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Posts posted by Y2CJ41

  1. With my seat this weekend I noticed quite a few coaches from Indiana, let's get a list of them.

    Bryce Hasseman at North Carolina
    Camden Eppert at George Mason
    Andrew Howe at Northwestern
    Angel Escobedo and Mike Dixon at Indiana
    Josh Blanton at Northern Illinois
    Brandon Nelsen at Duke
    Braden Atwood at Sacred Heart

    Any others? 

  2. On 3/17/2019 at 10:22 PM, SWINfan said:

    Here is a tool I found last year and liked.  This year's version below.  I did not create it. I got it on another board and it was posted there from a different board, so I have no idea where it started so I can't give proper credit.  But it is a cool tool.

    All brackets are loaded.  Enter scores for each match in the yellow cells and it will automatically advance the winner and properly place the loser in the consolations.  Enter the correct scores and it will tabulate team scores along the way.  Use it for predictions to see how certain results may affect a wrestler in matches to come.  Or just use it to keep up sitting on your duff at home.  Clear the yellow cells and all results erase.  See the Guide tab for specific instructions.

    Check it out.



    2019 NCAA Bracket.xlsx

    Here is the Google sheets version, it will be updated throughout the tournament.

    Also note that if you downloaded earlier in the week there was a small tabulation error if the 33 seed beat the #1 seed so download the newest version.

  3. 6 minutes ago, doctorWrestling said:

    I think its the "whatever they can" part that I tend to disagree on.  Moving to put your kid in a better academic school - totally understand.  Moving to put your kid in a better wrestling school - in some terrible situations, maybe.  Holding your kid back in 8th grade for the sole reason of having an age advantage over 99% of the other kids, that's where I start to wonder what the heck is going on.  You can do too much for your kids also - like parents who do their kid's homework, give them every possible advantage at the cost of letting their kid figure it out.  I would just encourage parents to think about the long term lesson in doing something like that.

    Some parents pay 6 figures so their kid can go to a certain college...

  4. 4 minutes ago, wrestlingparent said:

    Check birth dates, at least one of those kids, if they were a freshman this year would have gone away to college as a 17 year old.  You have your right to your opinion, but as the parent, I have way more right to my opinion.  When you get in a spot of realizing your son may be going 2000 miles away for college and they would be doing that at 17 years old - you may decide that's not the best situation to put your child in.  Indiana rules state anyone born after 8/1/2004 should be an 8th grader this year.  

    So your son is going to Hawaii or Alaska for college?

  5. Big Ten seeding vs. Final finish

    125- 9th Seed- 8th
    133- 7th Seed- 7th
    141- 10th Seed- 10th
    149- Unseeded- 0-2
    157- 9th seed- 9th
    165- 11th seed- 11/12th
    174- 3rd seed- 5th
    184- 8th seed- 7th
    195- 4th seed- 6th
    285- Unseeded- 8th

    I'd say overall that is a good performance and they wrestled to or above seeds in most areas.

  6. 54 minutes ago, casualwrestlingfan said:

    My opinion is that the parents play the biggest part. You have the parents who are going for gold burning their kids out. Then you have the parents who are in the "wussification" of their children meaning they believe their kid is going to get hurt. You also have the selfish parents who don't want to travel or sit in the gym for an hour, let alone 3 or more. They're glued to their phones more than watching their kids. Then you have the "stigma" parents who think the sport is just vulgar and boys shouldn't wrestle girls, and all the other nonsense. Lastly, you have the good parents who do things the right way. If it was mostly up to the kids, they'd more than likely keep wrestling. 

    A major part of it is parents and the events. Name another sport where a kid will get 5 minutes of "playing time" over 3-8 hours? The way we have always done it can't be an excuse to change the format of our events. I know we have a lot of success with the weeknight events where another club comes and they match up on the fly. 

    We have to sell the sport to not only the kids, but also the parents or they'll find something else for their kid to do.


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