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Everything posted by grappleapple

  1. I haven't missed a semistate in 10 years. I have my priorities in line.
  2. My anniversary always seems to fall on semistate weekend. I don't understand why she doesn't think some popcorn and a nice seat in the New Castle Fieldhouse is romantic.
  3. I really should get actual work done - but wrestling is much more interesting. Here's my unofficial breakdown of the last four years. I used a scoring format of 4 points for 1st, 3 for 2nd and so on. 2016 New Castle - 4 champs, 5 2nds, 6 thirds, 3 fourths = 46 points Evansville - 4 champs, 3 2nds, 5 thirds, 4 fourths = 39 points E. Chicago/Merriville - 6 champs, 5 2nds, 1 third, 5 fourths = 46 points Ft. Wayne - 0 champs, 1 2nd, 2 thirds, 2 fourth = 9 points 2015 New Castle - 4 champs, 6 2nds, 5 thirds, 5 fourth = 49 points Evansville - 2 champs, 2 2nds, 5 thirds, 4 fourths = 28
  4. I didn't do Final Fours - I just went top 2. Here's the breakdown Champs: East Chicago - 6 New Castle - 4 Evansville - 4 Runners-up East Chicago - 5 New Castle - 5 Evansville - 3 Ft. Wayne - 1
  5. Phil McDaniel - two time 4th place finisher in the Tri High sectional. Once snuck into the hospitality room and took the last piece of fried chicken ahead of the New Castle coaching staff. No other wrestler has ever been that brave before. It's the stuff legends are made of.
  6. It seems this tourney is always in the dark ages as far as information goes. There are lots of good wrestlers and good schools participating, but it's very difficult to find any info on this. Last year Y2 posted the results. I think he posted some scanned copies, but at least we had something.
  7. There have been instances where kids will stay with family or friends in order to compete at a certain school.
  8. They have a good, young team. Gary Black is a highly energetic coach that is a fiery competitor. He has devoted a lot of time to them.
  9. I think in this situation the Moran brothers should be able to wrestle. But, somewhere you have to have some safety measures, I feel, so in other cases coaches can't work with kids in the offseason and convince them to switch schools. I'm certainly not saying it happened here, but I do feel there needs to be measures in place to stop "recruiting" quality athletes.
  10. Will any of this be live streamed? If so, is it on a pay site?
  11. I read and reread the post. I just don't see the big deal. This is a forum where we constantly predict winners and losers. Just because someone predicts a wrestler will lose - doesn't mean they are taking away anything from that wrestler. Half of this forum would be closed down if we can't predict winners and losers. And this user wasn't focusing on a wrestler losing as much as he was promoting another wrestler he thought would win. From what I read, this poster thinks Garcia is beatable. Pretty much every wrestler to ever don a singlet in this state is beatable. I don't see that as being a n
  12. I agree. I've always felt that the best way to increase numbers is any sport is by having an energetic coach that can connect with the athletes, but, more importantly - having athletes that talk their friends into participating.
  13. In theory, yes, mid-week duals will get more participation from fans. But that's not reality in most cases. I'd say in larger populated areas you can get a dual with two full-lineups and put on a pretty good show. But in lots of smaller populated areas the duals end up being a bunch of forfeits and then it's over. I know last year we went to a dual out of town and the other team - a 3A school, had five wrestlers. We paid the entry fee, got concessions and then before we could even finish the popcorn the dual was over. I don't think that helped promote anything. I love rivalries, and know thos
  14. The talking points of this article are ideas of getting higher participation in wrestling, from what I gather. I don't think making more mid-week duals will help that in the least bit. In fact, it will probably hurt it. Kids don't want to make weight two and three times a week. Most wrestlers I know like the Saturday multi-dual events. They make weight once and get to wrestle up to 5 times. As far as the uniform change - I don't particularly like the idea of the two-piece uniform - but I'm not resistant to it either. I'd say declining numbers aren't so much about how the sport is currently r
  15. My current guesses would be: 106 - Black 113 - Garcia 120 - Mejia 126 - Cummings 132 - Bailey 138 - Rumph 145 - Lee 152 - Warren 160 - Lee 170 - Van Horn (I think this is the weight he will end up at) 182 - Gray 195 - Stewart 220 - Paris 285 - Little Streck
  16. Not a big deal at all - but Bane defeated Tucker Coffman for a second time last weekend at New Castle. This time it was 4-3. Bane also beat Berkebile a few weeks ago. I'm not sure of the exact score.
  17. To the ISWA's credit - those publications are full of names and I can almost guarantee these aren't made by professional journalists with editing experience. Mistakes can happen, and easily. It sucks, yes, but I wouldn't think it's something vengeful.
  18. Keep us posted on this young man's recovery. Praying for God's hand in the situation. I did read through some of the GoFundMe comments and donations. I tell you what, the wrestling community is a passionate bunch that takes care of their own.
  19. Never heard of Avon or Brownsburg. Are they good this year? #TheCountyWho?
  20. Class wrestling will never work in Indiana. (so it begins)
  21. Happy birthday to the greatest company time waster on the planet.
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