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  1. Louis, it was my pleasure working with you. Whether discussing Team trips or setting up numerous ISWA events, you would not only lend an ear, you would lend a hand. I have nothing but the deepest respect for you and I considered it a privilege to serve under your leadership. Mike McCarthy III
  2. Cadet & Junior Fargo Teams Final Payment is due July 1st 2013 Please be sure to have all financial responsibilities in order sooner than later. Let's get as many All Americans, as possible!
  3. Now it's time for the 4 thru 8 place winners to fill out their "Congrats" packet for placing top 8 at either Freestyle or Greco ISWA State 4 thru 8's, quickest way to get on the Team is; Fill out TEAM ACCEPTANCE FORM, paying by credit card (at least deposit) Fill out USA WRESTLING OFFICIAL 2013 ENTRY FORM (2 sided) Fill out ATHLETES CODE OF CONDUCT FORM EMAIL to mikemccarthy@misco.biz These forms were given to you at ISWA FS / GR State on the Awards Stand If you need copies email me
  4. Notifications to all 1 thru 3's who rsponded by the May 28th deadline were emailed today
  5. Tuesday May 28th is the deadline for first thru third place winners in Greco & Freestyle State (both Cadet & Junior) to hold their respective spots on Team Indiana heading to Asics Vaughan National Championship in Fargo North Dakota Don't miss this opportunity!
  6. Reminder Top 3 place winners @ Freestyle & Greco State in The Cadet & Juinior Divisions are eligible to hold their spots on Team Indiana, until Tuesday May 28th. Send your deposit of $300 and completed acceptance forms to ISWA PO Box 157 Beech Grove, IN. 46107 c/o Mike McCarthy-Cadets Jeff McClurg-Juniors. May 29th we will start invitations to the 4th 5th & 6th place finishers. This is an awesome opportunity wrestling with the best wrestlers from across the country on 26 mats in the Fargo Dome @ NDSU! Don't wait, let's make this one of Indiana's best Teams.
  7. So sorry to hear of Eric's passing. My family's thoughts & prayers are with his family & all our Pendleton friends.
  8. The deadline for final payment is Friday July 1st.
  9. ISWA Greco & Freestyle State 1st , 2nd , 3rd plus Central Regional 1st , 2nd , 3rd, place winners. You have 7 days to reserve your spot on Team Indiana. June 1st I will begin agressively calling the next place winners as well as petitioned respondents to round out this group of Indiana's Best. Monday May 30th, $300.00 deposit must be mailed to Mike McCarthy 4252 n Franklin Rd Indpls, IN 46226 Questions / responses direct to mikemccarthy@misco.biz or phone 317/696-7232
  10. Sam Balbch 215 Mt Vernon Fortville completes regular season undefeated. 33-0 (29 falls, 1 injury default & 3 forfeits)
  11. Mt Vernon Fortville Benton Central Franklin Comm Greenfield Shelbyville Southmont
  12. Sam Balbach 215 Mt Vernon Fortville 28 & 0 (26 falls, 2 forfeits)
  13. Sam Balbach 215 Mt Vernon Fortville 23 & 0
  14. Sam Balbach 215 Mt Vernon Fortville is now 23 & 0. (21 pins, 2 forfeits). Sam is on track to put together the most dominant performance in Mt Vernon Fortville history. He is an outstanding individual as well as an excellent wrestler.
  15. Ok the cats out of the bag and it's already on the School board posted agenda ... the new coach is Dan McKinney long time MVMS coach & his assistant is 2005 MVHS graduate (04 SQ , 05 8th place winner 215) Matt Whyde. It will be a great combination and great for the school. Both are Wabash graduates.
  16. To answer the specific question whether or not Mt Vernon Fortville is looking for a coach ... the answer is No. After many years of involvement at Mt Vernon HS as an assistant for Jason Smith (who retired at the end of last year) I have decided to shift gears and head toward officiating. Mt Vernon Fortville will announce their head coach and assistant Sept 20th. I can assure all who are concerned about the program that the new coaching staff is both highly qualified and in place ready to lead the Marauders to new heights. It's an exciting time for the school and the athletes. Look for a couple of our guys at the state, they'll be there. Additionally I will still be heavily involved with the ISWA leading another group of Indiana wrestlers to Fargo 2011. Shifting gears, Mike McCarthy III
  17. macman

    FARGO 2010

    Awesome Camp at St Josephs for Fargo Thanks to the Fabulous technicians that worked our wrestlers to the limits; Chris Fleeger 2xState Champ, 3xNCAA All American, 3x Fargo FS & 2x GR National champ, Asst Coach Purdue Alex Dolly 4x NCAA Qualifier, 3x State Place Winner, Top 10 Ranking Mens Level, Asst Michigan STATE Coach Jade McCammon 6x ISWA GR State Champ, 2x Fargo All American(1FS&1GR)2nd PL FILA JR Greco. Current USOEC Brady Eppert IN National coach since 2004, Coached numerous All Americans, 1 state champ, several Placers, Asst Coach CIA. Watch for several NEW All Americans from this list of Indiana wrestlers. Juniors 2010 Boles Adam Both 105 Fozo Scott Freestyle 112 Ables Logan Both 119 Campbell Brenden Freestyle 119 Parham Patrick Freestyle 119 Nelson Brandon Freestyle 125 Barroquillo Travis Both 130 Chapple Tyler Both 130 Griesemer Alex Both 130 Johnson Jordan Freestyle 135 Lunsford Derek Both 135 Tsirtsis Jason Freestyle 135 Heald Kalob Freestyle 140 Mullins Connor Freestyle 140 Horrocks Sam Freestyle 145 Meska Drake Both 145 Brady Cameryn Both 152 Hummer Michael Both 152 Johnson Kirk Both 152 Lefever Reece Both 152 Harz Derek Both 160 Mappes Sean Both 160 Smith Caleb Greco 160 Judkins Mitchell Both 171 LeFever Connor Both 171 Cooper Logan Both 189 Stein Drake Both 189 Corbin Alex Greco 215 Haskett Jeremy Freestyle 215 Mofield Jeffrey Freestyle 215 Collett Mark Both 285 Decker Adam Both 285 Strychalski Garett Both 285 CADETS 2010 Petro Dylan Both 91 Petro Dylan Both 91 Buckley MAx Freestyle 98 Glogouski Forrest Freestyle 105 Kennedy Terrence Freestyle 105 Ayersman Kyle Freestyle 112 Broukal Devin Freestyle 112 Jolas Kyle Greco 112 Petrov Paul Freestyle 112 Holwager Marshall Greco 119 Mastison Mathew Both 119 Pike Kayne Freestyle 119 Sparks Alex Freestyle 119 Madison Aaron Both 125 Molloy Neal Freestyle 125 Epler Nathan Both 130 Harvey Brian Freestyle 130 Marler Tre' Freestyle 130 Ward Keenan Greco 130 Handley Cody Freestyle 135 Rose Austin Freestyle 135 Lawson Jared Freestyle 140 Manspeaker Trevor Freestyle 140 Miller Gavin Freestyle 140 Adams Zach Both 145 Irick Matt Both 152 Orzeske Charlie Freestyle 152 Neibarger Austin Freestyle 160 Collins Evan Greco 171 Jehn Tony Both 171 Halbig Dalton Both 189 Sliga Mitch Both 189 Nawghton Jordan Both 285
  18. macman

    FARGO 2010

    Here's our list, if you see where you might fit in, contact Mike McCarthy @ 317/696-7232 1 Petro, Dylan Cadet Both 91 2 Miracle, Kayla Women Freestyle 95 3 Buckley, MAx Cadet Freestyle 98 4 Glogouski, Forrest Cadet Freestyle 98 5 Boles, Adam Junior Both 105 6 Kennedy, Terrence Cadet Freestyle 105 7 Hildebrandt, Sarah Women Freestyle 109 8 Broukal, Devin Cadet Freestyle 112 9 Forte, Tommy Cadet Greco 112 10 Fozo, Scott Junior Freestyle 112 11 Petrov, Paul Cadet Freestyle 112 12 Ables, Logan Junior Both 119 13 Campbell, Brenden Junior Freestyle 119 14 Holwager, Marshall Cadet Both 119 15 Mastison, Mathew Cadet Both 119 16 Pike, Kayne Cadet Freestyle 119 17 Sparks, Alex Cadet Freestyle 119 18 Madison, Aaron Cadet Both 125 19 Molloy, Neal Cadet Freestyle 125 20 Nelson, Brandon Junior Freestyle 125 21 Parham, Patrick Junior Both 125 22 Barroquillo, Travis Junior Both 130 23 Chappel, Tyler Junior Both 130 24 Epler, Nathan Cadet Greco 130 25 Harvey, Brian Cadet Freestyle 130 26 Ward, Keenan Cadet Greco 130 27 Koller, Melody Women Freestyle 132 28 Griesemer, Alex Junior Both 135 29 Handley, Cody Cadet Freestyle 135 30 Johnson, Jordan Junior Freestyle 135 31 Lunsford, Derek Junior Both 135 32 Manspeaker, Trevor Cadet Freestyle 135 33 Rose, Austin Cadet Freestyle 135 34 Tsirtsis, Jason Junior Freestyle 135 35 Strub, Demi Women Freestyle 139 36 Heald, Kalob Junior Freestyle 140 37 Miller , Gavin Cadet Freestyle 140 38 Mullins, Connor Junior Freestyle 140 39 Adams, Zach Cadet Both 145 40 Horrocks, Sam Junior Freestyle 145 41 Lawson, Jared Cadet Freestyle 145 42 Meska, Drake Junior Both 145 43 Hummer, Michael Junior Both 152 44 Irick, Matt Cadet Both 152 45 Johnson, Kirk Junior Both 152 46 Lefever, Reece Junior Both 152 47 Orzeske, Charlie Cadet Freestyle 152 48 Brady, Cameryn Junior Both 160 49 Harz, Derek Junior Both 160 50 Jehn, Tony Cadet Both 160 51 Mappes, Sean Junior Freestyle 160 52 Smith, Caleb Junior Greco 160 53 Colins, Evan Cadet Greco 171 54 Judkins, Mitchell Junior Both 171 55 LeFever, Connor Junior Both 171 56 Neibarger, Austin Cadet Freestyle 171 57 Cooper, Logan Junior Both 189 58 Halbig, Dalton Cadet Both 189 59 Sliga, Mitch Cadet Both 189 60 Stein, Drake Junior Both 189 61 Corbin, Alex Junior Greco 215 62 Haskett, Jeremy Junior Freestyle 215 63 Mofield, Jeffrey Junior Freestyle 215 64 Decker, Adam Junior Both 285
  19. Junior Freestyle & Greco ISWA State Place Winners (1-2-3) Send an email of your intentions to participate in the Junior Nationals at Fargo ND to mikemccarthy@misco.biz Be sure to include your Full name, Cell #, Style, Weight & Placement in the email. I will then send you the initial packet to get you on this illustrious team. GO TEAM INDIANA In an effort to accommodate a greater number of wrestlers & to ease the burden of working parents, the following dates have been adjusted for camp; Thursday July 8th (check-in noon to 1pm) Sunday July 11th (pick up 11am) The ISWA is continually working to enhance & improve benefits to its membership. Fargo dates Saturday July 18th to Sunday July 25th (first buses leave friday July 16th cadet&junior Greco / next buses leave Monday July 19th FS only) Remaining placers need to respond to hold their spots!
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