - Boggs, Buck, Nenangard, Coffman 152 - Waterman, Michaels, Marsh, Humbert 160 - Bane, Ruberg, Gee, Melton 170 - Hill, Faith, Mitts, Grubb 182 - Hoots, Rolfes, Walker, Bohman 195 - Cavins, Woollard, Dishman, Haager 220 - Paris, Thomas, Clouse, Pence 285 - Minges, Robinson, Smith, Selm Tri sectional - advancing 31
  19. I think I may have driven the train off the tracks. I probably should reread the starting thread before I make a turn. Sorry
  20. Not sure what you are trying to say, Scholar? You don't think they went in thinking they had a shot? Yes, New Castle had more depth and won. Which might not be the case in the coming years. Are you insinuating that everyone who lost will somehow lose the will to wrestle because their efforts did not result in the sectional championship? Shenandoah had more champions than New Castle. Centerville had as many champions as New Castle. Knightstown had as many champions as New Castle. I'd say it was a pretty competitive sectional. Perhaps I'm reading your comment incorrectly.
  21. I watched the dual between Shenandoah (small school) and New Castle (I guess classified as a big school). The gym was packed, the atmosphere was electric and when Shenandoah beat New Castle those Raider kids were on cloud nine. I also watched Knightstown (small school) beat Shenandoah by a few points during the season, and Shenandoah squeaking by Tri (extremely small school) - and the atmosphere was just as electric. Those wins all meant something to the kids and the coaches. It also made the sectional pretty crazy, with several small schools going in hoping they could knock off New Castle.
  22. The seating was beyond terrible. Sectionals are several hours long, and when you don't even have enough room to scoot a few inches in the bleachers, it is terrible. I have elderly parents that paid to watch, but couldn't get up the steps to the balcony so had to leave, $12 poorer. Both stairwells were full of people. All of the walking lanes were full of people. Seating simply was not nearly adequate. I do think the tournament was ran well - but that facility is far too small.
  23. Garrett House is now the 6 seed in the bracket for New Castle. So Decker must be out.
  24. These guys aren't ranked, I believe - but at the Tri sectional there are three 2015 sectional champions all in the same 152-pound bracket. Jarod Waterman, Eastern Hancock (32-3) won the 160 pound weight class last year and advanced to semistate. Isaiah Michaels, Centerville (33-4) won the 152 pound class last year and advanced to state. Garrett Marsh, New Castle (22-3) won the 138 pound class last year and advanced to semistate before he was injured and couldn't compete. Waterman beat Michaels by one point this year, and Michaels beat Marsh by one point. So it could be a real fun weigh
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