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  1. Not sure if there are year by year totals or not. I would say 60-70% retention rate would be great, especially when we see that we almost have the same total participants ever year. Just keeping two more kids a year if you start at 10 kids in 1st grade would be HUGE when you get to high school. If you think about it now, if a school starts with 10 1st graders after their 8th grade year they will still have 10 kids in that grade out for wrestling while 35 other have tried and quit. If you keep one more kid each year you'll have 12 kids that have been in it multiple years rather than 5 that have multiple years and 5 first year kids.
  2. It has all the other states in there, look at it. Indiana actually has a decent retention rate...but I wouldn't call 53% good.
  3. We do weeknight events that are similar where a club comes in and we match them up for a few hours and get out of there. The parents love it and so do the kids. The days have long gone of the "badge of honor" being at a tournament from 6am until 9pm. Retention rates are what will help the sport. In all honesty we have to cater to the parents more than the kids as they are the ones driving them to practices and events. If you look at youth soccer and baseball they have games and are out in a couple hours max, but wrestling you can be at a tournament for hours and hours and get a few matches in. The friendlies are great at catering to this and my guess is those clubs have seen a lot more retention of their athletes.
  4. Most teams can't fill a full line-up let alone two full line-ups. V2 teams are a rich get richer advantage and only helps those specific teams.
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    Stevan Micic
  17. Youth wrestling has something like a 53% retention rate. Even though our membership numbers are rather equal from year to year, we have to replace almost half of the kids from year to year. Here is the report with the retention rates http://content.themat.com/2016-17annualreport.pdf
  18. Just a correction, it takes a different skill set to be good at the bigger weights than it does smaller weights.
  19. There are way more non-year rounders than there are that wrestle year round. In order for the sport to thrive those that do not wrestle year round need to be there. If not we will become like gymnastics with about 20 teams. Today kids are almost being forced to be one sport athletes. They have to choose whether to be average at multiple sports or good at one. Guys like Mason Parris are an anomaly. Only two of our state champions this year were multi-sport kids(Keys and Fowler) this past year and by my rough calculation only four runner-ups played another sport(Fielden, Willhelm, Aiken, and Cartwright). Our top end talent is as good as it has ever been. Our next tier guys who are 3-5th placers are likely better than they have been in the past, however past that I think our talent levels are down in terms of quantity more than anything.
  20. She pinned the Brazilian at Pan Am's, she's in a solid spot from my (less than) expert view.
  21. To build a little upon @IndianaWrestlingGuy's post, Culver is a beautiful college like campus. Half of the buildings bear a Steinbrenner name..aka the Yankees owner. If you are ever in the area go check out the campus as it is usually fairly open. The education, obviously at $55,000 a year, is top notch and very hard to match not only in Indiana, but the country. Their IHSAA sports come and go in waves depending upon recruiting students, yes I said recruiting. Private and parochial schools must recruit students or they will shut their doors. If the travel rules in Indiana change I could see it benefiting a school like Culver immensely has they have the money and backing to support travel throughout the country. If you look at many of the top ranked high school wrestling teams they are private or parochial schools, thus they get kids from all over. Blair and Wyoming Seminary are just as expensive as Culver. Culver could very well compete at their level if the travel rules change or if they would go to National Preps(not sure if they could technically).
  22. Congratulations to Alec Viduya from Roncalli for signing with Air Force. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
  23. 2016 was one of our best senior classes 106: Asa Gracia 3X champ 113: Colton Cummings 2x champ 120: Drew Hildebrandt 4x placer 126: Brock Hudkins 2x champ 132: Chad Red 4x champ 138: Brayton Lee 3x champ 145: Joe Lee 2x(would have been 3x) champ 152: Trent Pruitt 1x champ 160: Jacob Covaciu 2x champ 170: Drew Hughes 2x champ 182: Blake Rypel 2x champ 195: Jake Kleimola 1x champ 220: Mason Parris 3x champ 285: Shawn Streck 2x champ You could put this group against any year and they'd be favorites.
  24. Click here for the full schedule BLOOMINGTON, Ind.– The Indiana wrestling team under second year head coach Angel Escobedo have released their 2019-20 schedule. In the Hoosiers first season with Escobedo at the helm, Indiana picked up a victory over No. 12 North Carolina at the South Beach Duals. It was the first win over a top-15 opponent since 2008. Indiana also took down No. 25 Stanford, to achieve multiple ranked wins in a season for the first time since the 2008-09 season.In the upcoming season, the Hoosiers will match up against four teams that finished in the top-10 at the 2019 NCAA Championships. "I'm looking forward to another great competition season," IU head coach Angel Escobedo said. "We have a tough schedule, but you have to compete against the best and beat the best to be the best." The Hoosiers will open the season at the Michigan State Open on Nov. 2 in East Lansing, Mich. Following that competition, they will go to New York for the Journeyman on Nov. 10 and the Black Night Invite at West Point on Nov. 17. Indiana will host its first dual meet of the season as they welcome North Dakota State to Wilkinson Hall on Nov. 22. Following the NDSU dual, the Hoosiers will compete in the UNI Open on Dec. 14 and the Midlands tournament Dec. 29-30. January 10 will be a date to circle on the calendar as the Hoosiers host Iowa in their Big Ten opener at Wilkinson Hall. Another key home match will be Monday Jan. 20 when the Hoosiers host Purdue. Other home matches include Wisconsin (Jan. 31), Minnesota (Feb. 2), Nebraska (Feb. 9) and SIUE (Feb. 16). The Big Ten Championships will be hosted by Rutgers (March 7-8) and the NCAA Championships will be in Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Viking, March 19-21. View full article
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