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  1. I guess my question would be, that if they knew they were changing schools before the year, and if it was closer to everyone's work, why didn't they just enroll before the season? I'm on the fence on these sort of issues. I want the kids to be able to compete, for sure, but I don't like situations where kids don't like a coach so they change, or they think they'll have a better team, so they change - or they can't beat a guy out at a weight class, so they move. I'm not saying these are the things happening here - but I do think there needs to be restrictions on switching for athletic reasons.
  2. Trying to explain to family and friends that you don't know when a kid will wrestle, exactly is always frustrating. I tell them wrestling starts at 8 - and it could be 8:45 before the kid they want to see wrestles, or it could be 8:01. Then, the next round might start at 9:15 or 9:30....you know the drill. Most of the time they just end up calling afterwards and saying they wanted to come but Aunt Edna stubbed her toe and required emergency care.
  3. Being someone not from that area in the state, and not real familiar with the situation, can someone explain it? Seems the Moran brothers have switched schools from Crown Point to Portage, but the IHSAA isn't releasing them to wrestle, correct? When did they switch schools? Did they start at the beginning of the year? What was the motivation behind the switch? Was it because of wrestling, or some other circumstance?
  4. Peckinpaugh won his 900th at the Bronco Duals in December, 2014. He's probably a little over 930 now. Just my guess.
  5. "No one else is taking this opportunity, and for most it's because they're in their high school rooms smashing overwhelmed kids working toward state-level accomplishments while Nick is in PA getting schooled by some of the best in the world in hopes of reaching world-level accomplishments." I'm happy for Nick. I think he's an elite wrestler who has very lofty goals. I just don't see how sort of backhanding the state competition is needed. Last I knew, Nick didn't win state last year. There are some mighty good kids wrestling in this state.
  6. Burn this thread to the ground! Congrats Cubs - but don't fly that "W"ussy banner in this forum. This is wrestling. Now, if it were the Reds winning - that's a different story.
  7. Makes no difference to me, but I think the kids, for the most part, would like the fight shorts.
  8. This made my day. That's hilarious. The old - take 15 minutes to regroup after a caution. lol.
  9. Not bad, but those guys are nothing compared to the elite team of coaches I heard they have over in Carp Lake (just across the Kentucky/Indiana line). Jethro James - Rattlesnake catcher, and once drank an entire gallon of KFC gravy Jimmy Cletus - Wrestled all four years he was a freshman at Carp Lake, setting the freshman winning record at 12 Bubba Glen - Never wrestled, but is the reigning "World Champ of Indiana" in combat watermelon seed spitting Bobby Joe's dad - the lone wrestling parent coach. He just signed up to get into the matches for free (Sorry for the sarcasm..
  10. I'd say Prairie Heights are the favorite, but Shenandoah might give them a run for their money. They have AJ Black, who lost at the last second in the ticket round to Fair. They have state qualifier Hayden Lohrey, Dallas Puglsey who lost in the ticket round, Ryan Surguy (ss qualifier), Gabe Walker (ss qualifier), Josh Gee (ss qualifier and then placed second at ISWA Folkstyle state) and also a heavyweight that should make a good difference next season. Then they have Silas Allred coming up from Middle School where he pinned his way through middle school state and ISWA state. For a 1A school, t
  11. I see very, very few people forcing kids to focus on one sport. Most of the coaches I know, including wrestling coaches, encourage other sport participation. But not all kids want to play multiple sports. I have twins. They both wrestle. They both played football and baseball as freshmen as well. The next year one decided he has more fun wrestling and working to get better at wrestling year around. For him, it's not about a college scholarship or anything. He genuinely loves wrestling and wants to improve. He quit football and baseball and now solely focuses on wrestling. His twin wrestles d
  12. We would participate in local tournaments even if we didn't have to, because it's competition. But, if you have to promote local tourneys, make there be team competitions and allow schools to put whatever kid they wanted on a team. I know my kids would love to wrestle alongside some of their friends from other schools. Make the medals be something the kids want. Keep a record-book for each season where you can post past-winners, most pins, etc. And, most importantly, promote the tourney like crazy. Wrestlers want to wrestle. Take away any qualifier for state. I don't understand the reasoning
  13. I'd rather everyone be able to get in, rather than go with a top 3 scenario.
  14. I love ISWA Folkstyle state. Obviously it's also a very popular tournament. I wouldn't change it at all. My sons do wrestle freestyle and Greco as well.
  15. My son wrestled freestyle and Greco at a young age, and then we went through several years where there wasn't a program locally for him to learn the styles. He didn't really start doing freestyle again until his freshman year. He absolutely loves Greco, and likes freestyle. He's went to a different RTC Monday-Thursdays each week and gets lots of instructions. He's went to the mandatory two qualifiers the last two years and will wrestle at ISWA state. He's getting pretty decent, but he's not elite level by any means. But, having said that - I know he would still have wrestled the tourneys he
  16. I have a friend who moved here from out of state and he's sort of considering doing a little bit of wrestling. He is a veteran. Do veterans also have the two meet minimum to be able to participate in freestyle state? Most of the local tourneys only go up to junior, so I wasn't sure what to tell him. I looked on the freestyle state flyer, and it appears they would also need two meets, but I'm not positive. Does anyone know?
  17. Awesome award. Congrats. I know I check this site more than I do my bank account or my kids grades. Thanks for screwing up my priorities.
  18. I agree, Yorktown was ran very well. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. There weren't great numbers, but kids were able to get a few extra matches if they wanted. And, I found out, if ever in Yorktown stop by The Wedge for the greatest grilled cheese sandwiches you'll ever eat.
  19. Perry's numbers were not that good the last time I looked. On Wednesday there were 18 total in the junior division. Now there are 45. There are 2 at 120, 2 at 132, 2 at 145, 1 at 152, 3 at 195 and 2 at heavy. The other classes (nothing below 120 at all), has 5 or 6. I was hoping Yorktown would pick up, but it doesn't look like that has happened. I'm not complaining about the tourneys in general, I just wish more kids were going to them. It would be great to get several matches in.
  20. I'm glad this will be ran, despite the numbers. It was one of only two that we can make due to our hectic schedule right now. Thanks for not cancelling and hopefully the numbers improve.
  21. I see Center Grove cancelled its tourney this weekend due to low numbers. What happens in a situation like that if a wrestler was signed up and a tourney is cancelled. I would assume it wouldn't go toward their two tourney minimum to be able to wrestle freestyle state. That's not really fair to the ones who did sign up and were willing to wrestle.
  22. Am I just getting paranoid or are numbers down for freestyle tourneys? I know it's early Thursday with two days still to register, so I might just be a little anxious. I am looking at just the number of junior division wrestlers for this weekend. Center Grove: Folkstyle 4, Greco 1, Freestyle 1 Perry Meridian: Greco 14, Freestyle 18 Boonville: Folkstyle 1, Greco 2, Freestyle 2 Yorktown: Folkstyle 3, Greco 3, Freestyle 6 Obviously right now there are hardly any divisions with two kids in the same weight class. Is there typically a huge amount of people that sign up on the las
  23. The IHSAA winter sports meeting took place Thursday at Primo's in Indianapolis. Wrestling was a hot topic of conversation. Here are the results. 1) Proposal to offer three classes was presented by Bobby Cox. The proposal involved reintroducing the team state series as well. No decision was made, but it is planned to be voted on at the May 23rd meeting. 2) A consideration was brought up about weight cutting, with Alan Jackson proposing no wrestler be allowed to move more than one weight class above or below their weight on November 15th. 3) The topic of singlets came up, and researc
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