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Status Updates posted by Y2CJ41

  1. Hmmm, looks very similar to a shirt we were selling last weekend. My people will be contacting them ASAP and fittin… https://t.co/rlTuSfr3aZ

  2. Another big honor for @BHSDogsWrestlin's @ty_phoon_ #DreamTeam18 ??‍♂️ https://t.co/ONAmo6R06f

  3. RT @ArmyWP_Wres: ??? This kid can do it all...way to go Ben! #GoArmy #BHAW #ChasingGreatness https://t.co/pC1gtFmhbL https://t.co/SzcBF…

  4. @Sch00lb0y_Ray We might have to start the "Jordan Rader Best Lip Fur" award

  5. @WillieAtFLO @CPyles8 https://t.co/dp9CIa74th

  6. @zzsmiller @JoshMLowe Call him Josh #PositiveInfinity Lowe

  7. RT @USAWrestling: We're a little late but we still need your input on who should be @USAWrestling's Athlete of the Week! Choose one of the…

  8. @itsrisslee @asa_garcia13 #SheWearsThePants

  9. RT @Tyrel_Todd: It is time to Move! There’s a lot of Indiana Hammers ?? Stay home and let’s build the Purdue of the future!! #Boilermaker…

  10. @karmalita98 @punchwar @ty_phoon_ @brayton_lee4 @LucasDavison @kyle_strakis @mroz_cooper https://t.co/YrsAuq7UKr

  11. Thanks for coming to Brownsburg to watch the match. https://t.co/LRIDnBKLlV

  12. Lookie here @bhsdogs @BHSDogsWrestlin's @ty_phoon_ with some recognition for his performance at #DreamTeam18 https://t.co/D82Nm8HIW7

  13. RT @FloWrestling: Upset city! Trailing 4-0 with 40 seconds to go, Ty Mills locks up a nasty cradle and sticks #1 Malik Johnson to end his…

  14. RT @WeAreWrestlers: Wow Brayton Lee defeats Jacori Teemer in OT 6-4... What a match ??????

  15. When you pin the @FloWrestling #1 guy in the country in your home gym @ty_phoon_ https://t.co/aiC9xObX0D

  16. From one Gorilla to another! #Gorillas4Life https://t.co/62zasUJVCg

  17. @jcoffeyaa55 @CKAwrestling Thanks for all your support the gear was on point!

  18. @iswausaw That ref looks younger than the kid!

  19. RT @KyleNeddenriep: One-of-a-kind wrestling event on Saturday at Brownsburg. Top in-state wrestlers vs. top from nation. https://t.co/RxDqi…

  20. Team Indiana practicing https://t.co/nFTFYOzUzY

  21. @CoachKKoonce @Parris58 @brayton_lee4 They are already wrestling off for this https://t.co/5pquiFObcu

  22. @breydenbailey @DalHalbig @DukeWRES @wrestlingmsu @UIndyWrestling You were the captain of Indiana Blue for three straight years

  23. RT @UIndyWrestling: Welcome to our new #AlphaDog @MB3_trey! https://t.co/4l3q61Nsph

  24. @DalHalbig @DukeWRES @wrestlingmsu @UIndyWrestling Jeremiah Reitz instead of Bailey

  25. @karmalita98 @Parris58 @brayton_lee4 @GopherWrestling @umichwrestling @thejingram Wouldn't it be cool if that was a banner at the event?


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