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Posts posted by grappleapple

  1. Not to be that guy - but, after spending my morning reading this thread I have four thoughts. 1) This was super entertaining. 2) I hope you get better quickly Gen. Lucky you caught things when you did. 3) FC is literally one of the guys in this sport that will give you the shirt off his back if it helps you. He will help anyone try to become a better wrestler and he loves the sport like few other, period. 4) I'm thinking...and this may be a bit out of line (probably not on this thread), but seeing the hospital pic I am fairly certain the weight class would have been more around the 220 mark than the 167. Now - carry on. Let the making up commence.

  2. It always interests me to see how the semistates stack up to one another. This might have already been covered, but I didn't see it. Here's my breakdown. Each 1st place finisher gets 8 points, 2nd gets 7 and on down to 8th place (8th place earning a point).

    Evansville claims this year's top honor. They had a whopping seven champions, four 2nds, four 3rds, five 5ths, four 6ths, two 7ths and four 8ths  for a total of 173 points.

    New Castle comes in second with three champions, five 2nds, six 3rds, four 4ths, two 5ths, three 6ths, five 7ths and three 8ths. They had a total of 145 points.

    East Chicago is third with 114 total points. They had four champs, four 2nds, two 3rds, two 4ths, four 5ths, four 6ths, one 7th and two 8ths.

    New Haven (Ft. Wayne) finished with 72 points. No champions, one 2nd, two 3rds, three 4ths, 5ths and 6ths, six 7ths and five 8ths.


  3. 33 minutes ago, Kookie953 said:

    I don't know without looking it up, but BLee was close last year.  I know he went through the entire tournament teching or falling everyone.  

    Regardless, Allred is the truth and a ridiculous accomplishment!

    I looked it up. Lee had a close match with Kasper McIntosh his junior year, then beat Aiden Warren 16-8 and beat an out of state guy by one his senior year. 

  4. Hagerstown's Jake Combs just started wrestling last November and advanced to state at 182. I remember several years back a New Castle guy named Michael McAllister started wrestling as a junior and knocked off a state ranked guy around his 8th or 9th match, and was undefeated until he hurt his back. This got me wondering, who is the best natural wrestler you have watched? One of the guys that really had no wrestling knowledge, but could go out and beat anyone on sheer strength and athleticism.

  5. Worst thing I've had happen is about five years ago my sons were sitting up high in the nosebleed section with their middle school wrestling friends. One of my sons was on the end of the row and got up to go to the bathroom. A guy sat in his seat despite my sons' friends telling him their friend was sitting there and just left for the bathroom. When my son got back he asked the guy if he could have his seat back, and the guy just told him seats aren't assigned and to move.

    My sons moved down a few rows and a few of his teammates went with him. I went up and asked the guy why he had to have that one seat in that whole arena and why he was trying to bully middle school kids just looking to watch wrestling. He babbled on about how kids need to learn you can't save seats or something. I kindly told him he was a really good person and to have a lovely day...in words very similar.

  6. 21 hours ago, SWINfan said:

    I find it telling that I did best at Ft. Wayne, which is the SS I know the least, did last and spent the least amount of time on.  Gives credence to the old baseball line.... "Don't think.  It can only hurt the ballclub"

    Same here. I was most confident about New Castle, where I did by far the worst. I was least confident about Ft. Wayne, where I did the best.

  7. 25 minutes ago, Trinedad said:

    As the clock official that worked this match, I would be curious what your opinion was. I know it was close, but in my mind it was called after the buzzer. I felt horrible for the kid, but I felt I made the right call. I will take whatever comments come as a result of this. 


    I wasn't paying enough attention to have an opinion. Coach Cloud didn't seem to object so it sounds like the right call was made. 

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