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Status Updates posted by Y2CJ41

  1. Reminder that we are sending the gear order in tomorrow morning. We will only have the white cotton shirts availabl… https://t.co/HwrfdWhfVj

  2. Dear @_MikeMal_, Can you do a Behind the Dirt on this headlock counter? https://t.co/ExkXGxgbXj Thanks

  3. We are two weeks away from #DreamTeam18! Who is going to win the much anticipated match between a 5X New York state… https://t.co/deA1jJWRXc

  4. Great video on #800lbGorilla Drew Hughes https://t.co/I7JIiSZPns

  5. @bearplex https://t.co/EvNeV6gaEV

  6. @HarrySeybold They will be available at the door

  7. Norfleet is a former #IHPO champion https://t.co/rWZR3QtizL

  8. @WillieAtFLO @Kbratke @JG275 @kyle_ruschell I give credit to Ruschell for getting that kind of commitment out of yo… https://t.co/4xTWOaFxnl

  9. @Kbratke @JG275 The burning question is will @kyle_ruschell be back coaching @WillieAtFLO's squad?

  10. @mac_daddywarren @FloWrestling We will look into it https://t.co/rS5SceuU5s

  11. 19 days away from #DreamTeam18 at Brownsburg High School Did you know, there have been nine representatives from In… https://t.co/8XgwgNq2S7

  12. @ChadVCookie Kasper got 6th, went with the highest placing senior. We wanted Joe but due to not attending high scho… https://t.co/jobwH6FT0m

  13. RT @PortageWrestlin: @Kasper_McIntosh with a 9-4 victory in the finals. He is your NHSCA Senior National Champion at 145 lbs. Our second ev…

  14. RT @JoshMLowe: NHSCA JR semis are in the 145-160 range ... Portage (IN) has two finalists, Moran (106) and Washington (152) ... headline ma…

  15. Reminder that the preorder for Dream Team gear will close tomorrow at 5pm. After that the only gear available at th… https://t.co/Mw7xUwnWPd

  16. @WillieAtFLO @frank_smithwick @CPyles8 @MarkSBader @wrestlingnomad @Kbratke @PAPowerWrestle @IAwrestle… https://t.co/IHEdgZDGwB

  17. @zzsmiller @knarkill @WillieAtFLO @CPyles8 @FloWrestling @OhioAthleticCom Give Cliff a pass his brain is still thaw… https://t.co/mJ9VE7Wj0H

  18. @knarkill You're soft

  19. @SethPetar @Snyder_man45 He was born November 20, 1995. That makes him 22.

  20. @wrestlingnomad @SemWrestling Wow I'm impressed

  21. I spy Nick Lee with the national champions https://t.co/0yCv1PhNlU

  22. RT @zzsmiller: .@JasonTsirtsis’s goes out a #Winner for @ASUWrestling https://t.co/4EyYXTUulK

  23. @jasonmbryant Cheater buying shirts during the run

  24. Ladies and gentlemen that's how you pin a two time national champ in the blood round. https://t.co/oUbEPRoexu

  25. Stevan Micic into the FINALS!!!!!!!!!!


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