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  1. I'm going to be the first to predict - Shenandoah will take top honors in the 1A division. I know Prairie Heights is tough as nails. But so are those young Raiders. They have Andrew Black who was one win from going to state (great match with Fair from Perry Meridian in the ticket round), Hayden Lohrey (state qualifier 113), Dallas Pugsley (lost in ticket round of semistate, I believe), Josh Gee (was awesome at ISWA state this weekend, placing 2nd), a real good freshman at 182 - and some pretty solid guys at 138, 145. Add to that next year they should be adding a good heavyweight. I think they
  2. I couldn't agree more. I think Warren is a great venue. I never felt crowded, even with the huge number of wrestlers. I couldn't agree more about the smoking/littering. Be respectful. Signs everywhere say it's a non-smoking facility. Those signs don't mean it's non smoking for everyone but you.
  3. My son wrestled Junior 145, which was a pretty big class with 45 wrestlers. They wrestled on two mats and it seemed to go pretty quickly. He did hit a stretch of wins that had him wrestling about every 20 minutes, and he was definitely gassed (he was upset that his cardio was so bad). But I think he'd rather wrestle with 15-20 minutes rest instead of waiting all day for a match. His friend wrestled 160. We had wrestled five matches by the time his friend's second match came up.
  4. I noticed that about Walton - and Konrath going 126. THat 126 class looks pretty brutal with several returning state placers in the mix.
  5. Brenden isn't wrestling at Navy now. He did fairly well there, but the Naval Academy is difficult academically and Brenden chose to focus on the academics. I still hold out hope he may wrestle one more year.
  6. Brendan Campbell beat Jared McKinley, Brian Harvey and Mason Todd (some multiple times), and I think he may have beaten DeAndre Wilson as well.
  7. I'm not sure what #TheCounty is. Region fans are entertaining to me - but I'm not sure the greatest athletes to ever walk the earth did in fact come from their part of the state. Mater Dei fans are OK, but they were annoying during Lee/Red when they were yelling for stalling the entire match. I'm pretty sure one MD fan even yelled at the National Anthem singers for stalling, before they even got to the mic. The most annoying fan I've witnessed this year was at the Tri sectional. This mom was, ummm....very, very into the match. She was screaming and yelling at other people in the stands. But i
  8. Would you have to remove Warren then? Since they were an outlier as well and not indicative of all 3A schools?
  9. I've always been on the one-class side of the argument. But in the discussion thread someone mentioned going to a camp with other states and they were matching up state-qualifying kids, and such with the Indiana kids looking downed on for being semistate participants, etc. That is the first thing that has actually made a little bit of sense to me. I assume, if other states see our kids as being second-tier wrestlers, somewhat, if they didn't make state - college coaches might as well. Classing the tournament would certainly get some smaller school kids more college exposure - which is great.
  10. Who would win in a rematch, Lee or Red? What was the coolest singlet in the finals? Where did you eat at state? Which Tsirtsis is better? Could Y2 cut to 195 and fill in for Rypel at Pennsylvania if he had to? Should the spladle be banned? Should the singlet be changed? All of these I ask solely for the purpose of not having another class wrestling discussion.
  11. Bubba died before his senior wrestling season.
  12. Doesn't really fit the "never had a champ", but New Castle has a pretty rich wrestling history - but only two champs. One in 1963 and one in 1995.
  13. I'm not sure I'd call Campbell the underdog. I think they were both pretty darn equal.
  14. I've seen great wrestlers, average wrestlers and bad wrestlers stall out in the final seconds. There is no since risking a loss to keep being overly aggressive until the whistle. That being said - I watched the Lee/Red match yesterday that someone has posted (I was there, but didn't notice this as bad as the video), but fans were screaming for stalling calls as early as the first five seconds of the match. The guy I could hear on the video was relentless in screaming for the stalling. From the very beginning of the match until the very end. Wrestlers have to have a mix - a good engine, good
  15. Agreed. But why put all this effort into trying to get small school individual kids to be able to say they advanced to state? Isn't the idea behind it to promote the sport and to give them an opportunity to know what it was like to go to state? But shouldn't all those JV kids get that same feeling? Should there be a JV state? I am not trying to come across snarky at all. I just know that there are many very good wrestlers at larger schools that can't even compete in the state tournament because they are behind better wrestlers. The smaller schools generally don't have that problem. They can h
  16. This is why I am a huge fan of classed team state. Just not classed individual state.
  17. Yes - why? I have witnessed on multiple occasion kids that weren't varsity level at a larger school, going to a neighboring small school in order to make varsity. I don't see this point as being anything unbelievable. Am I missing something?
  18. When figuring the percentage of kids that reach the state finals from different sized schools, it does show a disadvantage to the small schools. But when you figure the number of students these schools have - I would guess that might alter things. For instance, and this is hypothetical because I haven't done the research - but say Blue River, a school with a senior class of around 50, has four wrestlers (which it does). Those four wrestlers are going to automatically qualify for sectionals, and have a shot at advancing further. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have a Warren Central w
  19. I think it's safe to say that this year's finals did not cause any change of hearts. Sorry for starting another class debate.
  20. No, but it seems with record attendance at state, and wrestling being at an all-time high as far as interest that I can see, I was wondering if that changes anything at all. Not saying it does - I've never been on team class wrestling, but for those that are I didn't know if this would make a difference. I wouldn't trade the atmosphere this year at state for anything. It was awesome.
  21. As much as I hate to bring this up and possibly start yet another class wrestling conversation - I'm curious to hear if this year's finals, particularly the Red vs. Lee showdown, has proven to anyone that our system is pretty darn good as it is? The argument for class wrestling was to get more people interested in the sport. I think this match, in itself, did that remarkably well. I can't tell you how many people I've had come up to me, that really don't follow wrestling at all, asking about what that match was like. People see the videos posted of it. Kids were asking the wrestlers for their
  22. I don't know. But if you find out, I'd like to see it too.
  23. His match against Ayersman was equally as good. Undefeated as a freshman before having to have his appendix removed the week of regional his freshman year. He had beaten the 106 champ, Phillips, multiple times as they were very close friends. Campbell finished 42-0 as a freshman, 54-2 as a sophomore (placed third, beating Jared McKinley 10-5). As a junior he went 54-1, losing only in the final to Kyle Ayersman in OT, 10-8. As a senior he finished 53-3 and lost to Paul Petrov in the championship 14-11. Overall he was 203-6 with a third and two seconds.
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