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  1. We had reliable information then. We just can't control the IHSAA when they make changes.
  2. Likely released tomorrow afternoon or evening.
  3. I guess the ONLY way to find out is check out the preseason rankings. I'm sure IndianaMat will have good info.
  4. Yes that is what I was indicating. Could have an Indy and region location to reduce travel so teams could off load their guys that don't make the second day.
  5. How about this... 4 locations with 8 teams Run an 8 person individual bracket with true 2nd on the first day with the top 2 advancing to the second day at Mishawaka. Second day run an 8 man tournament with the winners from each location.
  6. Illinois just moved wrestling to April 19-June 26th. I wonder if anyone will try to pull off two titles in the same year and wrestle in Indiana and Illinois.
  7. The Supreme Killer Duals and individual tournament. It is on trackwrestling.
  8. Illinois is pausing wrestling and other sports. https://basketball.dailyherald.com/sports/20201027/high-school-basketball-wrestling-on-hold-pritzker-says
  9. I didn't ask the coliseum, they were too expensive for my budget.
  10. That is where they used to start back in the "good ole" days, even before my time! If you went to the Al Smith they used to have a mat with the 10 foot circle having the red and green markings.
  11. Y2CJ41

    Bryce Denton

  12. Y2CJ41

    Gannon McDonald

  13. Some more updates Name Old School New School Weight Juan Grange Conroe Woodlands(TX) Penn 195/220 Brock Donati St. Charles(IL) Penn 285 Matteo Vargo Fort Dorchester(SC) Penn 126 Tyler Jones Lawrence Central Warren Central 160 Sergio Lemley Mount Carmel(IL) Chesterton 120 Javen Estrada
  14. Y2CJ41

    Billy Kepler

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