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    Way too early sectional preview

    I got bored and took a look at returning wrestlers at my local sectional. This is what the sectional could look like minus some minor changes like : incoming freshman, weight changes, kids not coming out, kids coming out who weren't out last year, injuries, illness, progress made during the offseason and so forth. While still reeling from the loss of Floyd Central and New Albany, this sectional looks to continue to make a better statement for itself in the state tournament. Sectional #30 Jeffersonville Tell City Returning: 11 Sectional Place Winners, 8 Semi State Qualifiers, 1 State Qualifier Coy Hammack 10th Sectional CHAMP 106 SQ Brayden Lain 10th Sectional CHAMP 113 SSQ Kelby Glenn 10th Sectional Runner up 120 SSQ Gage Meunier 11th Sectional Runner up 126 Tavor Dupont 12th Sectional 4th 138 Shane Braunecker 12th Sectional CHAMP 145 SSQ Corey Braunecker 12th Sectional CHAMP 152 SSQ Nigel Kaiser 12th Sectional 3rd 170 SSQ Alec Stahly 12th Sectional CHAMP 182 SSQ Will Kirtley 12th Sectional 4th 220 Chance Bolin 12th Sectional Runner up HWT SSQ Jeffersonville Returning: 11 Sectional Place Winners, 4 Semi State Qualifiers Collin Cain 10th Sectional 4th 106 Robert Cline 12th Sectional 3rd 113 SSQ Devin McDaniel 12th Sectional 3rd 120 SSQ Jeremiah Cain 12th Sectional 3rd 132 Hayden Bartle 10th Sectional 3rd 138 Connor Giles 12th Sectional Runner up 145 SSQ Ethan Fox 12th Sectional 3rd 152 Austin Smith 11th Sectional 3rd 160 Jadehn Debman 12th Sectional Runner up 170 Greg Shingleton 12th Sectional Runner up 182 Matthew Munoz 12th Sectional CHAMP HWT SSQ Charlestown Returning: 10 Sectional Place Winners, 5 Semi State Qualifiers Collin Knox 12th Sectional CHAMP 120 SSQ Alex Sheehan 10th Sectional 4th 126 Jakob Lewellen 11th Sectional 4th 132 Brayden Moore 11th Sectional 5th 138 Micah Keltner 11th Sectional 5th 145 Ben Phillips 11th Sectional Runner up 152 SSQ Chris Graham 10th Sectional 4th 160 Deke Brown 12th Sectional CHAMP 170 SSQ Manuel Ordorica 12th Sectional Runner up 195 SSQ Lucas Gagnon 12th Sectional 3rd 220 SSQ Corydon Returning: 8 Sectional Place Winners, 2 Semi State Qualifiers Zane Schreck 10th Sectional 3rd 106 SSQ Bryson Rowley 11th Sectional Runner up 113 SSQ Hunter Pitts 10th Sectional 4th 120 Bryce Gentry 10th Sectional 6th 152 Dalton Jenkins 12th Sectional 5th 182 Isaac Gerdon 10th Sectional 4th 195 Chase Straub 12th Sectional 5th 220 Seth Johnson 11th Sectional 4th HWT Eastern Returning: 5 Sectional Place Winners, 2 Semi State Qualifiers Gabriel Pugh 10th Sectional 6th 113 Nathan Teusch 11th Sectional 5th 126 Mason Martin 12th Sectional CHAMP 132 SSQ Marcus Martin 12th Sectional Runner up 138 SSQ Miles Shepard 10th Sectional 6th 182 North Harrison Returning: 5 Sectional Place Winners Ashton McGinnis 11th Sectional 5th 113 Landon Jones 11th Sectional 5th 120 Garret Schroeder 11th Sectional 5th 160 Noah Phelps 11th Sectional 4th 182 Carson Radcliff 11th Sectional 6th HWT Silver Creek Returning: 4 Sectional Place Winners Gavin Clark 12th Sectional 3rd 126 Cole Bagshaw 10th Sectional 5th 132 TJ Bagshaw 12th Sectional 6th 138 Ross Scully 11th Sectional 6th 160 Salem Returning: 4 Sectional Place Winners Blake Megaughlin 11th Sectional 4th 145 Ty Sweeney 11th Sectional 6th 170 Nathan Pierce 11th Sectional 5th 195 Porter Howey 11th Sectional 6th 220 Crawford County Returning: 3 Sectional Place Winners, 1 Semi State Qualifier Donnie Feeler 11th Sectional Runner up 106 SSQ Nick Redden 12th Sectional 6th 145 Gus Wright 11th Sectional 5th 152 Borden Returning: 3 Sectional Place Winners Caleb Saylor 12th Sectional 6th 126 Zane Stotts 12th Sectional 6th 132 Lody Cheatham 11th Sectional 3rd 145 Providence Returning: 3 Sectional Place Winners Henry Lovan 10th Sectional 6th 106 Roy Shrout 11th Sectional 6th 195 Mike Vaughn 12th Sectional 5th HWT New Washington Returning: 1 Sectional Place Winner, 1 Semi State Qualifier Austin Taylor 12th Sectional CHAMP 160 SSQ
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    Semi-state brackets from 2000-2006?

    Here is 2000 (All Semi States) pairings: https://www.ihsaa.org/archive/b-wrestling/00IndSemistate.htm
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