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    Zach Melloh Family

    Dear 138 pound weight class at state finals, Congrats to all of you, lots of fierce competitors, and you should all be proud! Wrestling is the ultimate teacher of life lessons, so learn what you can from your experience! Kris Rumph You are a great wrestler and competitor and your interview showed some great character. You have overcome a lot in life and I hope you understand that your wrestling achievements can transfer to anything you chose to pursue in life. The Melloh family will look forward to seeing good things for you in the future, and will say a special prayer for Kris Rumph today at church. Looking forward to rooting for you, not against you! Blake Mulkey You are an awesome wrestler. Blake, you have a great wrestling future, and we wish you the best. Sometimes things don’t go your way, it will make you stronger if you let it. Dawson Combest We wish you the best at Uindy. It truly seems like yesterday that you and Zach were battling it out for ISWA state finals. I miss those days already. Uindy is getting a good one and we know you will do great in wrestling and school. Count your blessings son, you have an awesome support group with Columbus East wrestling family! That’s a good group! I will always hold Coach Trapp in high regard..... I saw how much he did for you guys with the youth program. What a great guy and mentor! Lastly, to my son, Zach Melloh With tears of pride, I want to tell you that I love you and I am so proud of you. My sadness only comes from knowing this chapter is over. I didn’t appreciate the ride like I should have while I was living it.......through wrestling, you have helped us grow as a family and expand our faith. So few people know what you have been through to get to where you were yesterday. But God does and your family does, and we are proud to call you our son and your siblings are proud of their brother. Part of trying to live a Christ centered life means that sometimes the target on your back gets bigger. It’s ok, keep fighting the good fight. Keep grinding and doing the right things in life. With a heart full of pride for the young man you have become, looking forward to the next chapter. Your biggest fan club, Dad, Mom, Corinne, Alex, and Cecelia (Nick Melloh)
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    Thank you Indiana

    Just wanted to take a second and say Thank you to all the supporters Brayden has had though the years. We new jumping up in weight this year would be a risk, but Brayden has never been one to back down from a challenge. No complaints or excuses 7th, 1st, 1st and 4th plus being one of the smallest in 126 he did a great job and as his father could not ask for anything more. We will be looking to the future and getting a great education thanks to this sport and who knows maybe an NAIA National title along the way. Congrats to everyone that won and those that did not keep working hard and you just might find yourself under the lights. To all the Seniors it's been one hell of a journey. Most of you we have wrestled with or against since elementary and though those battles made some great friends or dare i say family. Again Thank you Indiana for giving my son a sport with the best fans and competitors. The Curtis Family
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    Confession Time

    So time to take a quick break and provide a distraction to the loaded regional and SS talk. My son is new to the sport...it was a little over a year ago that he decided he wanted to give wrestling a try. Something about watching kids under the lights at Bankers Life in 2015 provided that spark. So as a 5th grader he started on his journey. After a bit of research, we learned about Red Cobra and he’s been in that sweat box ever since...and most nights I’m also spending a few hours listening to Coach Red bark instructions to all the kids. Now true confession time...I never wreslted myself and frankly thought wrestlers were an odd bunch growing up. One dude I knew in Junior High covered his singlet in deer attractant as an “advantage”. Another kid claimed to rub onions on his pits and “area”. I was a basketball player and that was my love...I wasn’t tough enough to wrestle even though I considered myself a tough guy. So needless to say, I knew next to nothing when my kid started and know just a tiny bit more now. More recent confession, during our first few meets man some parents were going insane during a match while I just saw some kids leaning on each other. My inner monologue said “dude, what’s those people’s issue? They’re some real nut-jobs.” Fast forward to today, and a solid year of Coach Red training has not only helped my kid but also his old man that’s been sweating profusely on the other side of the partition while Coach Red instructs like only he can. What I didnt know is that I was getting C-Red Trained too. Now I find myself automatically and instinctively barking stuff like “Get Your HEAD UP!!!” And “UP AND OUT!!!” Or “GET THAT TIGHT AND SQUUUEEEEZE!!!” Or “God gave you two hands SO USE THEM!!” Its like I can’t control it. So to all you parents before that I was secretly being real judgey towards in my head, because y’all were losing your minds (or so I thought)...my bad. To all you beginner parents wondering why the big dude in purple is losing his mind in the future....you’ll get it one day. One thing I’ve learned while my boy has really embraced and taken to this sport and the process...if you’re the parent of one of these high schoolers that’s putting it all out there in the coming weeks, then really be proud of it and where you are. Make sure to take a moment and take it in. Be proud they’re there regardless of outcome. Unlike any other, wrestling is an awesome sport that requires some real courage to even walk out there on that mat. Sometimes it takes the eyes of a newbie to bring the obvious into focus. Good luck to all competitors and teams as each step gets a little tougher. I’m glad I’m here...and I’m glad my son has chosen to be a wrestler. <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny #PainTrain #PoundSign
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    First off I want to let everyone know I usually do not read threads on here and I just now signed up to be able to post because it sickens me to see these “likes” and comments! While I do not condone the issue of using plastics, I also do not know the full story on what recently took place at Carmel High School, nor do any of you! It makes me sad that I see such negative comments towards my high school coach, knowing he has done SO much for many programs and for the state of Indiana. I am not going to sit here and tell you that I have agreed with everything Coach P has done, there have been times we haven’t seen things eye to eye.....But I am not going to forget everything else he stands for and the many improvements he has brought to the wrestling community in Indiana. Nobody is perfect! We all make mistakes, some more public than others. It saddens me to see so many people that have reaped the benefits of his presence in wrestling get on this thread and bash him and “like” derogatory comments about him. Coaching isn’t easy and dealing with most parents does NOT make it fun. One of the fundamental rules I live my life by is “never kick a man when he is down”. I will put aside my thoughts and opinions and I CHOOSE to reach out and anyone who is down I try to help them rise again and become better! One bad decision does not define you!!! It is when you are down you will find your true friends, I am here for P. Writing thoughtless posts on message boards while hiding behind a keyboard is also a great way to burn bridges ..... something else I try very hard never to do! Leroy Vega
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    3A Team State

    As the Ben Davis guy who has been around a long, long time I will try to give you a couple. Don't get me wrong, they sound like excuses and I don't like excuses much. And, none of this is personal, hopefully my comments aren't construed as being a shot at anyone. Some comments i won't make in this forum as it isn't the right forum. However, there is my list, top of my head. 1. Resources - many programs develop talent by charging their kids $ every month or kids go to a "pay to play" facility like CIA, Red Cobra, Contenders, etc... In a lot of cases, we have kids who can't afford shoes, the sport fee or don't even know where they are staying tonight. Now, add on the cost of a USA card, tournaments, etc... and that is money our families need to spend elsewhere. Sure, we fund raise, but you can't cover costs for 50+ kids in a youth program to develop them in wrestling the way we would like. By the way, very few of our kids have a great support system. I can't imagine, as a 16 year old kid trying to cut weight, get to a Saturday practice, pay for a sport fee, new shoes, etc... without any parental support 2. All of the BD families from my era and later have moved to Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Danvile, etc... i.. And, no families move into Ben Davis. Everyone is heading out West over the last 15 years, ncluding my family. I know I have coached a dozen or so kids in Junior High that have gone on to be successful at the state level in other programs. Good for those families for getting themselves into what they see as better situations personally. 3. I think BD has a remarkable amount of kids that start as Sophomores and Juniors. Sounds great to have bodies in the room, but wrestling in the MIC, Marion County and the same Sectional as Avon (you), Brownsburg and Plainfield - 90- percent of the time these kids just can't compete with someone who has had 4+ years of experience get frustrated and quit. And, how hard is it to sell this story "If you bust your butt, give everything you can you might win half of your matches" and "to be the most competitive you can, you need to learn how to eat right and maybe watch what you eat a little". They can't because they don't have quality food in the house. 4. The sport has no "middle class" anymore, there are elite wrestlers and everyone else. We all know the sport is hard - if you are getting beat up all the time it isn't fun, if it isn't fun you quit (unless you are an idiot like me and wired differently). We have a lot of great kids in this state who do well nationally. So, I am a 3rd year kid who has grown up wrestling some of the many studs on the WestSide and Marion County and I get pounded every time, I get discouraged. I get discouraged and just don't love the sport the way I need to love it to get better - I could have been a good wrestler, not elite, but good, maybe a Semi-State or even a State qualifier, but I can't get out of sectionals. I tihnk it was 2 years ago at the Avon Sectional at 106, 3 of those kids placed in the top 7 at state and I believe 3 others from MIC and Marion County placed as well. 5. I can keep going, but will conclude with this... I would rather build better young men (as I am sure we all do). It has taken me a while to admit that winning isn't as important to me as making someone successful at life (and this statement in no way makes me think that the previous 2 statements are exclusive, I am a better person, employee, boss, etc.... for being a wrestler). At some point, we are trying to get kids to graduate because we are now their parents. I could throw in a bunch of stats, but they don't change the situation. I would love to be singled out in a post about our wrestling, not the lack of our wrestling, but that isn't where we are at right now. Don't misinterpret any of this, I want to beat everyone. I don't want to lose. but, spend a few months inside the program and you will see it isn't just a numbers game. For better or worse, I am BD wrestling - as are a group of guys that I am proud to coach along side who also fight the daily battle to keep this program together and moving forward. Brett Nabb BD 1987 and 20 years coaching wrestling in Wayne Township
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    Jim calhoun

    Character counts

    Let me first say I in no way am putting down anybody in particular or acting like I’m the role model cause I’m the furthest from perfect, but I really think coaches need to take a step back and look in the mirror and realize our wrestlers watch our lives more than they listen to our words. I’ve been blessed at Plymouth to coach with coaches that in many years have impacted hundreds of lives. I’ve never heard a foul word out of their mouth nor is any wrestler aloud to use profanity. Their goal is always create young men of integrity first and champions in life then champions on the mat. I’m amazed when I see and hear coaches and athletes cuss back and forth.....see wrestlers yell at refs.....throw things in anger and nothing is done. On a positive I’ve watched people I respect and look up to like coach Snyder get in wrestlers faces yet put his arm around them and build them up....coach Harper from little kids to high schoolers speak life into his kids yet in their face. I don’t know a man in the world that loves winning more than coach Read or a man that hates to lose more than him but you ask anyone that’s gone through his program in 30 plus years and you will hear nothing but the utmost respect because of the integrity he walks in. Coaches your integrity is the most 8mportant part of your job with the kids we have in front of us. Impact lives. As our coach always says....”Do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do”. Your reputation is what others think of you but your character is what people see and you really are. It’s time coaches we lead from the front!
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    Darrick Snyder

    Melloh and Mulkey

    1.) Congrats to Cathedral. I’m not sure anyone who hasn’t been through it truly understands how hard it is to win an Individual State Title let alone a Team State Championship. 2.) I didn’t cuss or anything like that. I was booted and deserved to be because I left the mat and came back screaming again. I was told that by Mr. Faulkens. 3.) I know I shouldn’t have come back on the mat. Thanks to him for allowing me to stay in back of venue. I lost it and would hope I could keep my compusure in the future. I’ve never been tossed out before that I remember. I deserved it. I’ve already told my assistants to pull me from the mat. I don’t see this situation repeating itself, though 4.) I am not ever going to sacrifice a kid’s dream of a state title. Brayton Lee is the ONLY kid I have ever coached that I told I must have bonus points from at Individual State. Probably the first and last. He’s special. I never worried about my actions causing a team title. We are a family here. I was able to meet with my team since Mr. Faulkens allowed me To stay in the venue. I told them I was sorry I was unable to corner them. (FYI I don’t corner BLee. Ayersman negotiated that.) Lol. Immediately, Nathan Walton said, “Coach you have prepared us and we would want you to do the same thing for each of us.” 5.) I was out of control and returned to the mat after waking off. That equals getting tossed. I have no issue with it. Most people hate me. That fuels me and our program. I have enough friends and I’m not looking to win a popularity contest. As long as the Mishawaka And Brownsburg Wrestlers and fans love me that’s what I care about. Talk to them. I have 100% administrative support here, which I have never had before. 6.) Why did I lose it even though i shouldn’t have? It is NOT an opinion or judgement call. In the casebook - look it up - it literally says the front-headlock position is a stalemate. It’s cut and dry. Not debatable. It was the wrong call. Period. Doesn’t matter if we were snapping or trying to score. Makes no difference. Says stalemate. Watch the film. Blake is my guy. He is facing me in 30 second OT. Im snapping to mat. He does exactly what I tell him to do. I know the rules. Then, it costs him a chance for his state title. I care about my wrestlers. Our system is messed up. I could not care less about a team title then. I care about Blake and his goal. If he and they win, we win. 7.) It is what it is. Cathedral was freaking impressive. Blake’s opponent is a stud and seems like an outstanding young man. Just like Blake. I probably shouldn’t post, but I will. Discussing wrestling I think is good for our sport and my thoughts are always open for anyone. Snyder
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    Great wrestler

    I just wanted to recognize a great wrestler with great sportsmanship. Jed Levitz from Prairie Heights. He fell short of going back to state for a 3rd time. After his lost he was a class act, handling it like a true champion,shaking hands and congratulating the other wrestler 2 times. A great example of what wrestling and a great coaching staff has taught this young man. Congratulations on a awesome high school wrestling career.
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    Matthew Nelson

    Hoosier boys Super 32

    Im super proud of our Indiana Boys. I watched most matches and followed kids that I didnt know before this tournament, as High School is a new atmosphere for us. I saw everyone of these kids wrestle their Butts off, and they gave the competition the full fight. I dont think any of them under performed. They left it all on the mat every time, and I was extremely impressed with the heart they all have. Indiana is on the map. They may not have accomplished their dreams this time, but they are on the right path. Everyone of them should be proud of the way they wrestled. We should all praise them for the sacrifices and dedication they gave to fight at the Super 32. After watching these kids wrestle this weekend, I cannot wait to watch each and everyone of them this season. I am rooting for them all. From up North all they way to down south, I am proud to be a Hoosier. Hats off to our Hoosier boys.
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    What a great article on Warsaw's Jacob Bass who qualified for semi-state this weekend. http://www.inkfreenews.com/2019/02/08/once-a-slave-warsaws-jacob-bass-celebrates-freedom-through-wrestling/
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    I had to share this. We have a young guy in our club who is deaf. I remind our guys often that RJ probably is the toughest guy in our room. Last year was his first practice ever. First time in a wrestling room. He was in first grade and cannot hear or speak. I could only imagine how difficult that had to be for him as we watched him go through his first couple of practices. One year later, RJ is always the first guy in the room at practice. He is usually the last guy to leave. You can see that wrestling is something that RJ and his dad truly enjoy. Yesterday dad was sending us pictures of him and RJ watching the finals on TV. This morning he sent the collage of RJ in front of the TV with guys that have been in our room this past year. At some of our camps, we let dad know which guys have great resumes and should do quite well in the upcoming HS Season. RJ and his dad were excited to get pictures with the, and all the guys were great with RJ, even though it's not the easiest to communicate with him. After I saw the picture it made me think of Spiderman's phrase. With great power comes great responsibilities. Congrats to all of this year's state champs. I do want to thank the guys that were in our room and took just a few minutes to interact with RJ. To be honest, I had forgot all about those champs that were around in the past year.......but RJ and his father didn't! They will remember forever!
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    Most to Semi-State?

    No, it's just one day.
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    Hornet Coach


    I would just like to give credit to the young men and coaches for carrying yourselves like champions win or lose this weekend. The overwhelming majority showed great sportsmanship and respect for their competitors no matter the match outcome. There are a lot of people that want to point out the negative, but I think it's important that we take a minute and point out the positive, as well. Way to represent your school, your wrestling program, your coaches, and your family! These young men have put a lot of time, sweat, and tears (and certainly a lot of blood) into this and when you don't get the outcome you desire, it is tough to control your emotions. These life lessons are far more important than any win or loss. Well done to the competitors and well done to the coaching staffs.
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    Thanks to everyone involved in Indiana wrestling for providing a great competitive environment. I have enjoyed high school wrestling very much and have improved my skills over the past 3 years by competing with the best. My family and I are moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the end of July and I will be wrestling there my senior year. Thanks to my coaches for preparing me for success on and off the mat, especially Coaches Brad Harper, Chad Hershberger, and Taylor Hart and the many volunteer coaches involved in making Penn wrestling such a great program. Thanks also to some of the great wrestlers I have had the honor to wrestle, especially Trevor Penrod, Brayden Lowery, Jacob Moran, Jose Diaz, and all the other great competitors who kept me “on my toes” so to speak. I look forward to keeping up with all of you next year as I continue to strive to reach my own personal goals. Good luck next season.
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    I just want to thank Joe and all the other people that put the time and effort to bring this event to Indiana and give our state the publicity it deserves on a National level. All of our wrestlers were very impressive and put up a great fight against the top kids in the country (win or lose). I appreciate Team USA coming to Indiana with a "nothing to gain, but everything to lose" situation. Ty was able to capitalize and take out his opponent and has gotten a flood of national publicity. Without all the work that was put into this, he would have not had this opportunity. We found out yesterday that he was named the National High School Wrestler of the Week by TheOpenMat. https://news.theopenmat.com/blog/2018/04/16/adidas-high-school-wrestler-week-apr-16th-2018/
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    Worst draw

    Great point Jeremy. It aligns with Silas and I's philosophy to a "T". Being fairly new to the sport of wrestling compared to many on this site (7yrs). I would grow a little more perturbed every year as I would hear parents/coaches/wrestlers complaining about draws, or hoping they had an easy road through. I can tell you this......that was rarely an issue with the Doah coaches. Slivka, Gary Jr & Sr each had a "bring it on mentality". Being cut from that similar cloth, is a major factor of our growing so close off the mat as well. I'll only add that Coach Barbosa has carried on that same approach. It comes natural for him being from the south side of Muncie. ? Assistant Coach Walker is no different. The Allred outlook is simple......Those who worry about the draw are entertaining fear & self doubt. Hoping for an easy path is reserved for individuals whose bartering for podium spots. Not for those whose goal is its peak. Cressel & Walton are both very deserving of all the recognition and success they've worked so hard for. They're well coached and their college commitments speak for themselves. However.....these are matches we've wanted all season. But we'll focus on beating Moore Friday night first. Bottom line......We love the draw. Awesome opportunity to make a LOUD statement! And they'll be dealing with a hungry youngster whose well prepared, well studied, unafraid to lose.....and wrestling free with no pressure. The best 182lb'er in the State will stand on top of the podium this weekend regardless of their bracket pairings. And it could be any 1 of 16 young men in the bracket. We genuinely wish everyone competing a great week of practice, continued good health and to just enjoy the moment. Go to war, have fun and score points. Never lose sight of how much of a blessing it is to be there.
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    Happy First Day of Wrestling Season!

    I hope everyone has a healthy and undefeated wrestling season. Good luck everyone and enjoy the season on the mats from whatever vantage point you have.
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    Darrick Snyder

    Wrestlebacks Poll

    Here’s my opinion: If we want wrestlebacks from the IHSAA, do NOT argue a kid gets caught or has a bad match. They say we aren’t valuing the effort and performance of the kid had who pulled the upset. Focus on the ridiculous draws that puts two placers against each other. At Mishawaka Joey Smith beats Trace Hall of SB Riley in triple OT I believe to win the Regional. We had lost to him like 3 times that year. Our reward is we draw into Galka of Hobart who had been injured precious week. Hall places at state and we lose in ticket round 3-2. Even better one: Trent Reinoehl beats Young of CMA in OT to win regional. Churchard of Valpo and Roach of Crown Point are In same regional. Our reward? We draw roach in ticket round and lose 3-2. Chrurchard gets first, roach 2nd and young 3rd at state while we sit in the stands. If we are ever going to get wrestlebacks, it’s my opinion that these situations must be focus. Don’t even bring up someone getting caught. IHSAA will use that against us. Snyder
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    Coach McCormick

    Thank You Louis Rosbottom

    It is my understanding that Keith Davison is the new ISWA chairman. I first want to congratulate Keith on his new position and wish him the best of luck. I would like to thank Louis Rosbottom for everything he, and his wife Sharon, have done for the ISWA over the years. Their dedication and devotion to Indiana wrestling is immeasurable. I had the privilege of sitting on the ISWA board of directors for roughly 8 years (a number of years ago) with the Rosbottom's. When you start looking at the ISWA's annual budget meeting, services, programs, the ISWA office, trips, coaches, tournament management, etc, etc, etc, the ISWA is a HUGE undertaking and the Rosbottom's have been a positive influence and driving force behind all of these operations for many years. Thank you Louis for your servant leadership style of management. Indiana wrestling wouldn't be where it is today without everything you and Sharon have done with the ISWA. Regards, Trent McCormick Yorktown Wrestling
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    ****This article is the hard work of a central Indiana coach who would prefer not to reveal his or her identity It might be one of the toughest overall Semi State’s I have ever seen with an average of nearly 6 ranked wrestlers in every weight class. In almost every quarter-bracket a State ranked or Semi State ranked opponent will be having their seasons ended prematurely. Further, the IHSAA Team Title very well may come down to the first two rounds of the New Castle Semi State with 7 potential matchups between Cathedral and Warren Central. The semistate also features the highest nationally ranked wrestler in Indiana in Silas Allred of Shenandoah. 106 State Ranked Wrestlers #1 Alex Cottey PM #4 Suhas Chundi Carmel #7 Carleton Perry WC #9 Elijah Anthony Frankfort #10 Logan Carrender LN #15 Kody Glithero Roncalli #18 Sam Crousore HSE Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Evan Dickey Cathedral #8 Isaiah Otto South Dearborn Potential Matchups #9 Elijah Anthony vs #8ss Isaiah Otto First Round with #10 Logan Carrender looming in the ticket round. Anthony entered his freshman campaign undefeated going into sectionals losing to #4 Chundi twice headed into Semi state. Carrender is red hot after winning the Pendleton Regional. #7 Carleton Perry vs #7ss Evan Dickey Cathedral first round with #18 Sam Crousore looking to be the first 4 over 1 of the tournament. Perry pinned Dickey earlier in the year, but Cathedral is known for stepping up their game come tournament time. Will Dickey be 2019 Andrew Wilson/Elliot Rodgers?He is one of the smaller 106s I've seen in a long time, but his technique is picture perfect. #4 Suhas Chundi versus #15 Kody Glithero in the ticket round. Chundi has a 5-2 win earlier in the season but Roncalli is riding high after 6 champs at the brutal Perry Meridian Regional. At least 3 ranked guys going home early here. #1 Cottey vs winner of #9 Anthony/#10 Carrender Semis #4 Chundi vs #7 Perry semis 1st Round Picks Cottey over Flowers Condo over Pritchett Carrender over Bullock Anthony over Otto Crousore over Necessary Perry over Dickey Chundi over Busch Glithero over Williams Tickets Punched in Order Cottey, Chundi, Perry, Carrender Alpha Dog Alex Cottey 113 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Zeke Seltzer Cathedral #3 David Pierson WC #14 Jake Simone HSE #15 Christian White New Pal #18 Antonio Jefferson LC Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #5 Andrew Haggerty PM #6 Anthony Hughes LN #8 Brac Hooper Carmel Potential Matchups #15 Christian White vs #8ss Brac Hooper followed by potentially our second 4 over 1 with #6ss Hughes. White has the experience and the name to get through this quarter bracket, but don’t expect Hooper or Hughes to lay down for him. #3 David Pierson vs #18 Antonio Jefferson. A rematch from the Marion County finals in the ticket round. It was a very tight match until the third period when Pierson got on top and secured the win. #3 Pierson vs #14 Simone semi-finals in a rematch of the 2018 ticket round. 1st Round Picks Seltzer over Ramsey Haggerty over Driver Hughes over Gordon White over Hooper Simone over Wilson Johnson over Galusha Pierson over Bautista Jefferson over Seal Tickets Punched in Order Seltzer, Pierson, Simone, White Alpha Dogs Zeke Seltzer and David Pierson 120 State Ranked Wrestlers #4 Breyden Lowery Roncalli #5 Carson Eldred Westfield #10 Chris Stewart WC Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #4 Harrison Hadley Lapel #5 Carson Johnson Mount Vernon #6 Traye Owens New Castle #7 Parker Mosley NM #8 Logan Galbraith NC Potential Matchups #4ss Hadley vs #6ss Owens first round. A battle of seniors including Hadley trying to return to state for the second year. The winner of this matchup gets to do battle with #10 Chris Stewart in the ticket round. Hadley did what he needed to advance at the Pendleton regional, but he'll need to bring his A game to get to the Ticket round this year. #8ss Galbraith, #7ss Moseley and Nick Morton will all bang it out to try and earn a spot at Bankers Life. These kids could wrestle 10 different times with a different winner each time. #4 Lowery vs #5 Eldred Semis. This one should be a battle between two highly decorated grapplers. 1st Round Picks Eldred over Donlan Dennison over Otto Lowery over Parodi Johnson over Condo Owens over Hadley Stewart over Gunn Galbraith over Euson Moseley over Morton Tickets Punched in Order Lowery, Stewart, Eldred, Galbraith Alpha Dog Brayden Lowery 126 State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Lukasz Walendzak Cathedral #7 Logan Wagner Zionsville #8 Cameron Toole Lebanon #9 Chase Wilkerson Mount Vernon #11 Jevian Ross Warren Central #18 Grant Stapleton Lawrenceburg Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Dalton Huffman #7 Sam Slivka Potential Matchups #6 Walendzak vs #8 Toole first round. A top eight ranked kid will be knocked out in the first round of semi state. Winner has undefeated #18 Stapleton in the ticket round. I would normally go with the experience of Walendzak here but he has taken losses two weeks in a row to kids ranked worse than him. #7ss Slivka vs Jared Brown should be good. Brown had Mattingly dead in the water last year in the ticket round and got pinned while winning by double digits. Don’t expect him to go down easily after beating Walendzak last week. #9 Wilkerson vs #11 Ross in a rematch from North Montgomery Holiday Classic. Ross got the fall in their dual in December. Should be a good one. #2 Wagner vs #9Wilkerson/#11 Ross Semi Finals. Wagner has put together a great sophomore campaign, but I suspect this semi finals will be a great matchup. 1st Round Picks Stapleton over Franco Toole over Walendzak Slivka over Fuller Brown over Lloyd Wilkerson over Langeman Ross over Frazier Wagner over Huffman McKee over Lonneman Tickets Punched in Order Toole, Brown, Ross, Wagner Alpha Dog Logan Wagner 132 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Alex Viduya Roncalli #5 Logan Bailey Cathedral #13 Seth Johnson NM Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #5 Aundre Beatty WC #8 Sebastian Bryant North Central Potential Matchups #5 Bailey vs #5ss Beatty. A rematch from early December. Bailey’s experience and win definitely weigh heavily here, however, Beatty is a dangerous wrestler that shouldn’t be overlooked. #13 Johnson vs #2 Viduya Semis with #5 Bailey in finals. If it is Viduya in the finals against Bailey it will be a rematch from a January dual where Viduya won 9-2. Don’t expect the margin to be that high again as Bailey will be prepared for the rematch. 1st Round Picks Brown over Naselroad Merkel over Defreese Bailey over Vredeveld Beatty over Lauy Viduya over Ramsey Wilkerson over Boggs Johnson over Collier Bryant over Walston Tickets Punched in Order Merkel, Bailey, Viduya, Johnson Alpha Dog Alec Viduya 138—Nasty weight class where two returning state qualifiers have each other first round. State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Tyce Freije Roncalli #5 Gabe Phillips Centerville #9 Gabe Smith PM #12 Jarred Rowlett WC #13 Kyle Holman Carmel #16 Andrew Wilson Cathedral #17 Chris Wilkerson Mount Vernon Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Adam Negangard East Central #8 Reece Luhmann HSE Potential Matchups #9 Gabe Smith vs #13 Kyle Holman in the ticket round. These two did not see each other at team state but one top ranked kid will be ending their careers a week earlier than expected. #12 Jarred Rowlett vs #16 Andrew Wilson. Two returning IHSAA State Qualifiers a year ago battle it out in the first round. Rowlett came out on top in a decision back in December and looks to end his career on the floor of Bankers life. Wilson is looking for that magic he found a year ago to help his team win another team title. #5 Phillips vs #12 Rowlett/#16 Wilson Ticket Round. No rest for either returning qualifier with undefeated Phillips waiting in the wings. A SSQ a year ago before injury ended his season is looking to punch his first ticket over someone looking for their second ticket. 1st Round Picks Wilkerson over Goodwin Lauy over Walsh Freije over Johnson-Sparks Luhmann over Negangard Holman over Crouch Smith over Pettiford Phillips over Poynter Rowlett over Wilson Tickets Punched in Order Wilkerson, Freije, Smith, Rowlett Alpha Dog Tyce Freije 145 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Bryer Hall South Dearborn #4 Aiden Warren PM #5 Antwaun Graves WC #9 Jeff Dunasky Guerin Catholic #20 Terrell Leavell LC Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #8 Joe Theriot Carmel Potential Matchups #5 Graves vs #9 Dunasky. This one should be good as Dunasky knocked of Frejie a few weeks ago at the conference tournament that was still held during the “snow storm” week where everyone else canceled. Graves is a returning medalist looking to get back on the podium. Graves is a four time SSQ at 145. #2 Hall vs #20 Leavell. Leavell is battle tested and has been here before and is looking for his first trip to the Bank. #3 Mosconi vs #4 Warren Semis in an overtime rematch #2 Hall vs #5 Graves Semis in a rematch from a 4-3 decision in January. 1st Round Picks Theriot over Alford Warren over Wilburn Mosconi over Newlin Wright over Wolf Graves over Miles Dunasky over Lindemood Hall over Smith Leavell over Bates Tickets Punched in Order Warren, Mosconi, Graves, Hall Alpha Dog Maybe Hall but really whoever has the best day. Graves beat Mosconi, Mosconi beat Warren, Warren beat Graves at Marion County and Graves pinned Warren at Regionals. 152—Potential state finals match in the ticket round State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Elliot Rodgers Cathedral #3 Cooper Noehre Greenfield #4 Brice Coleman WC #9 Sammy Fair PM #13 Tytus Ragle New Castle #14 Easton Williamson Lebanon Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Andrew Roberts Lawrenceburg #8 Maxwell Hayes Mount Vernon Potential Matchups #2 Rodgers vs #4 Coleman. About as big of an argument for wrestlebacks as I’ve seen. This match could easily be under the lights at Bankers Life next week but is instead going to be wrestled in the ticket round. Someone who should be on the podium next week will be watching from the stands. #3 Noehre vs #13 Ragle vs #14 Williamson/#8ss Hayes. A very tough quarter bracket where two top 16 kids will be staying home after strong seasons. 1st Round Picks Rodgers over Williams Coleman over Sunding Davin over Goodner Fair over Roberts Otto over Atkins Dunn over Mangus Noehre over Ragle Hayes over Williamson Tickets Punched in Order (Coleman/Rodgers), Fair, Dunn, Noehre Alpha Dog Coleman/Rodgers 160 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Jordan Slivka Cathedral #3 Brooks Davis PM #9 Ronan Hiner HSE #10 Aaron Taylor WC #12 Jake Lowe NM #14 Bradley Harrington North Central #18 Hayden Lohrey Shenandoah Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Andrew Roth Lawrenceburg #8 Garrett Sharp Carmel Potential Matchups Rebein vs #14 Harrington vs Lowe. An interesting group where 4 of the total 12 losses come from #10 Aaron Taylor. Rebein is a hammer on top with his wing and could surprise both of the ranked wrestlers here. #2 Slivka vs #10 Taylor. Another Cathedral and Warren matchup. Taylor has had an up and down year winning the Marion County tournament but definitely has the attributes to pull the upset. Slivka is, of course, a monster... Winner gets #9 Hiner who has a win over Taylor at the John Hurrle. Two top 10 wrestlers seasons will end in this quarter bracket alone. #2 vs #3 in the semis with Slivka and Davis 1st Round Picks Lowe over Bushey Rebein over Harrington Lohrey over Morgan Miller over Moore Slivka over Taylor Hiner over Roth Davis over Williams Rohrig over Sharp Tickets Punched in Order Rebein, Miller, Slivka, Davis Alpha Dog Jordan Slivka 170 State Ranked Wrestlers #3 Cody Klettheimer Frankton #5 Elijah Mahan Roncalli #8 Tucker Coffman Union County #10 Logan Hart Carmel #11 Kyle Saez Westfield #13 Josh Lowe NM #17 Drake Kendrex Mount Vernon #20 Tyler Wagner Cathedral Potential Matchups #11 Saez vs #20 Wagner. Wagner has had a very strong season even if it was done quietly with his #20 ranking. He has several very good wins and will be looking to help his team win a IHSAA state title. #3 Mahan vs # 17 Kendrex. A lot of tough draws for Mount Vernon with Kendrex doing battle with returning medalist Mahan for a ticket to state. #8 Coffman vs #13 Lowe. The second of the medalists battling another ranked opponent for a spot at the bank with Coffman being the returning 4th place finisher. #3 Klettheimer vs #10 Hart. Hart dropping down from 182 a year ago versus the returning 7th place finisher in Kleittheimer. 1st Round Picks Saez over McClain Wagner over Noble Mahan over Reynolds Kendrex over Calderon Coffman over Rice Lowe over Battista Klettheimer over Massey Hart over Baker Tickets Punched in Order Saez, Mahan, Coffman, Klettheimer Alpha Dog Cody Klettheimer 182 State Ranked Wrestlers #8 Cameron Bacon Carmel #12 Jalen Morgan Elwood #14 JD Farrell Fishers #19 Devontay Moore North Central Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #4 Clayton Todd Pendleton Heights #5 PJ Sterrett Mount Vernon #8 Jake Combs Hagerstown Potential Matchups #4ss Todd vs #14 Farrell first round #8ss Combs vs #5ss Sterrett ticket round #8 Bacon vs #19 Moore in a rematch of the MIC finals first round #8 Bacon vs #12 Morgan Semis with Bacon down a weight class from a year ago and Morgan trying to make it a round further and be on the podium at the Bank. This should be a good one. 1st Round Picks Filipovich over Black Farrell over Todd Combs over Stanley Sterrett over VanDeventer Bacon over Moore Dycus Over Vaughn Morgan over Woodall Viel over Goodall Tickets Punched in Order Farrell, Sterrett, Bacon, Morgan Alpha Dog Jalen Morgan 195 State Ranked Wrestlers #1 Silas Allred Shenandoah #9 KJ Roudebush Tipton #12 Austin Lane PM #13 Tremor Bynum PH #15 Jack Heldt Carmel Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Gavin Keesee Franklin Central #8 Nathan Bishop WC Potential Matchups #15 Heldt vs #9 Roudebush ticket round. One of these seniors will be staying home next weekend when the other could very easily be on the podium. Roudebush is some kind of athlete. Winner will see #12 Austin Lane in the semis. All eyes will be on the Cornhusker commit #1 Silas Allred, a prohibitive favorite. 1st Round Picks Heldt over Beard Roudebush over Shafer Lane over Maish Mills over Pierce Bynum over Krummen Keesee over Medlen Allred over Garcia Bishop over Shew Tickets Punched in Order Roudebush, Lane, Bynum, Allred Alpha Dog Silas Allred 220 State Ranked Wrestlers #3 Andrew Irick HSE #4 Kyle Cornwell Elwood #8 Drew Webster NM #15 Deshawn Young Franklin Central #16 Haakon Van Beynen Carmel #20 David Guhl Cathedral Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Cade Campbell PH #7 Carlos Mitchell WC Potential Matchups #4 Cornwell vs #16 Van Beynen ticket round. The Carmel phenom will have his hands full with Cornwell looking to finish #1 after losing his ranking at the North Mont Holiday Classic. Cornwell is ranked nationally in some publications. #7ss Mitchell vs #20 Guhl. In Mitchell's first tournament after winning a 6A IHSAA Football Title, he took losses to both Guhl and Williams of Avon. He avenged the Williams loss and is looking to help knock another Cathedral contender out of the series. Winner has the privilege of wrestling #3 Irick who took a rubber match loss to #8 Webster. Irick comes from a long line of bad men from HSE, and is ranked nationally. #8 Webster vs #15 Young/Brown. Young is very athletic and has gone back and forth with Mitchell from Warren. He is also the Marion County Champion and is looking to punch a ticket to state. Brown is no slouch and just beat #20 Guhl last week and Mitchell at the MIC. Browning/Burton/#6ss Campbell is an interesting quarter bracket where anyone can come out with the golden ticket. 1st Round Picks Cornwell over Mcclure Van Beynen over Dick Mitchell over Guhl Irick over Pandoli Webster over Badger Young over Brown Browning over Arvin Campbell over Burton Tickets Punched in Order Cornwell, Irick, Webster, Campbell Alpha Dog Drew Webster 285 State Ranked Wrestlers #1 Jamichael Watts North Central #9 Dennis Hubbard WC #10 John Harris Roncalli #12 Antone Alexander Franklin Central #17 Crae Kunkelman HSE Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Jonathan Williams Carmel #7 Zack McQueen Connersville #8 Josh Berger Northeastern Potential matchups: #10 Harris vs #7ss McQueen #17 Kunkelman vs #12 Alexander. A tough draw with Kunkelman getting third each week at sectionals and regionals against a tough FC Alexander who finds a way to win. #9 Hubbard vs #6ss Williams. A MIC rematch of an earlier contest where Hubbard got an early fall. Look for the Greyhound to try and take this match back. Winner gets #1 Watts in the ticket round. Hubbard lost a 1-0 match to Watts at the Marion County. A top 10 kid will be watching state rather than wrestling. 1st Round Picks: Harris over McDaniel McQueen over Evans Keller over Jones Berger over Wertz Aherns over Stephens Kunkelman over Alexander Watts over Adams Hubbard over Williams Tickets Punched in Order Harris, Keller, Kunkelman, Watts Alpha Dog Jamichael Watts
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    Nick Dewig

    Boards about to die down

    Consistent updates from your dating experiences
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    Man I hope so! As his dad, I know my son would never lose if “karma” was an actual thing! Lol! Did he overreact? Yeah, maybe. He also immediately felt regret and without prompting took it upon himself (remember a 16 year old kid) to go speak to Hobart’s coaches, Tylor, Tylor’s parents, our coaches, his teammates, his family, and others. You need to remember that Tylor (AWESOME KID AND FAMILY!) and Brock have been very good friends, teammates and wrestling partners for years at RWA. Brock was extremely excited to win against someone he has so much respect for. My son...no I’m sorry....my CHILDREN have been raised to be respectful and humble, and both are. I couldn’t be prouder of Brock, the man he is becoming, the student he is, the friend he is, the brother he is, the teammate he is, and the fact that wrestler doesn’t even come close to the top of the list of great things he is! He also would like it pointed out he squished a bug off his shoulder, not a “cigarette” lol! Man I also really hope your “karma” comes back twice as hard on him this week! Thanks for the motivation too! Love the Peele Family!
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    Does it get much bigger than this? #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei. Believe or not, this December 21 dual is the lowest stakes match ever contested between the ‘Cats and the Falcons. Here’s your proof: PM and MD first met at the 2000 IHSAA Team State, followed by a 2003 date at the same event. The 2006 meeting was a hootenanny. The IHSAA’s unbroken streak of boneheaded decisions to diminish wrestling was laid bare in the first round of the 2006 Team Event as the #1 Wildcats met the #2 Falcons—in the first round! As we all know, it is impossible and unfair to seed a high-stakes event. You may not like the IHSAA. You may find them self-serving and stupid. BUT, at least they are consistent. In a see-saw affair, Chico Adams and Jimmy Schoettle grabbed victories for Jim Tonte’s team in bouts 12 and 13, earning PM a 23-22 lead. For all the marbles, MD’s Sean Herron claimed a 7-2 victory, resulting in a 25-23 win for the Wildcats. This boosted MD’s record to 3-0 versus the Falcons. However, in 2012, the Falcons turned the tables on the Wildcats beating them in the last ISHAA-sponsored Team State event. The Wildcats were overwhelmed against Tonte’s loaded line-up, and bowed 40-19 in the semi-final. The Falcons cruised to a second, consecutive Team State title For Jim Tonte, it was relief and elation. “I have the utmost respect for Mater Dei, because they have been beating us like a drum forever. They bleed team, so we feel really good about beating them.” On the Red & Gold side of the house, it was agony. Many of the boys on the team attended Team State as a toddler. They grew up watching Mater Dei Wrestling and making the annual trek to Center Grove High School. Most, if not all, had first-hand memories of the great MD teams that delivered so many great victories. This year the trophy would go the Falcons. The dream of a championship was over. In 2014, the IHSWCA got it right, when #1 Mater Dei met #2 Perry Meridian for the Team Title in Muncie. Both line-ups were dotted with star power as Mater Dei brought eight ranked wrestlers to the party while Perry countered with six. Nationally-ranked wrestlers, Nick Lee and Brandon James of Perry Meridian, underscored the gravitas of the rosters. Ashton Forzley opened with an 8-3 win over Garrett Milner. Perry Meridian's Jordan Marion did not read the scouting report on Nick Buedel and paid the price. A few seconds into the match, Marion charged Buedel and was thrown to his back. Ultimately, Buedel prevailed, 19-9. Sam Bassemier, diminished by a flu bug, gutted out a gritty, 8-5 win over Rilee Miller to spot the Wildcats a 10-0 lead. The Falcons got on the scoreboard with a pin at 195 pounds. 220-pound sophomore Kurtis Wilderman scored a hard-fought first period takedown and made it hold up for a crucial, 4-2 victory. Perry scored another fall at 285 pounds to narrow Mater Dei's advantage to a single point. Nolan Weidner found himself in a deep hole against Sunny Nier until he put Nier on his back during a third period scramble. The Red & Gold roared as Weidner cranked on Nier's head, desperately working for the fall. The clock was the enemy as time ran out and Weidner found himself on the wrong side of a 9-7 decision, giving Perry Meridian its first lead of the evening. Sweet Luigs faced unheralded Jack Servies and found a ready and willing opponent. Luigs finally took control of the match and cut Servies late in the third for a major decision attempt. Luigs quickly popped Servies with a headlock, and took him straight to his back. The bench sprang to its feet as the Mater Dei fans roared. With seven ticks remaining on the clock, the referee slapped the mat with gusto. A normally-stoic Luigs allowed a smile and pointed to the bench as his teammates subsequently mobbed him. Seventh-ranked Will Egli took the mat against top-ranked Cornelius Elliot. Like Egli, Elliot was a wide-open wrestler. The duo, pummeled, faked and shot before Elliot scored a second period takedown. Trailing 3-2 in the third period, Egli took Elliot from his feet to his back. The referee started a count and reversed himself, awarding Egli no points. Elliot played defense the balance of the stanza and emerged a 3-2 winner. Fifth-ranked Alex Johnson took the mat against sixth-ranked Ngun Uk, as the 'Cats clung to a one point team advantage. Uk grabbed an early 4-1 lead before Johnson tied the match at the end of the first period. Uk took another lead before Johnson garnered a point for a locked hands call and another point for an escape to nab his first lead of the match. Johnson scored a third period takedown and made it hold up for an emotional, 9-6 win. Nick Lee jumped on the hapless Jordan Napier, executing a takedown clinic to claim a 28-13 technical fall. Joe Lee faced off against senior Brandon James and his 11th-ranked national status. Lee got busy early, scoring a quick takedown. James righted his ship and eventually scored an 8-2 victory. With a 27-21 advantage and two matches to go, another win would put the Falcons away. Junior Blake Jourdan toed the line across from third-ranked Noah Warren. Jourdan wasted no time, securing double under hooks, bear-hugging Warren and taking him to his back. As Warren could not be held down, the match would be decided by takedowns. Wrestling a heady match, Jourdan stayed under control and won the battle, eventually delivering a 14-5 decision. A stone-faced Jourdan strolled to the bench to be surrounded, hugged and patted by his jubilant teammates as the Mater Dei faithful howled. "I was a little nervous before the match," conceded Jourdan. "But I knew what I had to do. I just had to go out, wrestle my match and win." Final Score: Mater Dei- 31, Perry Meridian- 27. Greg Schaefer, winning his first State Title as a coach and capturing Mater Dei's first since 2007, was at a loss for words. "I'm just so proud of our guys," said Schaefer. "We did what we had to do to win." Perhaps no Wildcat had a bigger weekend than Sweet Kyle Luigs. In addition to his key pin against Perry Meridian and win over Erik Owens, Luigs also defeated New Palestine's third-ranked Alec White. But for Luigs, none of these things mattered; redemption was on his mind. "I lost Team State for us last year (Luigs was decisioned in the final bout against Franklin's State Champion, DJ Smith)," said Luigs. "I had to do something so that we could win." First year starter, senior Nick Buedel, relished the ride. Throughout the day, Mater Dei fans were entertained by Buedel's exuberance and antics. "Yeah, I'm having a great time," enthused Buedel. "We're winning and it's awesome! What's not to like?" Senior Alex Johnson was a freshman on the team that was shellacked by Perry Meridian at the 2012 Team State—Mater Dei's first-ever loss to the Falcons. "I wanted to meet Perry in the final and I wanted to beat Perry in the final," said Johnson. "This is the best feeling ever." The Falcons stormed back in 2016, hammering the Wildcats, 45-18. 2017 produced another epic battle. In a see-saw affair that resulted in three lead changes, the Falcons faced dim prospects, late in the match. Down 25-19, another loss to the Wildcats would likely spell doom for PM. The Falcons were up for the task. Jack Servies, Aiden Warren and Brooks Davis delivered a hat trick of decisions, before Noah Warren iced the victory with a pin. The series stands at four wins for Mater Dei and three for Perry Meridian. Individual match-ups between the two schools go back to the late 70’s when PM and MD were in the same semi-state. Perry Meridian’ Hall of Fame coach Phil Strader is still steaming over Steve Adams’ 1981 overtime loss to MD’s Jeff “Spiderman” Parkinson. Look no further than the team benches—you will find that the coaches have squared off against one another. For 25 years, you will be hard pressed to find a state tournament that does not contain at least one match-up between PM and MD. Here what to expect from meeting number eight: · Outside of the wrestling semi-state, this will be one of the biggest scholastic match-ups in this school year. Our esteemed newspaper, The Evansville Courier and Depressed, will not be aware of this event. It is highly unlikely there will be any pre or post-match coverage. · This will be the biggest dual in Evansville, since #1 (Kentucky) Union County wrestled #2 Mater Dei in 2013. 2000 rabid fans showed up for a barn burner. · Expect a big crowd for this one. MD alums home for Christmas, students, hardcore fans and casual fans will show up in force. Many in attendance will be from other, local programs. While they will not be vocal, emotionally they will throw their support to the Falcons. · For our friends travelling from Indy, take a little time to get to know the territory. After the meet, drop by the Hilltop Inn. Not only is it the “Manliest Bar in America”, for 68 years it has been THE gathering place after MD wrestling matches. Their fishbowls are not to be missed. · Expect HUGE match-ups: Cottey/Freeman at 106 and Lee/Warren at 145. Dickens and Fair at 152 could be the match of the night. Hook’s keys to a win: · Emotion and a fast start; I expect the draw and/or upsets to come into play. If Mater Dei gets a quick start, or an early upset, the roof will come off the place, creating momentum for the Cats that will be difficult to overcome. If the early scales tip to the Falcons, it will be bad for MD. Since 1976—42 years—Mater Dei has lost only one dual in its home gymnasium. · Bonus points will likely determine the winner of the dual. Maximizing wins and minimizing losses is crucial. · Big guns will be big guns; both of the belligerents have plenty of them! But what about the supporting cast? At the end of the day, I believe the non-stars will determine the outcome. what’s my prediction? I ran the lineups, coaches, injuries and atmospheric conditions through Randy Helfrich’s super-computer...i’m sworn to secrecy. Ask Randy.
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    I like the idea of 15, but adding it to the middle of the lineup. 106, 113, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 170,182, 195, 220, 285
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    Dream Team Classic Recap

    What a night of wrestling! Hollywood screenwriters could not have scripted a better event from start to finish. I could not have dreamed how packed or loud it would be when I first started planning the event. The Indiana guys came out ready to scrap and defend their home turf. When looking at the match-ups I thought a few matches would be ugly and we might give up a couple pins. Instead our kids didn't back down and were in all but one match. That just shows the progression of our state as a whole that our best guys CAN compete with the best in the country. The fans were the best! Cheering for our guys and that place got as loud as ever a few times. It was awesome to see everyone cheering for our guys and not being split up by cheering for kids from only your team or area. There is nothing better than a standing ovation in appreciation of the work these kids have put in over the years in this great sport. Brownsburg was a great host for the event. Coach Darrick Snyder and Athletic Director Kelli Waggoner went above and beyond to make this event a success. They rolled out the red carpet and many of the USA guys were extremely impressed with not only the new wrestling room, but the gym and everything at the event. A big thank you goes to our host families who took in kids for the weekend. I know the kids enjoyed themselves and it sounded like the families enjoyed it also. Thanks to the Lee's, Jean-Baptiste's, Cookerly's, Koonce's, Conley's, and Brewer's for stepping up and housing the kids. Also thank you to Nick Wiesjahn for hosting me. Thank you to our superb referees Jim Russell and Eric McGill. Russell seems to be quite popular with the Flo guys right now, so tune in to FRL tomorrow to hear what they have to say about the event. We had great support also from our sponsors the ISWA(yes that is not a typo), KC Battlegear, and Invicta Wrestling Academy. Make sure to support these companies as they are here to help Indiana wrestling. Also thanks to Cody Bryant and Wrestling USA for organizing the USA guys, being an ear for complaints and suggestions, and many behind the scenes help. Cliff Keen athletic did a great job with the gear and I know I have extra that we may give out soon, so be on the lookout. It was a great night of wrestling to showcase Indiana wrestling and our kids blew the roof off the Bone Zone. I am just hoping I don't get a bill for repairing that roof!
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    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    So I’m one of the #PainTrain families lucky enough to host two of the Team USA kids. Side note, what an awesome group of young men on both sides. Was a blessing to spend time with great young people. But my kid I’m hosting just said (In between games of Fortnight) “Man! I knew about Mason and Brayton of course...but your Indiana dudes brought it and that was really impressive. And what an awesome atmosphere and such a fun dual...I’m so happy I came to this!” Our State did just fine tonight.
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    Hornet Coach

    Who impressed you the most

    Fattore impressed me the most and it had nothing to do with his wrestling. This young man carried himself like a champion after a questionable call. Nicely done young man!
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    Who's in,who's out

    Actually, I'll reply to this post since I happen to be one of the parents of this particular individual. First of all, I will be the first to say that before this season ever started and Myles was going back and forth on whether not he was going to wrestle, the only thing we asked of him was that if he did indeed start the season that he finished it as that is all we've ever asked of any of our kids. We didn't "allow" him to quit the team. He is almost 19 years old and unfortunately he is technically an "adult". As his parents, there's not a whole heck of a lot we can do! Believe me there have been numerous people, past/present coaches, administrators, mentors, that have tried talking to him. We have literally done all we could to try to get him to complete the season. It's easy to point fingers and say "why would they", "how could they"? Sometimes as parents our hands are tied. We have to let them fail on their own, allow them to make those "adult" decisions and pay the consequences. There's no doubt that he will regret this decision one day. We don't support or agree with his decision but we will love him regardless. If this past year had taught me anything, it's this. I will never again say "that won't be my kid" or "why didn't those parents do something about it" because now we are "those parents".
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    Junior Worlds This Week

    Per the current standings Indiana would be in 9th place as a country in the world right now.
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    Impact freshman

    Have to admit......I entertained the idea with Silas. But ultimately.....had I done so, I would’ve outwardly been setting an example of athletics overriding academics. And that’s a major breach of the Allred’s household priority line. Being fully transparent.....Regardless of my sons success through relentless hard work, I still frequently think on the “what if’s”. He could legit be a sophomore right now and not such a young junior. Increased accolades in-state and Nationally would undoubtedly be attained. But ultimately....if athletics isn’t the back up plan to education/career, we’re setting our kids up for misaligned values. Make no mistake.....Silas plans to take the sport as far as his health, work ethic and God allows. But one reality we’ve embraced.....is that the events of tomorrow can never be fully predicted. And in retrospect......being young for his class and having to work harder to compensate for the age gap, has likely benefited his long term success and character much more than any medal could. And rest assured, as it pertains to the topic of age/success/recruiting......programs are very aware of an athletes age/projection. So in most instances.....being young and successful is even more appealing to recruiters. And that “success” I refer to here.....goes far beyond what an athlete accomplishes in their particular sport. Character & Classroom has to come first.
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    Coach Peckinpaugh's Awesome Poem

    A great time at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony today (kudos to HoF direct Scott Schwarz and the IHSWCA executive staff).) Great to hear the stories about the inductees and what they have done to build our great sport. I will be forever indebted to all those who helped me along the way. Special thanks to Coach Rex Peckinpaugh for his touching induction speech for me. Rex shared a poem he wrote about the rivalry and enduring friendships between coaches and I wanted to share it with all of you.Thanks, Rex, I love you, brother. I look across the mat And I see a friend I see a man who has toiled like I And never gives up until the end I see a man who is a leader One that I certainly have admired I see a guy who I know keeps going Even at times when he is oh so tired I see a man who I want to beat But one I love just the same A man I have struggled against In this crazy coaching game I see a friend I have cried with One I have laughed with as well A man who I know if I needed him Would always answer the bell I see a friend over there In that corner across the way I see a brother I have fought with But one I will love till my dying day. --Rex Peckinpaugh 2/2019
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    Here is Faulkens' phone right now
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    Semi-State Bracket Links

    Fort Wayne https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/FortWayne.pdf East Chicago https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/EastChicago.pdf New Castle https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/NewCastle.pdf Evansville https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/Evansville.pdf
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    Jared Williams

    Jared, I want to say Congratulations on a GREAT HEAD COACHING Career Avon, LN, & Zionsville!! You coached numerous State Placers, State Champs, HS All Americans, HS National Champions, NCAA Div. 1,2,&3 wrestlers, Nationals Qualifiers and All Americans. You were the only Head Coach during the IHSAA Dual Team State era to take 2 different Schools to the IHSAA State Championship match (Avon, LN) both finishing 2nd....Never could win the big one (Ha Ha)!! There are many more accomplishments you have achieved in your career, but those are the ones that counted the most & that I remember! I wouldn't be the Wrestling Coach, Husband, Friend, or Father I am today without having you as a friend & mentor! The true greats in any sport are the ones who give back, and leave it better than when they got it. You have done a tremendous job promoting our sport, growing it at every level, at every school you were a HC. I have truly enjoyed every second coaching with you at LN (memories I will never forget) and the battles coaching against you (even though our wives hated those matches) HA HA!!!! You always bring the best out of not only the athletes you coach, but the opponents you coach against. I am going to miss not seeing you on Saturdays, it will not be the same!!!! Enjoy the 1-0 record against me, you will have it forever!!! I can't wait to see you in the Hall of Fame, with all the other great coaches who have given countless of hours away from their families, to do good for others in this sport. Enjoy the extra time with your little ones!!!! I know you will keep giving back, see you on the Pee Wee circuit!! Your Friend, Weimer
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    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Fattore was spotted warming up with Rader before the finals. Not sure I have ever seen two guys that just wrestled in the semi-finals warm up with each other.
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    3x middle school champ

    My wrestler was excited to get a chance to wrestle him finally. Said it was the best :11 he had on the mat all year.
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    This chart shows # of Top-20 state ranked guys per weight per regional. Total for each regional at the end 106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285 1. Hobart 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 1 26 2. Crown Point 1 3 0 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 0 2 18 3. Penn 1 1 1 3 2 2 1 2 0 0 1 1 0 4 19 4. Logansport 1 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 6 5. Goshen 1 0 1 3 1 3 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 15 6. Carroll (Fort Wayne) 1 1 2 0 0 1 0 2 3 2 1 3 2 1 19 7. Peru 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 1 6 8. Jay County 2 2 0 1 1 1 3 2 1 1 0 0 1 1 16 9. North Montgomery 1 2 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 2 1 2 1 15 10. Pendleton Hts 2 2 2 0 1 4 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 24 11. Perry Meridian 2 2 2 2 3 1 3 1 1 3 1 2 2 0 25 12. Richmond 0 1 1 2 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 1 1 1 12 13. Mooresville 3 2 3 3 2 2 3 2 2 3 2 1 3 5 36 14. Bloomington South 2 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 2 2 0 0 12 15. Jeffersonville 0 1 1 1 2 1 1 0 1 3 0 1 0 0 12 16. Evansville North 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 3 3 0 2 0 2 0 19
  38. 13 points
    My kiddo Baxter Annakin has decided to "retire" from wrestling his senior year. He as had too many concussions and values his brain more than one more year on the mat. He has loved wrestling ever since he joined Castle Wrestling Club as an 11-yr old. It was 100% his decision, which I think is important to mention. His Mom and I were crushed, but very proud at the same time. Concussions are a scary thing and not to be taken lightly. He will be at Castle's matches rooting on his teammates, especially his senior class. I've become a big wrestling fan as a result of Baxter's involvement in this great sport, and an even bigger fan of Baxter after watching him grow into a fine young man. Good luck to all our wrestlers out there this year. May they stay injury free. Doug Annakin
  39. 12 points
    We love the idea. Gives Jesse a chance to avenge a loss from last year at Super32 to Jack and then wrestle another amazing wrestler at same event. Giving Jesse a shot at 2 extremely tough matches in one day is totally worth it. Side note: Willie asked Jesse if he was ok with making it a 4 man bracket and he said he was down to wrestle anyone. It is definitely the hardest way to defend his ranking, but I am really excited to hopefully watch him wrestle twice at Carver Hall.
  40. 12 points

    Impact freshman

    Chesterton falls under one of the top “Home Grown” programs as well. We had 2 Sophmore State Placers this year, 2 Sophmores that lost in the SS Ticket round (to eventual State Placers), 2 other soph’s and 1 Freshman SS qualifiers. We get to look forward to some very skilled “true” freshman that will join the team next year. All that have come up through the Duneland/Chesterton Wrestling Clubs. When our sophmore class this year was in 6th grade they finished runner-up at the ISWA Elementary Duals to Avon, knocking off Center Grove and Perry in the process. Needless to say, Chesterton should have a pretty good day at the Frosh/Soph Championships this weekend. Indiana Wrestling fans need to understand that next years Freshman class is filled with kids who were held back in Elementary or MS (sometimes more than once). In most cases these are the Top Ranked kids I have seen in ranking lists. I understand the motivation to “gray shirt/red shirt” your elite wrestler, but there is something a little more special when a wrestler knows if he’s really a Freshman when he comes to HS (whether or not it comes with success), and EVEN MORE SPECIAL when they are kids who have developed within your elementary programs from the start.
  41. 12 points

    Ticket Round MATCHES!

    FYI, I'm updating the brackets with records, grade,....oh and RANKINGS! Fort Wayne is done working on the others.
  42. 12 points

    Elliott Rodgers CATHEDRAL

    Since most of us have a snow day today, let’s talk about an inspirational story from an outside perspective. Elliott Rodgers of Cathedral and his rise to the top. Again, I don’t know the kid but have been following since his remarkable freshman season. Elliott was a freshman wrestling 145 for the always tough, Cathedral team. Elliott’s record was 20-11 going into regionals, after he had just won a weak sectional. He won his first round match 7-5. Win by pin in his second match and lost in the finals 3-6. Elliott was NOT on anyone’s radar to punch his ticket to state. His ticket round match was Antwaun Graves of Warren Central who was 35-2 at the time and ranked high in state. Elliott drew a 17-15 kid from Carmel first round… in which he won 1-0 in a close match. Elliott then upset Graves in a 8-6 match that sent him to the state finals. But he wasn’t done yet, as he beat a North Central kid who was 33-12 at the time in the semifinals to send him to the Semi-State Championship match with a record of 25-13. Elliott was pinned by undefeated Boone Welliever in one minute. Great story right? Kid has a killer day and performs well…really well. But, is it really a Cinderella story if it happens again? Elliott drew Corban Pollitt of Col. East first round at state. Corban was 34-12 but was part of the elite CE wrestling team. Elliott pulls out the win 5-3 and advances to the second state. Elliott then beats Mason Winner (38-4) 3-0 to advance to the semi-finals. Elliott then lost 1-4 to Jason Crary of Munster and lost by pin to Welliever for 3rdand 4th. Elliott finished his freshman season 27 wins and 15 losses and a 4thplace finish on the podium. No imposter syndrome for Elliott… a kid who out performed his skill level? A kid who never placed in middle school state (according to track). Elliott comes back for his sophomore season and wins Semi-State with a record of 35 wins and 5 losses. He took 5that the Al Smith and DNP at the IHPO. Eliott went on to finish 2ndwith 2-1, 3-2, and 8-4 wins to eventually lose by TF to Brayton Lee in the finals. Elliott finished with 38 wins and 6 losses his sophomore year and a second place finish on the podium. As a junior, Elliott has wins over ultra-tough wrestlers Brock Ellis and Jake Schoenegge already.. but has a loss to Eli dickens and we also seen Elliott lose his #1 ranking, sliding him to #2. You may never find a wrestler who has so many losses after two years who has placed 4thand 2nd. Here is a kid who can teach us adults a life lesson.. You WILL fail in life, you may fail a lot, but as long as you don’t quit and keep getting better, you will be successful.
  43. 12 points

    Zach Melloh Family

    Nick and Zach We have nothing but the ultimate amount of respect and appreciation for you and your family.. it does seem just like yesterday that Zach and Daws battled as youngsters, Zach always pushed Dawson to be better and share a special friendship.. Zach is a outstanding young man way past being a outstanding wrestler.. Purdue got the total package in Zach .. We will be cheering and following him and his career... Blake Mulkey Thank you for being such a great kid and bringing out the best in the Columbus East opponents (especially Daws) , after the matches were over , you were back to always joking and being a good kid to be around ...We wish you nothing but the best with your next stop ... Kris Rumph The semifinals was the first time that Daws got to wrestle you but of course we had heard so much about your ability and skills , you didn’t disappoint on your showing on that big stage.. Dawson said that was the most fun he ever had in a match , of course I was beyond nervous but you both pushed each to overtime coming up with the win .. Congratulations to you and your family... This weight class was very deep and talented .. Every round , it seemed like we had a ranked wrestler with a competitive spirit to the end .. it was truly a life experience and privilege to be in the mix.. The Combest Family
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    As the finals have concluded, I'd like to thank all the wrestlers that participated this year and entertained us fans. Congratulations to this years Champs. Also want to thank the guys doing this site. Your rankings and info is top notch. To the Seniors, I wish you the best in your next journey. Hell of a season gents.
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    New Jersey has a public and non public state championship. So two classes. Heres a list in alphabetical order of states without wrestlebacks. 1. Indiana
  46. 12 points

    Congrats to Trizton Carson

    The 170 pound soon be Danville junior recieved one of the only 4 Black Hats given at J Robs 28 day intensive camp out of hundreds of wrestlers...He graduated with over a perfect score gaining 10 positive ratings during camp and ran his 15 miles in 2 hours and 6 minutes...very proud of this young man who is like a nephew to me and glad he represented Indiana so well during a challenging but life changing experience! Look for big things the next 2 years and beyond out of this fine young man! He's had a very productive off season winning Nuway and Indy nationals while wrestling on dual national teams and gaining valuable knowledge for the future.
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    Just a shout out to the people who bring the Mon. - Wed. articles. I have really enjoyed, and anticipated reading these tales through out the season, for several years. Thank you!
  48. 11 points

    State brackets on track changed!

    This error had nothing to do with the IHSAA ... they have been busting it on your behalf and are working hard to make this a great experience for everyone. If you have to throw someone under the bus throw me. Mark Durham. The buck for this TW mistake has to land somewhere. They were built this morning while I was in transit from some Evansville events back to Indy ... I should have pulled over at the Exit 87 Country Mark gas station on I69 south and checked them before they went public. I didn't. As it turns out they were set-up correctly, but there is a little check-box at the bottom of the build screen that says, more or less, "use saved lines instead of default lines" ... well, it needs to be checked and wasn't. And you know the rest of the story. Again, I am sorry. The "Show" was fantastic.
  49. 11 points

    Congratulations Bulldogs

    I’ll be the first to admit that I was convinced that this was their down year, WRONG! Remarkable team effort and a true testament of a great coaching staff.
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