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  1. For Purdue you could look at it this way, cashe last year came in as a 1 time state champ, had a good season, great postseason, and got AA. Purdue is full of Indiana natives, 1 time champs and more. Its about how their style translates to the competion and how hard they work. Now, Cashe is a really good wrestler, its possible to improve some of the younger guys, like Kyle Moiser, Porras, Eppert, Nelson, Atwood, the Welches. They just need to find those couple of diamonds in the rough,
  2. Returning AA Cashe coming back in for Purdue, look out. Im guessing a top 5 finish this year for Cashe
  3. Correct me if Im wrong cause I wasnt there but I did see it on internet but it didnt seem like he dominated him, I thought he won from a caution point
  4. Mike Taylor from Lawrence Central, 160. Sectional and regional runner up, behind Tyler Willis so far
  5. What was the Lecount and Newkirk like up to the pin
  6. yeah but he also was a champ at fargo and an all amercian his freshmen year at Purdue
  7. Max Brutus at 119, Bryce Shoemaker at 135, Clay Labarr at 145 and Jalen Clark at 215 all from Lawrence Central
  8. Yeah he's not at 103 anymore, Boston wont stay at 103
  9. He wont stay 103, thats stupid, if he stays 103 his whole four years, what happens when college comes around
  10. If Marciano can get from the first match to the second being 4-0, I think someone ranked in the top 5 could definatly beat Boston, Im not against him, Im just saying
  11. After those four it'll probally be LeCount, King, Orzechowicz, and if Newkirk doesn't make 103 then him in the mix as well.
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