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    At the Black Knight invite Indiana had 5 finalist, 4 champs, 7 placers Drew Hildebrandt 125 took 1st Nick Lee 141 took 1st Cael Mccormick 165 took 1st Jacob Covaciu 174 took 2nd Mason Paris HWT took 1st Ben Harvey 174 took 4th Brad Laughlin 174 took 5th
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    I spoke with DJ's uncle today at church. He stated that it was just a neck sprain, strain, etc.....He is schedule to see the doctor on Thursday and if he is cleared he will be ready to go. DJ is a great young man and he absolutely LOVES the sport.
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    Coach Holden and I are proud to announce that we will be taking our rivalry to Hoosier Gym, the home of the fictional Hickory Hoosiers in the iconic 1986 film Hoosiers. The date is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The gym last regularly hosted meets in the late 1960's before Knightstown moved to their current facility. The Panthers have wrestled Eastern Hancock in the facility in recent seasons. NineStar will help us make history by doing the first ever telecast of a wrestling meet from the facility. Coach Holden and I are working on some ideas to make the event even more special. Hope you can join us for this special evening. Stay tuned for future announcements.
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    Chase Wilkerson has signed with UIndy to continue his wrestling career. Chase is the first wrestler in over a decade to sign to wrestle in college from Mt. Vernon (Fortville). He ends his HS career as the schools all time wins leader at 143.
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    Best Wrestling Rooms-Pictures

    Our mats were really old and they could not be re-conditioned so my AD replaced them all. 2 full mats plus an extra section. The goal is to never pick these up. We left the old sections below to stop the mats from sticking to the floor. My AD is super supportive and my principal use to be the head coach! 😀
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    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    Has nobody learned not to bash people (especially high school kids) until the whole story comes out? I’ve been searching for info most of the day but have only found one vague article and a bunch of people on here ready to execute them. It all seems strange to me because some of these duals were from early December. Who knew about these for most of the season and waited to report it until until the right before sectionals? By everyone’s comments here, that person also put all these kids’ lives in danger for a couple months for not reporting it sooner. The article I read did state that Carmel’s Athletic Dept self reported the violations to the IHSAA as soon as they learned of it. But there was no info on how they were told. I’m going to choose to wait on my judgement and what an appropriate punishment would be until more info comes to light.
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    Mat-side weigh ins. You said I'm czar for the day. Haha. As a process guy in my "professional" life, the whole idiocy of weigh-ins days or hours before actually wrestling defeats the purpose. It would literally take a few seconds per match. You miss weight, it's a forfeit. All the sudden you have eliminated your issue of kids cutting too much and people will wrestle their true weight.
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    We will be live tonight for #IndianaMat Gorilla Radio around 9pm EST to talk about semi-state. We will probably have two shows this week, so a double dose of Mike and Joe! It's like Christmas has come early.
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    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    Don't mean to make light, but the first time I read this thread (and a few times while reading the thread) I thought "sauna" was "santa" at first glance...
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    Ya-Sin has only played six years of organized football. Wonder where he comes by such amazing athleticism...maybe it is those two high school state wrestling championships he won in Georgia. Rock, stop in to see the IHSAA Wrestling Finals in February.
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    Indiana got it done today!!! Congrats on great careers for all of our boys!!!
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    An idea to help grow the sport

    One of the biggest issues in wrestling is retention of athletes. Based on USAW statistics the retention rate in 2017 for Indiana was 53%. That means every year even we bring in 47% new wrestlers...at the same time we are losing that many. Indiana is actually doing well compared to the other states, but in most people's minds it is something that could use a vast improvement. Indiana has 8,000 USAW members and every year almost 4,000 of them are new! Think if we kept 75% and then still added 4,000 new members! You can view the stats on page 15 http://content.themat.com/2016-17annualreport.pdf Retaining kids...and parents is something that will grow the sport. There are many reasons kids/parents don't come back, one big one is the tournaments.
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    Wrestlers of the Year 1A- Silas Allred of Shenandoah 2A- AJ Fowler of Calumet 3A- Jordan Slivka of Cathedral Coaches of the Year 1A- Tony Currie of Adams Central 2A- Chad Shepherd of Western 3A- Sean McGinley of Cathedral Mr. Gorilla Asa Garcia of Avon 1st Runner-up Nick South of Columbus East 2nd Runner-up Cayden Rooks of Columbus East View full article
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    690 would be the cut-off for splitting the schools in half based on enrollment. There are 154 schools with 690+ and 154 with less than 690 students. Transferring is out of control right now...so who knows what would happen. Look at this year's state champs 106- From Ohio 113- Wrestled as a freshman at Crown Point 120- Wrestled as a freshman at Perry Meridian 126- Originally from Lake Central 132- Wrestled 7th grade at Danville 160- Originally from Shenandoah 170- Wrestled as a freshman at Jennings County 285- Wrestled at Ben Davis as a freshman, played on the Ben Davis state champion football team in 2017
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    Carson Brewer

    In speaking with my son Silas about the head but......he made a great point. Mind you, Silas knows Carson well and they’ve travelled together competing on the same squad numerous times. Silas’ perspective..... ”Dad.....Carson likes to establish head position. Even if he’s got wrist control or in the tie, he looks to position his head. If I’m trying to do the same thing.....and I head but a kid, the slow motion video will undoubtedly make it look intentional. It’s like in baseball, if a pitcher accidentally hits a batter. When they show it in slow motion, to the naked eye it could appear that he threw it right at the guy. When actually.....he just missed his spot.” I think Carson deserves a lot of credit for psychologically staying strong. Getting thrown Laplace on Fri after last years issue with Mahan.....put his mental toughness to the test immediately. And the young man passed with flying colors.
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    Coach Peck

    Height of coaches

    There has been alot of speculation about coach Tonte's height versus mine. Some even suggested Jim was shorter than me. Anyway, today after the Hall of Fame Banquet I got a picture of Coach Tonte and me. I think you will notice he is pretty tall. He has been my friend for quite awhile and will always be a giant in my eyes.
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    Caleb Spires

    2016 106 lbs wrapped up

    While digging through old brackets last summer, there was one that really caught my eye in the talent level. Since not everybody from the bracket had gone through their senior years yet, I decided I’d wait until their senior seasons were over to gauge just how insanely talented the 2016 106 lb weight class ended up being. Since they added onto their accomplishments last night, here is what we got when it’s all said and done. 1: Asa Garcia(1st, 3rd, 1st, 1st) 2: Keyuan Murphy(X, X, SQ, 2nd) 3: Ty Mills(2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd) 4: Kory Cavanaugh(X, Q, 4th, 6th) 5: Sam Fair(5th, INJ, 2nd, Q) 6: Hunter Watts(6th, 2nd, 1st, 3rd) 7: Brayden Curtis(7th, 1st, 1st, 4th) 8: Jacob Moran(8th, N/A, 1st, 1st) Q: Lukasz Walendzak(Q, X, 4th, 8th) Q: Jose Diaz(X, Q, 8th, 8th) Q: Tanner DeMien(7th, Q, Q, Q) Q: Devon Casebolt(Q, X, 6th, X) Q: Gavin Rose(Q, 7th, X, INJ) Q: Brycen Denny(X, Q, X, 8th) Q: JC Herring(X, X, Q, Q) Q: Trey McCartney(X, Q, X, X) Between that state bracket, adding previous and future accomplishment, those 16 wrestlers managed to produce; 46 State qualifications 32 State medals 20 semi-finals appearances 13 finals matches 8 state championships That alone is incredible. But what do the numbers look like when we add in the semi-State qualifiers who didn’t make it to the championships? X: Cayden Rooks(X, 1st, 2nd, 1st) X: Andrew Black(X, 2nd, 2nd, N/A) X: Brock Peele(X, 4th, 7th, Q) X: Seth Johnson(X, 4th, X, 8th) X: Fernando Flores(X, X, Q, 6th) X: Logan Stephenson(X, X, X, 7th) X: Andres Moreno(X, X, 7th, X) X: Tanner Schoeff(X, Q, Q, Q) X: Kade Zadylak(X, INJ, Q, Q) X: Logan Mosser(X, X, Q, Q) X: Brayden Shearer(X, X, Q, Q) X: Joe Just(X, X, Q, Q) X: Jake Armstrong(X, Q, X, Q) X: Alexander Streuder(Q, X, X, Q) X: Clay Egli(X, X, X, Q) X: Wyatt Miller(X, X, X, Q) X: Ben Streeter(X, X, Q, X) X: Harrison Hadley(X, X, Q, X) 79 state qualifications 44 state medals 27 semi-finals appearances 18 finals matches 10 state championships That is 34 wrestlers who managed at least one state qualification. Over half of the semi-state qualifiers from that year managed to make it out at some point. Adding in wrestlers who didn’t even make it to/out of regionals that year…. X: Chase Wilkerson(X, X, Q, 7th) X: Evan Beasley(X, X, X, 7th) X: Kyle Holman(X, X, X, 6th) X: Danny Tolin(X, Q, Q, X) X: Colin Reagan(X, Q, Q, X) X: Alex Petro(X, Q, Q, N/A) X: Martin Cruz(X, X, X, Q) X: Evan Burge(X, X, X, Q) X: Noah Gardner(X, X, Q, X) X: Chris Schuller(X, Q, X, X) 93 state qualifications 47 state medals 27 semi-finals appearances 18 finals matches 10 state championship Quite a talented group of kids. I’m sure the 106 weight class usually produces the most future talent compared to other weight classes, but even so, this seems to be substantial. Seven wrestlers have already committed to wrestling D1, in addition to multiple other college signings. Congrats to all of these kids on great careers.
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    Garcia almost pinned himself on the roll through.
  19. 6 points

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    Or at least serve as a shining example of how utterly preposterous our no wrestleback-having state series is.
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    Evansville North Regional

    As the Head Coach of Evansville Central, I just wanted to let everyone know how proud I was of our boys effort today. This was the most fun I’ve ever had as a coach at the Regionals. Everyone wrestled to expectations and a few exceeded them. They practiced hard this past week and wrestled even harder. Even though one didn’t make it out, he wrestled hard against a superior opponent. That’s all anyone could ask. ALL five boys represented their school, family, program and themselves with class and dignity. Well done and you all deserved everything you’ve accomplished so far this year. Keep believing in yourselves and good luck this Saturday in the semi state. Coach Lapadat
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    A shout out to Craig Akers--he made the 2:09 trip to Evansville to bring you the match. He's a big wrestling fan and a completely likable fella. A few things you did not catch by watching it online: 1. Mike Goebel and Randy Helfrich had on noise-cancelling headsets. Watching it online really took the crowd out of it. The gym was very loud. There was a number of times that the noise shook the house. 2. Perry Meridian brought a nice crowd that was VERY vocal. 3. Perry's coaching staff appears to be a class act. Mater Dei fans noticed and appreciated it. 4. I have never, nor do i ever again expect to, experience another JV match like the one last night. It was incredible! Have you ever seen the student section chant a JV kids' name? Several times, the entire building was on its feet. This match had it all--lead changes, come from behind wins and overtimes. You could live through an entire wrestling season and not see a dual rise to the level of excitement that was produced by the PM/MD JV dual. 5. The sense of humor possessed by referee Travis Cross. He is a respected official in Evansville--but got zero love from MD fans. PM fans also landed some punches! Travis is a great guy and is good for the sport of wrestling. He reffed FOUR hours of JV and varsity last night. I don't know what they paid him, but MD got its money's worth! The towel man is his brother Denver, who is also a good guy. Give them both some love the next time you see them. 6. Lots of emotion from the kids. Winning was ecstasy, losing was agony. 7. I saw wrestlers, fans and coaches from virtually all of the area schools. This was one of four huge duals, in Mater Dei's gym...since 1993! The grapplers, from both teams, got to experience what few wrestlers do: compete in a high-stakes tightly contested dual in front of 2000 hysterical fans.
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    This would be a shallow topic if we did not expound upon the toughest tournament in the state and and arguably the best in the nation, if we leave out the Al Smith Wrestling Tournament. For those of you who don't know who Coach Al Smith is, I will start out with just a few staggering statistics. Coach Smith has close to 100 former wrestlers that are, or have coached at the Elementary, High School, Collegiate and International levels. Coach Smith has coached several athletes who have gone on to become National Freestyle Champions and Collegiate All Americans. Coach Smith is also responsible for close to 100 wrestlers, coaches, contributors and officials who have been inducted into the IHSWCA Hall of Fame as he sits on the Hall of Fame Nomination committee. Coach Smith was also the President of the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association on several different occasions. Back in the 60's we had 16 team sectionals where only the champion advanced. Regionals that were comparable to today's semistates where only the champion qualified for the state championships, meaning there were only 4 wrestlers in the state finals! You couldn't have a bad weekend! Coach Smith was responsible for battling with the IHSAA to expand and enhance the number of qualifiers for the next stage of the state tournament. The element of having a "bad weekend" or maybe victimized by a tough call gave wrestlers a better opportunity for advancement. Some of the battles he won and some he lost, but he impressed upon State Officials that wrestling was important to this State! In the early 70's when freestyle competition began to take roots in Indiana, Coach Smith would take wrestlers (not only Mishawaka wrestlers) to tournaments in Southern Michigan and Opens in Indiana too. My most memorable times would be the early 70's and the AAU State Freestyle meets at Indianapolis Tech where he would hall wrestlers down to compete, he would coach, officiate, (at times feed) and encourage other coaches to help officiate a style of wrestling that was foreign to most us. Back in those days we had just a hand full of freestyle officials. It was not uncommon to see Coach Smith in the corner coaching a wrestler who was not even a Mishawaka kid either chewing them out for not hitting a move, or patting them on the back encouraging their efforts. He truly was the pioneer in at least Northern Indiana, if not the state. I chuckle when I hear cheap talk about growing this great sport! Al Smith is the epitome of growing the sport! In the 1972 Olympic team trials, held in Anoka, Minnesota, Coach Smith drove Penn's first State Champion, Al Dover to compete in the 149.5 lb. weight class. Dover ended up wrestling the eventual Olympic Champion, a guy by the name of Dan Gable. Obviously Al Dover lost, but what other coach would drive 7 hours to give a young man an opportunity to chase his dream? Coach Smith's coaching record is astounding by itself, attested by his total number of state champs and team State Championship in '91, but it goes a lot deeper than that. The best way I can describe a conversation with Coach Smith is that when you walk away from him, you feel like a breath of fresh air has just run through you. He made you feel good about yourself! With his positive attitude, humble demeanor and competitive nature, Coach Al Smith made his wrestlers love this great sport of wrestling! Hopefully, I've given you some incite on why the Al Smith Wrestling tournament, which started as an 8 team invitational in the '70's, to the tournament it is today! Also a little information about one of Indiana's Legendary Wrestling figures, Al Smith! In Wrestling, Henry Wilk
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    Kyle Ayersman


    106 Chris Doty 5-0 (some kid we pulled out of the hallway) 113 Ty Mills 1-4 (had 7 ranked kids) 120 Brayton Lee 1-4 (only win was a forfeit, may not be in our lineup on Thursday) 126 Blake Mulkey 2-3 (didn’t know how to be in a stance before we taught him the last match) 132 Nathan Walton 3-2 (2 of 3 wins were forfeits) 138 Darrick Snyder 0-5 (solid kid, stayed off his back, watch out for him when he’s a senior 145 Chris Seymour 4-1 (lost on a last second takedown in overtime) 152 Johnny Forfeit 0-5 (gave up 6 every match) 160 Jeffrey Bye 0-5 ( gave up 6 every match) 170 Jon Doe 5-0 (cutting him down from HWT. He looks huge) 182 Kyle Ayersman 3-2 (I started peaking toward the end of the tournament) 195 Billy McStud 5-0 OW (Best wrestler I’ve ever seen) 220 Alex Skipper 1-4 (South Bend Adams Transfer) HWT. Rick Thompson 5-0 (has old man strength and fought in the War of 1812)
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    Best to come up short

    Brandon James
  25. 5 points
    This is my favorite Mattyb post in the history of Mattyb posts. LOL
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    New home for State

    I would like to see us utilize the Pepsi Coliseum for Team State, but from what they powers that be told me is that it is very expensive to rent. We would probably also need the adjacent arena also to fit all the mats for the event. When I win the lottery I will build a wrestling only facility that can host NCAAs and every big event every year.
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    Starting next week, April 9th, Manchester University and Indiana Tech will be running a combined Regional Training Center on Tuesday and Thursdays. RTC will take place at Manchester on Tuesdays and Indiana Tech on Thursdays from 6:00-7:30pm. It will be open to all Schoolboy and up aged wrestlers. Must have USA wrestling card to attend. You will find coaches and athletes from both universities at both locations each week. Should be a great opportunity for NE Indiana. Come get better! Tuesdays - Manchester University, PERC Stauffer-Wolf Arena Contact - Kevin Lake – Head Coach kalake@manchester.edu, 260-982-5227 Thursdays - Indiana Tech, Warrior Athletic Center Contact - Thomas Pompei – Head Coach tapompei@indianatech.edu, 317-730-4056 Schedule April 9th - Manchester 6:00-7:30 April 11th - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30 April 16th - Manchester 6:00-7:30 April 18th - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30 April 23rd - Manchester 6:00-7:30 April 25th - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30 April 30th - Manchester 6:00-7:30 May 2nd - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30 *Will continue throughout the summer
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    Purdue Year 5 under Ersland

    Also, anyone else fill out brackets for NCAAs? I went and made my picks, and there’s a real possibility Lydy and Brunner both place. In my picks, I have Lydy hitting Skatzka in the ticket round who he’s never lost to, and Brunner hitting Traxler, who he’s split with. Really hoping for Ersland’s first AA this weekend.
  29. 5 points
    Again. Not taking anything from Asa... but if anything, that pic proves that the ref was not in position to see if Viduya’s left shoulder/scapula is down, and it suggests that his left side was, in fact, not down. Further, the still photo accurately represents the amount of time the ref took to count what was supposed to be a two count. Basically, he took no time at all because he never verified that both sides were down and there was exactly one second between the time that Viduya was in the position that the pin was called in and the mat was smacked. In that second, the ref went from being on his feet to smacking the mat. One second. The rule is a two count. Yes, filthy, filthy cradle. But there is no rule that says if somebody hits a filthy cradle on you that you are automatically pinned. Wrestling Scholar, we absolutely should be discussing this. Because the whole point is that kids who work hard all season to make the finals should be protected from errant officiating by a Review Official at the head table.
  30. 5 points

    Best Wrestling Rooms-Pictures

    We have it pretty good, great support from our Admin. Brownsburg has a brand new room that is pretty impressive!
  31. 5 points

    Evansville Semi- State

    As a Region Rat I can not be a Homer, so here are my picks. 106: Freeman, Miller, Garcia, Newman 113: Watson, ,Nelson, Ross, Dalton 120: Littell, Montgomery, Boarman, Conley 126: Rioux, Egli, Conway, Clark 132: Garcia, Campbell, Boe, Fuqua 138: Rooks, Kreitzer, Mayer, Sego 145: Lee, Burdon, Kervin, Koontz 152: Dickens, Conley, Schoenegge, Ross 160: Pruett, ,Deters, Ruhlman, Ashbury 170: South, parkinson, Blubaugh, Jean-baptist 182: Brewer, Bellemy, Carson, Nix 195: Nunn, Wampler, Willham, Carrier 220: Bolte, Aiken, Williams, Howell 285: Sidibe, Keys, Biddle, Gentry 7 Avon wrestlers advancing, 9 Brownsburg, and 8 MD MD, Avon, CE, and CG all with 3 champs each.
  32. 5 points

    Hot Mic mat 4

    It is far from a done deal. It is just becoming more and more apparent that more needs to be done. We are working to figure out what the best course of action is going to be, but can tell you that something has to change. We had fifteen messages sent through from TW about the issues at a couple tables. Unfortunately they did not respond with the actual table numbers. Here is the biggest issue. We have to beg people to work the tables. Teams turn in a list of people and then for some reason they are unavailable to do the jobs so we have to ask the general public to assist. There was even a point where I had to sit at a table as one of the event management. And hopefully there was no issues with talking at the 3A finals match. If there was, I am probably in trouble myself. Haha. Honestly I love working tables, as evident that I work Big Tens and NCAAs (volunteer). But for me, running tournaments and coaching still have my heart more.
  33. 4 points

    Brayden Littell injury

    Even though I am on here daily I never log in And leave remarks the last time I did Was to tell everybody that Brayden would not be finishing his freshman year due to moving back to center Grove And unfortunately that is why I am on here today in preparing for super 32 Brayden Tore the ACL in his left knee And requires surgery which means this is the Official end of his high school career Recovery time takes us into the summer There is no doubt in my mind that if all the obstacles were not thrown in his way he could have done so much more in high school His one and only full season resulted in an undefeated state champ We have spoken To Ohio and they are still honoring his scholarship so there is no doubt that you will hear his name again in the wrestling community This is a hard pill to swallow we will lick our wounds and battle forward And please grammar police keep your comments to yourself Preciate everybody who has supported him Look for him to take over the mac conference in the next couple years
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  35. 4 points

    What do we do about it?

    Here is what I also see from successful programs (in all sports) is the coaching from the bottom up approach. All programs are going to a few studs. The better programs have 10 or so studs. Guess what???... those are the easiest kids to coach. I see coaches coaching from the top down. Meaning... they spend the majority of time with their suds. Those kids are self motivated, and many times know more than their high school coaches. The successful coaches spend more time with their marginal kids and make them good. This not only builds depth, but makes those kids feel more important to the team. This results in retention, and the strengthening of the program. Show more love to the lesser kids. Let them know that they are a HUGE part of the program, and they are needed. That's another great way to keep kids around. Here is something that the vast majority can relate to: As a youth football coach, I was lucky to have my teams in the "super bowl" every season. All teams have a fairly even draft. All teams have two or three studs. The daddy ball coaches spend the whole practice focusing on their own kids and letting junior and his best buddy run the ball in every practice and every game. The other kids "get" to stand on the line and block. That leads to kids hating youth football and angry parents. Where as the successful youth coaches convince the kids that line play is the most important part of the game (which it is). They also find something that each kid does well, and makes them feel that each kid is the very best at doing that particular thing. The daddy ball coaches just "hide" the weaker kids and focus on junior and the other studs. If a kid is not a striper, give them the rock once a game! Put your studs on the line for a play or two. Let them put their hand in the dirt and help get the "lesser" players a few yards. That approach leads to happy well rounded players and happy parents. Every kid will want to play the following year. The kids will play hard for each other and the wins will come. I truly think that many of us can do a better job of developing our "lesser" wrestlers, and letting them know and feel how important that they are to the team. Let dem studs "put their hands in the dirt". Let them take a little time to build up the 2nd or 3rd tier guys. By doing a better job of this (coaching from the bottom up) we will grow depth and keep kids out. Oh.. by the way... Once the individual tourney starts.... go ahead and play daddy ball, with your best 14!!!!
  36. 4 points

    Evansville Waaaaaayyy to Early P4P

    No.... I just legit got trolled by my son!!! A new low for me. Learning great things at Ohio! I’m cutting him off!!! Geeez! @Indychampget off here and get to practice!!!
  37. 4 points

    East Chicago P4P

    When is East Chicago gonna catch up with the Fort Wayne semi state
  38. 4 points
    The PIAA(Pennsylvania) passed a proposal to submit a proposal to the NFHS to reduce the weight classes to 12. Even without the NFHS's approval they may go ahead and go to 12 weights. Here are the weights 108, 115, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 160, 172, 185, 215, and 285 Here is the article on the proposal https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/sports/2019/05/sad-but-necessary-changes-could-be-coming-to-piaa-wrestling-weight-classes.html Personally, I do not feel this fixes any issues other than putting a pretty bandaid on the problem. Bad teams will still forfeit weight classes, good teams will still have full lineups. The problems stem from the image of the sport and coaches that do not go about promoting the sport in the school. It takes a lot of work to get a program to the top and a lot more to keep it there. Discuss....
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    I'll add that while Kyle Hatch didn't finish quite as strong as he would have liked, he did give National Champion Lucas Jeske his toughest match, losing 9-7 SV1. I was also impressed with Owen Doster at 133. He didn't place but was impressive in a couple of wins and his losses were by 1 point to the 4 seed (who finished 3rd) and 2 points to the 8 seed (who finished 5th). Those two stood out to me in addition to Schurg.
  40. 4 points
    Brian Burelison

    Head Coach Needed

    Eminence Community Schools (1a school located in Morgan County) is beginning a brand new wrestling program for the first time in school history. The AD is a former wrestling coach and the new coach will have full athletic support. We are looking for someone interested in building a brand new program. A mat has already been purchased and a wrestling room is being renovated. Students have been on a new strength and conditioning regiment this school year, a new weight room/wrestling/cardio room is being renovated, schedule is currently being built, tons of athlete interest from students and the community, the school is joining an athletic conference next year, and AD is currently having open practices in future preparation. Please contact and send resumes to bburelison@eminence.k12.in.us if intereted.
  41. 4 points

    Carson Brewer

    great win. he was probably a little over hyped at the start of the match. I was embarrassed by the boos. left a bad taste in my mouth for a champ that didn't deserve the boos. #pb&j
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    Team Garcia is passionate about are area. Can’t knock the dude for that. With that said, I think that there is a level of respect for eachothers programs that is not typical. Anytime anyone has success at any level, it seems that the coaches, parents, and wrestlers of the other teams are first ones to congratulate the kids. A lot of the parents hang out together. So the sense of together or being as one is real. This is a silly debate. Great day yesterday. Gave some money to the boom squad. Looking out for 1proud.
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    Big Congrats to Terrell Leavell of Lawrence Central..Placing 3rd after beating the #2 and #4 ranked wrestlers in the state!!!
  44. 4 points

    Undefeated Wrestlers Left

    Who is still undefeated going in to the last 2 weekends of the season? Update: We have 29 left going into semi-sate Name Team Weight SS Record Jesse Mendez Crown Point 126 East Chicago 34-0 Andres Moreno Lowell 132 East Chicago 24-0 Jorden Douglass Attica 145 East Chicago 36-0 Alex Cartwright LaVille 285 East Chicago 25-0 Cole Ross Evansville Mater Dei 113 Evansville 22-0 Brayden Littell Center Grove 120 Evansville 36-0 Blake Boarman Evansville Mater Dei 120 Evansville 34-0 Noah Gardner Edgewood 120 Evansville 29-0 Matthew Lee Evansville Mater Dei 145 Evansville 33-0 Nick South Columbus East 170 Evansville 36-0 Carson Brewer Avon 182 Evansville 34-0 Levon Bellemy Edgewood 182 Evansville 32-0 Will Nunn Castle 195 Evansville 37-0 Jacob Bolte Columbus East 220 Evansville 37-0 Alex Ocampo Central Noble 106 Fort Wayne 15-0 Brayden Curtis Yorktown 126 Fort Wayne 31-0 Matt Gimson Jimtown 132 Fort Wayne 39-0 Owen Krider Carroll (Fort Wayne) 132 Fort Wayne 22-0 Dylan Goudy Western 138 Fort Wayne 39-0 Chandler Chapman Jay County 195 Fort Wayne 14-0 Adam Bowman Maconaquah 285 Fort Wayne 34-0 Alex Cottey Perry Meridian 106 New Castle 34-0 Brayden Lowery Roncalli 120 New Castle 35-0 Grant Stapleton Lawrenceburg 126 New Castle 34-0 Gabe Phillips Centerville 138 New Castle 35-0 Bryer Hall South Dearborn 145 New Castle 33-0 Cody Klettheimer Frankton 170 New Castle 34-0 Silas Allred Shenandoah 195 New Castle 27-0 Jamichael Watts North Central 285 New Castle 28-0
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    New Castle Sectional, Regional, and Semi-State Results: Includes wrestler's: State Ranking | Semi-State Ranking | Record | Name | School Will update spreadsheet after regionals. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GLD7_O61e8QeuOeL2tmQfFJ6XYfYt1t1LcR_LyaTcec/edit?usp=sharing
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    Semi State Brackets

    Friday night
  47. 4 points
    This is awesome!!! If you are not watching shame on you. It’s a great dual. And Ohio state vs Illinois next. Better than Xmas! Looks like lee over storr maybe the big difference in this one. Huge win for lee even bigger for the team
  48. 4 points

    2015 Middle School State

    I was there for that 13 hour day. People saw Shenandoah pop up in the 1A polls the last couple of years. If they would have been able to keep that middle school group together, they would have competed for a state title. They had the Williams kid that lost to Jack Kiser in the finals in OT (moved away). They also had Jordan Slivka, Dallas Pugsley (SQ), Hayden Lohrey (lost to Asa in the finals that year and looking for his 3rd trip to the bank this year) AJ Black 2x State runner up, and Silas Allred (you may have heard of him). John Slivka did a great job building that program when these kids were in middle school before they moved to Cathedral. I can’t imagine seeing a better 1A team.
  49. 4 points
    Jordan is such a great kid. I get a kick out of people saying he doesn’t score enough points. He does what he’s supposed to do. He scores enough to get his hand raised most the time. We’ve known him for many years and the cool thing is he’s even a better person than he is a wrestler. Graham loves being around him and thankful they have got to wrestle on many teams together.
  50. 4 points
    Region sports will broadcast the final round of this prestigious tournament. Luckily I will be in the call. I will post the link Saturday.
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