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    Justice Cash

    This is Justice Cash and after losing 4 times at semi-state I am coming on here to share the story that I never was able to share after winning a state title... The dog tag in the picture has been in my shoe for every wrestling match since Amante Young's death... He was a brother to me and there was nothing I wanted to do more than win a state title for him and his memory. He died tragically in a car crash a few months after winning a state title in Michigan. For those who knew Amante you would know he was one of the sweetest, joyful, and kind hearted people you've ever met. He was always smiling and brought so much joy to others, he always had my back, and he always wanted to make himself better. His home life was never amazing but he still was always trying to make money to give gifts to his whole family during holidays and other occasions even knowing he wouldn't be getting any from his parents at times. He always wanted to help people and he never acted like he was bound to be unsuccessful because of his home life, he found ways to make himself better and others around him better. I could go on and on about how amazing Amante was as a person and a wrestler and about how much he meant to me and so many others, but here is the end and the end of my high school career. I would be so grateful if anyone who reads this would mention his name in my place after winning a state title this year because I have failed to make it there for him myself... Thank you...
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    Three years and one day ago...

    Rickie Clark and Robert Samuels put on the best consolation match spectacle in Indiana wrestling history.
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    I know I'll get pelted with empties from any poster that starts with "SW" and I respect Mr. Goebel (sic) immensely, but maybe it's time to put a third guy on the show? And might I recommend @ontherise219 for that position? Now hear me out.... How many times last night did he mention "I'm not familiar with that wrestler..." or "IndianaMat ranks him...". Well, the actual ranker does some media stuff for the actual sight that does the rankings oft quoted, and since he does the rankings pretty well it appears, he does seem to know a bit about most/all the wrestlers and not just the ones at the E'ville SS. Again, nothing personal, and as far as the actual call of the finals matches goes I think Mr. Goebel is great and knows his stuff and adds insight, but for a parings show I'd just like to hear a bit more insight/matchups etc and think OTR could provide that. Of course the hour and fifteen minute time frame might be tough but he wouldn't have @Y2CJ41 to throw him off topic. Like I said, unpopular opinion.. but outside of the ESS dudes there just didn't seem to be much insight or info put out there except "that should be a good quarter bracket". There...I said it. I'll delete my acct now.
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    I'm pretty sure I've posted this idea on here before, but here it is again... Let's start with some IHSAA philosophies, since they are the ones ultimately making the decision. Bobby Cox and company don't like "wrestlebacks" so this is something different. They are used to the one-and-done postseasons of football and basketball and have asked the wrestling coaches how many times someone should be allowed to lose and still move on. Our answer should be 2 - double elimination. The IHSAA views all 4 weeks as one big tournament. So, make the whole thing as close to double elimination as possible, like every other wrestling tournament in the world. That means we should guarantee that someone has lost twice in the tournament series or lost once to someone who has already lost twice (i.e., 4 over 1). Right now, there are 2 times when this does not happen. One is the pigtail round of Sectionals, which should be fixed by not pairing unseeded wrestlers against the top seeds. The only other spot that happens is the ticket round of Semi State, where an undefeated postseason wrestler can lose to someone with 1 postseason loss. That's what this solution will fix. The IHSAA also doesn't believe in upsets. They believe whoever wins must be the better wrestler. We cannot use any upsets as examples, because in their minds upsets do not happen. But if we can show them the fundamental flaw in their system that can be easily fixed with minimal effort, it has a much better chance of passing. And finally, the IHSAA likes to make more money and loves it's own ideas. This fix appeals to both of those philosophies, as well. And now for the idea... Qualify the top 5 out of each Semi State. Several years ago, the IHSAA had one year when they added matches to 5th place, but it was only for team score purposes. We bring back the IHSAA's own idea, so the ticket round losers pair up at the same time as the semifinals, and those winners wrestle for 5th at the same time as the 1st and 3rd place matches (like they do on Saturday of State). If your SemiState ran the semis on 2 mats, then this would take no extra time. If your SemiState ran the semis on 4 mats, then this would add about 45 minutes to the tournament. This year, New Castle was done around 6pm with 10 minute breaks between rounds and a 30+ minute lunch break. State will then have 20 per weight class, which will be more fans/money for the IHSAA without watering down the state tournament. Pair up the 4's versus 5's for an opening round on Friday night before the usual first round. Banker's Life can easily hold 6 mats to actually make Friday night go quicker. Details about the 20-man state bracket can be worked out later, but there would definitely be some exciting 4v5 and 5v1 matches on Friday night. Again, these would not be "wrestlebacks" - they are 5th place matches. They are not meant to give kids who lost (or got upset or had a bad match) an extra chance. This just fixes a systemic flaw in the "double elimination" of the tournament series overall. If the Coaches' Association proposes it like this, it would have a better chance of being approved by the IHSAA. A couple of additional benefits to this would be having a true alternate (6th place finisher) and more accurate team scores.
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    This is a very tricky question (thread) to reply to. In my humble opinion I don't know that there is a correct answer to the originally stated question. There are so many factors that go into competing at all collegiate levels. Does it count if a wrestler started DI and then transferred or stepped away from the sport after a year or two? One could respectfully debate the fact that some wrestlers take non-traditional paths into their college experiences now days. Additionally, many wrestlers arrive at their college choice only to find that it wasn't what they expected; or the coach who recruited them has now taken a different job; or academics trip them up; or an injury derails their college wrestling experience. There are numerous factors that play out as an 18 year-old embarks on a college wrestling journey. There can be many pitfalls along the way... as is there can be many rewards to be had if a little grit is demonstrated. With athlete retention in mind I believe more wrestlers (and their parents) could do a better job of 1)researching a variety of schools before making a final selection; 2)working on their time management skills in MS and HS to better ensure "life success" in college; and 3)realizing that wrestling at any collegiate level is very grueling. As they say... "it's a job." You have to love the sport, be willing to navigate set-backs, and have the ability to keep your eye on the ball. In getting back to the original topic, DI wrestling isn't for everyone. It is absolutely best-practice for an athlete (and his/her parents) to be realistic in what level of collegiate wrestling they want to take part in. A productive and fulfilling wrestling experience can be had at all collegiate levels depending on what the student-athlete is after. As a reminder... it is college... so some level of academic achievement should be placed into the equation. A wrestler at a DIII college studying pre-med is obviously a different situation than a wrestler navigating the rigors of a Big Ten program and schedule. Two different scenarios... two different goals in mind... both are to be applauded. I tip my hat to any young man or young lady that finishes 4+ years of collegiate wrestling at any level and walks away with memories, achievements, and a college degree.
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    2020 Team champion preview

    **ASSUMING** that they score the tournament the same as last year (no advancement or bonus points for Friday night) the team race should be very close although I have it as a 3-horse race between Mater Dei, Cathedral and Crown Point. I think between those 3 it's anyone's tourney - bonus points, key matchups and some unexpected scorers could tilt the victory one way or another. Here is how the scoring works (again, using last year's formula). Wrestlers score for Advancement points and Placement points. Those are predetermined: Additionally, wrestlers can add team points versus Activity scoring: Obviously it makes a HUGE difference whether the wrestler can make it to the finals versus the 3rd/4th place match, and so on. Here are my predictions: 1. Evansville Mater Dei - 9 wrestlers with several chances to make the finals. Some huge landmines though that could really effect the outcome! 2. Indianapolis Cathedral - Some good early matchups means that they have a good chance to have a large number of wrestlers making it deep 3. Crown Point - With Mendez leading the way, the Bulldogs have some hammers that could make a deep run. They have some huge matchups with Mater Dei Evansville Mater Dei Nine wrestlers starting out Friday night for EMD. Close matchups for Egli, Baumann, Sollars and Parkinson - if they get all 9 through, look out! 113 Cole Ross likely to face Logan Frazier in his 2nd match. If we wins that, a tough one against the Schoeff/Anthony winner. I have Ross making the finals 120 Alec Freeman has a brutal route - Head to Head with Crown Point's Riley Bettich in the 2nd round, then has to beat Cathedral's Seltzer if he wants to reach the finals 126 Ashton Hayhurst - Has undefeated Dylan Stroud in the opening round. Can he get by him? If so, then battle-tested David Pierson in the 2nd round and Rioux in the 3rd. That's a lot to ask of a sophomore 132 Kane Egli - He's got a tough road, but guys like this senior can decide the team title. He faces Slivka from Roncalli in the 1st match. If he gets to Saturday he will likely have Ian Heath before hitting Mendez. Making the final 4 would be big 138 Blake Boarman is the big dog in a difficult half-bracket. For his 3rd match will probably face either Logan Wagner or Floyd Central's Conway 145 Brody Baumann has winnable first 2 matches but they won't be easy. Jajuan Anderson from Warren Central will push the pace - and then AJ Poindexter will stand in the way of a top 4 finish 160 Eli Dickens - Based on this year's results he is the favorite - but the final 4 at 160 will be extremely entertaining and could go any combination. He would have a match versus Cathedral's Eliot Rodgers in his 3rd match to reach the finals. That's a HUGE swing match for team points 170 Gabe Sollars - Someone like Sollars could make a huge difference. His first match is against Chesterton junior Gavin Layman. Then he would face a likely head-to-head matchup against Cathedral's Tyler Wagner 182 Macartney Parkinson - has the toughest quarter bracket in the tournament. Opens up against #1 Joseph Walker then has Mason Winner in the 2nd round. It's feast or famine for Mater Dei here Indianapolis Cathedral Cathedral enters 8 wrestlers to the field Friday night. All of them have a shot to make it to Saturday, with some high scoring potential 106 Evan Dickey comes in as a 4th place finisher, but he does avoid the loaded other half-bracket. His Friday night match is against Isaac Ruble - if he can get by that, then his points will really be a help 120 Zeke Seltzer is the prohibitive favorite but it isn't a cake walk. He may see Bettich or Freeman in the 3rd round. Still, it's likely big points here 138 Logan Bailey is a big swing in points, I think. He has potential to reach the finals, but he has a match against Drake Campbell in the 2nd round that could be a scare 160 Elliot Rodgers has a good path until that final 4 where he faces Dickens who has beat him this season. Will experience win over latest results? 170 Tyler Wagner may face EMD's Gabe Sollars in his 2nd match - that's a big showdown. Wagner could make a run to the finals 182 Johnny Parker - Unfortunately for Parker, he drew in to the death quarter bracket of Mason Winner then Parkinson/Walker. Tough to see him winning the first round, let alone getting to the final 4 195 Jacob Huffman - he is an interesting one. His first match is against Friedt, who is ranked higher but also lost to his Cathedral teammate Parker this season. I don't have Huffman making it to Saturday, but he could surprise and get into that 5th-8th range. In that case, bonus points would be key 285 Holden Parsons - the senior Yorktown transfer has wrestled well this season and the 285 weight class is always unpredictable. I have him winning 2 matches before facing Dancy from Portage. Parsons is very experienced and opposite the Key/Irick combo. If he can slow down the match and wrestle strategically against Dancy, he could be under the lights with some HUGE points Crown Point Crown Point brings 8 wrestlers to the first round. I think their first round looks great, which means they will get 6 or possibly 7 into the scoring rounds. They are very young, but still could surprise some of the older wrestlers and make deep runs to make this a close race 106 Sammy Goin has only lost once all season. I would love his chances - but he got a tough, tough draw. He has Chundi in the 2nd round. That match may be a tossup. Can Goin get past Chundi and make it into the final 4 and possibly win it all? Since there are so many young wrestlers here and the action is lightning-quick, 106 can be very unpredictable and the matches can turn quickly 113 Logan Frazier is another freshman. He has a stiff task, facing the experienced Cole Ross from EMD in the 2nd round. I would give the edge to Ross, but I am not counting out these young bulldogs either 120 Riley Bettich has a ton of talent and the chance to take out a couple of head to head competitors. He should have Alec Freeman in the 2nd round, then Zeke Seltzer in the 3rd 126 Stephen Roberson - we all know the 126 weight class is bonkers this year. There are no easy paths to the finals and Roberson will have to face Kysen Montgomery in the 2nd round, then the winner of Dalton/Lowery showdown in the 3rd round if he wants to see the finals. Possiblity of huge points, or very few points here. 132 Jesse Mendez - He'll have the target on his back this year. Hard to see anyone stopping him from winning it all and getting the 20 team points. So the question may be how many bonus points can he rack up to help out the team? 138 Nick Tattini - Don't have Tattini getting to Saturday. If he can manage to get there, that's a huge boost for CP 145 Orlando Cruz - he also faces a murderer's row of wrestlers but he is capable of getting some points. He has Feichter in the 1st round, then likely Avon's Jaden Reynolds in the 2nd round before seeing undefeated Alec Viduya in the semis. Any points here would be a big win 160 Noah Hollendonner is the #1 seed. He should win his first, but then will have to try to break up the favored final 4 at this weight. He will see the winner of Noehre/Asbury. Look for Noah to be shooting for 5th-8th range and getting bonus points where he can Honorable Mentions Brownsburg - Some great wrestlers with some brutal matchups. Logan Miller at 106 should reach the semis. Kysen Montgomery will have Roberson in 2nd round. DRake Campbell has only lost once this season - can he knock off Logan Bailey in the 2nd round? Peyton Asbury got a Friday night death draw versus Noehre, but he will not make it an easy out. 285 Dorian Keys is the returning champion - can he repeat against Irick in a likely rematch with Irick in the semifinals and bring home another title? Chesterton - Look for Ellis and Bates to score big points here. Torres is great but has Rioux in the 2nd round. Kaiser would have to beat Boarman in the 2nd round. Tough roads to reach those big-point finals Perry Meridian - Only 3 wrestlers, but all of them have a legit shot to get to the finals. Cottey (113), Koontz (132) and Warren (182) can rack up mega points, but they are just hurt by lack of sheer numbers Roncalli - Similar to Perry. The Lowery brothers only have 2 losses between them on the season. Both could make a nice run to the finals. Viduya is on fire and he could be the 3rd Roncalli wrestler to reach the finals. Slivka is talented but has a really tough first round matchup with Kane Egli. If the other 3 can get to the finals and Slivka reaches the final 4 then we may see Roncalli creeping up the board Warren Central - 5 wrestlers here. Brice Coleman is undefeated and favored - he should score lots of points. David Pierson at 126 would be challenged at every step, but he has the potential and experience to make a deep run. Jajuan Anderson, Damon McClain and Dennis Hubbard could score some points, but not enough As always these are only my opinions. Good luck to all teams and wrestlers this weekend - hope that everyone wrestles their best match(es) ever and stays injury-free, in victory or defeat.
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    Pete Schroeder

    Most Consecutive Years

    EVERY year since 1968.....
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    I currently live in Indiana but lived most of my life in Ohio. I wrestled in Ohio and attended the state wrestling tournament there for 20 consecutive years. This year, I attended the IHSAA post season Semi State at New Castle for the first time ever. Was my first post season event ever attended for Indiana High School Wrestling. My first experience was almost entirely positive. I can tell you the perception in Ohio is that Indiana Wrestling is not as competitive. I personally had this belief as well. I do not anymore. I don’t know if New Castle is that much more competitive from the other Semi-State’s but the quality of wrestling there was excellent. I would go as far as saying there were kids who did not make it out that I could see being state qualifiers in Ohio. My only grip, which most of you could probably guess, was the qualification process. SMH. Why? I just can’t wrap my head around the thought process that went into decided that you need to make the semi finals and your in. This does not ensure the best four getting out. Having double elimination also does not ensure the “best” 4 getting out but it does allow tough quarter final draws to have a second chance. The state’s response could be to not lose and your okay. I get it, but for a lot of kids their goals are not to be a state champ. Maybe it’s to make it state or place in state. I am curious how many other states do it like this? My favorite round in all of Ohio’s post season wrestling is District (their semi-state) Conso-Semi’s. I wish Indiana would revisit this, but I also know that others have probably voiced their opinions over the years and here we are still the same. Also, New Castle is an awesome venue!
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    I was at the Al Smith and I was the official most of the Day on Mat one. Name is Leo Mercado, and I truly work really hard to make sure I stay consistent with the rules of our sport and apply them like the rulebook states to apply them. I typically don't like to throw jabs at anyone and I hope that this doesn't come out as a jab to anyone or anything; but I truly work hard to make sure my signals, mechanics, interpretations, and rules applications of the sport are delivered clearly and consistent throughout the whole match in the whole entire arena, so that even the deaf man at the nosebleed seats can understand my call. If you don't want me calling a "bad" match for your kid, scratch me like any other coach does in the our state because I apply the rules the way they should be applied.
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    I know and understand that Hardcastle has dreams of being a State Qualifier and that is why I said nothing negative about him. What I was frustrated with was that Josh wasn't given the opportunity because of a "Caution" and a questionable one at that. I was not impressed with the Oak Hill coaching staff and how they handled the situation and am pretty sure they are aware of that. I am sorry for the subtle comments I will make them clear! Ryan Landis - head coach at Southern Wells if that wasn't clear??
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    Genuinely appreciate each of your encouraging words. I equally appreciate all who read the article, and just choose to pray and encourage personally. Collectively means a lot to us as a family. With full transparency....I can say that I fell in love with the sport of wrestling for reasons other than just my son. He was just the vehicle God used to lead me to it. In fact, in the beginning Silas was average at best. He was a chubby kid who had some natural gifts, but threw a nasty “lefty” headlock that resembled a Joe Frazier headshot. 😏 So yes....I was the “know nothing” over zealous dad in the corner yelling....”reach back and headlock him!” 😂 But I became absorbed with learning the sport. Only my scriptural studies took precedence over my wrestling research. And recognizing that attributes like self-sacrifice, humility, work ethic, commitment, perseverance, and above all accountability....were all factors in becoming truly elite at this sport. That resonated in me, because those were the same characteristics I had to embrace to transform a formerly very wayward lifestyle, and become the man/dad/soldier God created me to be. Silas and I’s bond is so deep ridden, because we have grown together. Both in the sport...as well as spiritually. The blessings of adversity....is that it breeds tremendous levels of persevering strength when approached with proper perspective. We don’t see problems....we see opportunities. And no disease, excuse, obstacle, or exterior setback will deter the true goal he and I both have dedicated our lives to. And that’s simply this.....Be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. That daily application will literally push you to new heights that have no plateaus. Because you’ll be in a continuous evolution of forward progress. So even during peaks in all facets of life....you’ll keep striving to move forward. Even if in small increments. This sport, the above attributes I mentioned....have prepared me for this wrestling match with ALS. Scripture tells us that “We don’t wrestle flesh and blood. But principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.” There’s even a wrestling match in the Old Testament where Jacob literally wrestled with God all night. He was left with a permanent limp. So translated....I won’t be an easy “out”. It’s not in my DNA, nor is it the spiritual man God has molded me into. I fully anticipate conquering this disease and being healed. But if God’s healing doesn’t come until I’m called home....I guarantee you, I won’t get stuck or tech’d. Even if I have to get pointed....I HAVE ALS, ALS doesn’t HAVE me. Thanks again for the prayerful support.
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    Most Consecutive Years

    This will be 30 in a row for me. Qualified for 3, placed in 2 of them. Coached in some capacity in 7 of them. So many memories, too many to count, but so many heartbreaks as well. What a great weekend, especially seeing old friends and making new. Hoping I am fortunate to see 30 plus more! Good luck to everyone this weekend and remember that regardless of what happens you are part of one of the greatest fraternities in the world.
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    Beeks vs Hardcastle ticket round match

    We don't need another week of the state series. A simple rule change that during the state tournament if you injury default you are not allowed to wrestle the rest of the day would suffice.
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    They should have to stand inline to weigh in wit the kids..... Sware to God they should...…. Four hours later bFF,s
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    Unpopular Opinon...Pairings Show

    My issue is with the other dude (Greg Rakestraw). He fills in on some sports talk radio shows down here in Indy. Just don't enjoy listening to him. He just rambles. Clearly does not know a lot about wrestling. Plus.... he doesn't know the difference between Peanut Butter and Jelly and Ham sandwiches. Smh
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    I got bored and I wanted to avoid the actual work that I have to do, so I coded a Monte Carlo simulation of the IHSAA state wrestling tournament in Matlab. To determine win probabilities of wrestlers, I used a rating system comprising rank, record, and grade (~67% rank, 20% record, ~13% grade). With this, an undefeated senior ranked #1 has about a 90% win percentage against the worst wrestler meaning that the worst wrestler has about a 95% chance of winning one match if about 30 matches are wrestled against the best wrestler. I set the simulation to run 1,000,000 times (admittedly this was probably ridiculous, but oh well). The amount of times each wrestler got each place was tabulated and used to make the observations below (Some Many of which are trivial). 106: Lowery is top 4 58.63% of the time (73% of the times he places) Miller wins 18.36% of the time (the most despite being on the same side as (2) and (3) Miller only makes it to the finals 32.16% of the time, but wins 57% of the finals matches he’s in Chundi has very similar results Triana wins the 2nd least of any wrestler at any weight (0.14%) 113: Cottey wins the 2nd most of any other wrestler at any weight (27.93%) Cottey and Ross are only ones at 113 that win more than 10% of the time 120: Seltzer is top 3 more than half of the time (58.44%) Diaz actually ends up better than Bettich on average 126: Dalton and Roberson have very similar chances at 1st 2nd and 3rd Rioux wins 20.45% with 365802 finals appearances 132: Nothing too significant 138: Campbell makes the finals more than Bailey, but loses more often when he gets there, leading to similar 1st place finishes 145: Pretty good pairings here for top 4, no real surprises 152: Boe, Kervin, and Hall all win more than Coleman Coleman wins almost 60% of the 254,538 finals matches 160: Levitz has the best shot at reaching the finals here (32.76%) 170: On average, Deters is able to do better than Calhoun 182: Walker has the highest finals win percentage of anyone Warren makes his way to the finals 273,963 times, but has a 50-50 shot at winning once he’s there Lone is very similar, just less finals appearances 195: Silas runs away with 319,526 times on top of the podium If kemper makes the finals, he wins more often than not 220: Not too much interesting here 285: Dancy and Irick win more than Keys, Swallow makes a solid run most of the time placing top 5 about 52.80% of the time Summary: Most of these actual numbers are completely meaningless as they are only as good as the data I had at my disposal. The overall trends however are at least somewhat representative of what is likely. I thought this would be an interesting look at the state tournament and it was (for me at least) and really highlights how effective a good or bad draw can be. That’s all from me for now, but ill answer just about any questions either about the simulation or how certain people finished. Overall, it was fun and I hope to try this again with better ratings and such, potentially using old state tournaments as training data for a machine learning rating system. Monte Carlo Results.pdf
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    What’s low is a kid being “injured” enough to get a default win to get the state, then show zero signs of injury on his way to a title.
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    Before the college conference and post season begins I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has been contributing to this forum. For many years this place had been pretty sparsely used, with many results threads being hijack. I’m glad to see the consistent traffic this forum has received this season. I’m amazed at the effort by several posters to highlight wrestlers from multiple programs and in all division. And I’m pleads this forum is finally being used by most posters as a place to highlight the achievements of these hard working young men rather than as a avenue to spawn negativity. Keep it going Indiana. There is life beyond HS wrestling and I’m glad more quality posters are interested in talking about it.
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    Three years and one day ago...

    Hope this works...if I remember right the camera missed some of the best action, but still worth a watch Samuels vs Clark
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    Article: Five Storylines to watch

    1. Will Viduya get the golden bookend? Alec Viduya won a state title as a freshman at 113lbs, but since then his nemesis Asa Garcia has tripped him up twice. Garcia is in Bloomington now and the path seems clear to end on top of the podium. The other likely contenders include Brock Ellis, Jaden Reynolds, and Reece Luhmann. Luhmann went to overtime with Viduya last week. The "golden bookend" has been done three other times throughout Indiana history. The first was Ray Webb of Bloomington University who won titles at 120lbs as a freshman and 145lbs as a senior. The next to do it was current Evansville Mater Dei coach Greg Schaeffer. In 1995 he won a state title at 100lbs and again reached the top step of the podium in 1998 at 119lbs. The last person to accomplish this feat was Indian Creek's Ethan Raley. He won a title as a freshman at 103lbs, then again at 135lbs as a senior. 2. Team Race The team race is going to be hotly contested from the getgo. Mater Dei looks to be the favorite on paper early on. Crown Point has some brutal Saturday morning matches that could determine the state title. Brownsburg is lurking with a couple state title contenders and other placers. Never count out two-time defending champions Cathedral. Friday night could set the stage for one or more of the contenders to pull away from the field. However, a couple slipups could mean another team or two comes into contention. Saturday morning will be filled with fireworks that will give us a great indication of who will come out on top of the team race. 3. Will the class of 2021 get a title? As of this writing the current junior class has yet to win an individual state title. This can and possibly will change on Saturday night. Top contenders for a title include Alex Cottey(113), Blake Boarmann(138), Evan Bates(220), and Brock Ellis(145). Cottey has one loss on the year, but his opponent did not qualify for state. Boarman has a wide open weight class where the top guys have all beaten each other. Bates and Ellis both have yet to be defeated by an Indiana opponent this year. 4. Famous firsts Indianapolis Lutheran's Hayden Flipiovich is the school's first state qualfiier. Will he be able to crack the code and be their first placer as well? Attica, Monroe Central, and River Forest have never had a state placer in their history. Will Jeffrey Bailey be the first Ingot state placer? Logan Swallow won a semi-state title last week and could be the Golden Bear's first state placer. Jordan Douglass was the first state qualifier in Rambler history two years ago, but has yet to reach the podium. There are 32 schools that have a state qualifier that has yet to have a state champion. The ones that might just break through this year include Garrett's Clayton Fielden, Hamilton Southeastern's Andrew Irick, North Montgomery's Drew Webster, Norwell's Cale Gray, Sullivan's Lane Gilbert, and Wheeler's Giovanni Diaz. 5. Best dressed From shiny pants and shorts to Tonte's custom taylored suits, who will stand out in the fashion department? Will Cathedral be wearing their robes this weekend? Which coach will have the strongest beard game? All of these are valid questions that will get answered this weekend. View full article
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    Indiana Wrestling Mount Rushmore

    This may be a totally different approach than you were probably expecting. My thoughts of coming up with a "Mount Rushmore" is a reflection of four individuals that have raised the bar and propelled Indiana Wrestling to where it is today....during the time I have been around this sport. COACH - Al Smith - Mishawaka. Coach Smith had a vision for what he thought Indiana Wrestling should be. He coached to that vision and the seeds he planted with his vision multiplied to many individuals that have carried on that vision as athletes, officials, administrators, Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches all over the State for many years. OFFICIAL - Jeff Colburn - The General. Like Coach Smith....I believe Jeff had his own vision of where the level of officiating needed to be in our State. Jeff along with many others have spent a lifetime ensuring that if they were on the mat...the highest level of officiating would be in the house that day. As a result of lifetime achievement we have many other officials throughout the State that share the same dedication. Many who would not be wearing the stripes if it were not for Jeff's influence and tutelage. WRESTLER - Alex Tsirtsis 236-0 Undefeated Four Time State Champ - In my opinion the greatest achievement in the history of Indiana Wrestling. The inspiration for so many of our recent greats that grew up wanting to be half as good as he was. I know my son was in awe every time he stepped on the mat, watched him, admired him, wanted to be like him. A true role model for every kid that had the dream....it was possible. Don't get me wrong my list of favorites is very very long.....but I only get to pick one. MEDIA/OUTREACH/GROWING THE SPORT - Joe Caprino Wow! I remember when this little website was launched. Now look at it. Without a doubt this is the PREMIER Wrestling Website available and we have it at our fingertips for anything that you want to know about Indiana Wrestling. Thousands like myself check this out several times a day just to keep up on what's going on around the State in this sport. As good as it is now....there is a daily attempt and vision to make it even better by constantly adding new features. We are extremely fortunate to have IndianaMat as an instant reference for anything related to Indiana Wrestling. This is my Mount Rushmore of Indiana Wrestling....Four Individuals with four different visions to the sport of wrestling that raised the bar in every area for every Coach, Official, Athlete and Enthusiast that makes this sport what it is today. Maybe not what you expected but really was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw the topic.
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    The rule was interpreted correctly by the officials. The question of it being a true false start is not so clear in the video. I will try and post video at some point. Just like many things in life it is when the rule or situation is abused. I have coached for many years and never have been put in the situation that the Oak Hill coaching staff was put into on Saturday. I believe in all my heart I know what I would have done in the situation. However the problem and the "unfortunate situation" that this rule caused was that Josh Beeks will never get the opportunity that he has earned by working hard and puttting himself in the best possible situation you can by entering the Semi-State tournament has a Regional champ, will never happen. 30 secs. into the match a "Caution" ended the kids career and his dream of being a State Qualifier.
  24. 7 points

    Beeks vs Hardcastle ticket round match

    There was a rule change a few years ago where if a kid was injured on a false start and couldn't continue that they would win via injury default. It was a good rule change for instances where a false start causes an injury to an opponent. This situation is very interesting as it was a ticket round and the injured wrestler recovered enough to win semi-state.
  25. 7 points

    Semi State Upsets

    You just keep doing what your doing kid. This idiot troll made a profile just to bust the chops of a kid that wrestled very smart. Way to put this dude in check. With that said, leave this chat to idiots like us. Check all this out after next weekend. You just keep grinding champ!
  26. 6 points

    Most Consecutive Years

    I’m 19 years old and this will be my 19th time in a row. I’ve gone every single year of my life, and I plan to keep it that way.
  27. 6 points
    Well this escalated quickly! Damn, man. Ironically this petty bs mighta saved you’re freakin’ life! Incredible. Prayer said. IndianaMat...saving lives, helping people. Bizarrest thread ever. #Pray4TheGenereal
  28. 6 points
    Can we please get a 1 million times simulation of General HeavyHandz vs FCFighter?!? Amiright?
  29. 6 points
    @TeamGarcia https://t.co/bMWlcUeklt?amp=1
  30. 6 points
    I'll be in @FCFIGHTER170's corner and will surely get a few calls overturned. I get home cookin' even in Indy.
  31. 6 points
  32. 6 points
  33. 6 points
    This might be more hyped than Red/Lee!!!
  34. 6 points
    Catching up a bit..Congrats on milestone wins!
  35. 6 points
    I appreciate all those comments made. I was at mat side. The referee signaled a false start, the Oak Hill wrestler was tended and their was discussion taking place between the head coach of Oak Hill and the referees along with one of those in charge refs. I am not being critical but what I would have liked to have seen would have been that the ref would have signaled the “false start” on him, given the appropriate “recovery time” and then let the match continue. That would eliminate some of the more negative effects.
  36. 6 points
    Beeks started on Mat 2’s whistle and got a caution for it. I saw it clearly while watching the Berne Witness live stream. I didn’t think it was a caution if you went on another mat’s whistle.
  37. 6 points
    Hardcastle’s leg sure did heal up quickly though..... congrats to him on winning semi state though.
  38. 6 points
    Jay County Sectional 145 Fiechter, Dull, and Currie. Also all three from the same conference.
  39. 6 points
    Micic won the bronze match in an easy tech.
  40. 6 points
    Peyton Asbury

    Semi State Upsets

    Put up 9,7,3 in the first 3 matches. Don’t know how that’s stalling?? You said right to my face after my finals match you didn’t say anything on the internet about me. Stop talking about me please.
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    Justice Cash

    Justice, it has been a joy watching you wrestle. You were so much fun to watch!! You taught my son Jordan a thing or two back in the day!! I know your next journey will be amazing!!!! You have a great attitude, wonderful family and we wish nothing but the best for you! love, Donna & John Slivka
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    East Chicago Semi State

    being retired I don't spend as much time on da pc. When I was gettin paid by mr mital to be a professional poster I could justify da time. I truly miss my buddies at ole #7
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    Article: State Finals #WAYL2

    We have 16 wrestlers that enter Friday without a loss on their record. However, the other 208 wrestlers have a combined 935 losses between them. Most of the losses are to state level competitors. Here is a listing of all the losses for each wrestler at state this weekend. Note: If you know any of the missing or incorrect results please notify me. Random Stats Most losses to state qualifiers Braden Haines, Isaiah Ponce- 10 Stefan Vitello, Damon McClain, Jacob Johnson- 8 Johnny Cortez, Dylan Driver, AJ Dull, Dennis Hubbard- 7 Most wins over state qualifiers Graham Calhoun- 11 Logan Frazier- 10 Aiden Warren, Sam Goin, Alex Cottey, Zeke Seltzer, Dorian Keys- 9 Elliott Rodgers, William Fiechter, Isaac Ruble, Brock Ellis- 8 Non-State Qualifiers with the most wins over state qualifiers Tyler Conley, Yehezquel DeVault- 6 Aundre Beatty, Jajuan Dale, Josh Howell, Matt Neff, Ryan Sheets- 4 Brock Hueber, Chad McLean, Jack Hargan, Ryan Purvis- 3 Undefeated Wrestlers 106 Bryce Lowery 120 Zeke Seltzer 126 Dylan Stroud 145 Brock Ellis, Alec Viduya 152 Brice Coleman, Logan Boe, Garrett Stuckman 160 Isiah Levitz 170 Graham Calhoun 195 Jacob Laplace, Silas Allred 220 Drew Webster, Cale Gray 285 Dorian Keys, Logan Swallow #WAYL2 Who are your losses to? Key *- State Qualifier (Losses/ State Qualifier Losses/ State Qualifier Wins) 106 Bryce Lowery(0/0/6) Isaac Ruble(1/1/8): Sam Goin* Sam Goin(1/1/9): Logan Miller* Logan Miller(2/0/4): Ben Aranda(IL), Caden Horwath(MI) Jeff Bailey(2/2/5): Johnny Cortez*, Sam Goin* Anthony Martin(3/2/1): ???, Hayden Brady*, Isaac Ruble* Suhas Chundi(3/3/2): Bryce Lowery*, Logan Miller*, Sam Goin* Cash Turner(4/3/1): Isaac Ruble*, Jason Heasten, Kyler West*, Suhas Chundi* Josh Johnson(5/3/2): Bryce Lowery(3)*, Keaton Morton, Nathan Smith Keegan Malott(5/5/0): Anthony Martin*, Hayden Brady(2)*, Isaac Ruble(2)* Hayden Brady(5/4/4): Isaac Ruble(3)*, Logan Stuckman, Sam Goin* Coy Hammack(5/3/0): Blake Zirkelbach, Cash Turner*, Kyler West*, Logan Miller*, Reed Egli Kyler West(6/2/2): Bryce Lowery*, Logan Miller*, Logan Sutton(2), Reed Egli, Trayce Eckman(KY) Evan Dickey(7/6/1): Bryce Lowery*, Cooper Shore(OH), Hayden Brady*, Josh Johnson(2)*, Sam Goin*, Suhas Chundi* Trevor Triana(9/6/1): ???(2), Emmanuel Ellis, Isaac Ruble*, Jeff Bailey(4)*, Johnny Cortez* Johnny Cortez(10/7/2): ???, Doug Waters*, Emmanuel Ellis, Evan Dickey*, Karter Guzman(IL), Sam Goin(4)*, Trevor Triana* 113 Alex Cottey(1/0/9): Kody Glithero Lane Gilbert(1/1/2): Cole Ross* Logan Frazier(2/2/10): Alex Cottey*, Brac Hooper* Aidan Sprague(2/1/4): Preston Teusch, Trey Sturgill* Cole Ross(2/2/5): Alex Cottey*, Lane Gilbert* Elijah Anthony(3/3/2): Alex Cottey*, Brac Hooper(2)* Trey Sturgill(3/1/2): Elijah Anthony*, Ryan Purvis, Trevor Schammert Cheaney Schoeff(4/3/4): Cole Ross(2)*, Lane Gilbert*, Mason Yarbrough(OH) Ethan Reiley(5/4/0): Aidan Sprague(2)*, Colton Weimer(2)*, Drayk Kallenberger(OH) Brac Hooper(5/4/7): Alex Cottey(3)*, Dylan Driver*, Logan Carrender Colton Weimer(7/3/2): Aidan Sprague*, Hyatt Yeager, Justin Brantley, Karson Everett, Nam Doan*, Nick Olson, Trey Sturgill* Nam Doan(7/5/4): Alex Cottey*, Logan Frazier*, Logan Frazier(2)*, Ryan Purvis(2) Doug Waters(9/5/5): Anthony Streib(IL), Chad Bellis(IL), Hyatt Yeager, Logan Frazier*, Nam Doan(3)*, Stefan Vitello*, Trevor Schammert Stefan Vitello(10/8/1): ???, Aidan Sprague*, Anthony Bahl, Doug Waters(4)*, Logan Frazier(3)* Dylan Driver(10/7/2): Alex Cottey*, Blake Wolf, Brac Hooper(3)*, Braden Haines*, Elijah Anthony*, Griffin Ingalls(2), Logan Frazier* Braden Haines(16/10/1): Aiden Smith(MI), Alex Cottey*, Brac Hooper*, Cheaney Schoeff(4)*, Cody Goebel(WI), Cole Ross(2)*, Dylan Driver*, Kaden Chinavare(MI), Logan Frazier*, Marquarias Wilburn, Ramsy Mutschler(MI), Tommy Porter(IL) 120 Zeke Seltzer(0/0/9) Dominic Heath(1/0/2): Ben Miller Giovanni Diaz(1/1/5): Riley Bettich* Alec Freeman(2/2/5): Zeke Seltzer(2)* Carson Eldred(2/2/4): Zeke Seltzer(2)* Delaney Ruhlman(3/2/3): Alec Freeman*, Brady Ester, Riley Bettich* Sam Scott(3/2/2): Alec Freeman*, Delaney Ruhlman*, Jacob Simone John Robinson(3/3/1): Carson Eldred*, Christian White*, Dominic Heath* Ethan Higgins(3/2/0): Jett Boots*, John Robinson*, Preston Teusch Riley Bettich(4/4/6): Giovanni Diaz(3)*, Zeke Seltzer* Cole Solomy(4/4/1): Giovanni Diaz*, Jeff Bailey*, Riley Bettich(2)* Christian White(4/2/2): Carlton Perry(2), Zeke Seltzer(2)* Jett Boots(4/1/1): Ben Miller, Deandrea Darden(OH), Dominic Heath*, Harper Dedman Malik Hall(5/4/0): Cole Solomy*, Giovanni Diaz*, Riley Bettich(2)*, Ty Haskins Anthony Hughes(8/6/0): Antonio Jefferson, Carson Eldred*, Christian White*, Delaney Ruhlman(2)*, Kody Glithero, Zeke Seltzer(2)* Aydan Amento(10/6/0): ???(3), Alec Freeman(3)*, Carson Eldred*, Chris Newman, Sam Scott(2)* 126 Dylan Stroud(0/0/2) Raymond Rioux(1/0/9): Kyren Butler(OH) Landon Bertsch(1/1/1): Dylan Stroud* Stephen Roberson(2/0/7): Jake Rundell(IL), Zach Strueder Ben Dalton(2/2/1): Kysen Montgomery(2)* Brayden Lowery(2/1/6): Gavinn Alstott, Raymond Rioux* Jace Alexander(2/2/3): Aidan Torres(2)* Payne Blackburn(3/1/1): Cameron Allen, Dominic Litchfield, Dylan Stroud* Camren Toole(3/2/0): ???, Brayden Lowery*, Willie Dennison* Willie Dennison(3/3/1): Carson Eldred*, David Pierson*, Jace Alexander* David Pierson(3/3/2): Brayden Lowery(3)* Beau Humphrey(4/2/0): Alex Slates, Collin Ruemler, Landon Bertsch*, Payne Blackburn* Aidan Torres(5/5/3): Stephen Roberson(5)* Ashton Hayhurst(7/6/1): Ben Dalton*, Brayden Lowery(2)*, Josue Dawson(OH), Kysen Montgomery*, Raymond Rioux(2)* Kysen Montgomery(8/6/3): David Pierson*, Jake Rundell(IL), Mason Shrader(MI), Raymond Rioux(4)*, Stephen Roberson* Brendon Mark(9/6/0): Aidan Torres*, Ashton Hayhurst*, Conner Kleinberg(OH), Gavinn Alstott, Jace Alexander(2)*, Luke Gonzalez, Raymond Rioux*, Stephen Roberson* 132 Jesse Mendez(1/0/9): Nico bolivar Hayden Watson(1/1/6): Jesse Mendez* Ian Heath(1/1/5): Hunter Cottingham* Hunter Cottingham(2/1/6): Aundre Beatty, Reakus Shelton* Matt Koontz(3/2/6): Aundre Beatty, Logan Wagner*, Luke Goodwin* Jared Brown(4/3/0): Andrew Wilson, Hunter Cottingham*, Luke Goodwin*, Sam Slivka* Brody Arthur(5/4/0): Hunter Cottingham(3)*, Ian Heath*, Lane Deckard Connor Holt(5/3/3): ???, Hayden Watson(2)*, Kane Egli*, Tyler Conley Luke Goodwin(5/4/3): Aiden Bunce, Matt Koontz(2)*, Sam Slivka(2)* Kane Egli(5/3/1): David Davis(OH), Hayden Watson*, Matt Koontz*, Max Boaz(OH), Raymond Rioux* Reakus Shelton(7/5/4): Cameron Mason, Christian Pfeiffer-Laguerre, Ian Heath(4)*, Vince Sparrow* Vince Sparrow(7/4/3): Jesse Mendez(2)*, Mason Kleinberg(OH), Reakus Shelton(2)*, Tyler Conley(2) Bradley Conrad(7/4/4): ???(2), Gabe Adams(KY), Jesse Mendez(3)*, Sam Slivka* Sam Slivka(7/3/4): Andrew Wilson, Aundre Beatty, Conner Alcala*, Gabe Adams(KY), Luke Goodwin*, Matt Koontz*, Tyler Conley Conner Alcala(8/5/1): ???, Connor Holt(3)*, Hayden Watson(2)*, Thomas Deck(KY), Tyler Conley Isaiah Ponce(12/10/0): Aidan Hansen(IL), Bradley Conrad(4)*, Dillon Carlson(IL), Jesse Mendez(3)*, Reakus Shelton*, Vince Sparrow(2)* 138 Drake Campbell(1/1/6): Logan Wagner* J Conway(2/2/1): Blake Boarman*, Drake Campbell* Logan Bailey(2/2/4): Blake Boarman*, Logan Wagner* Eli Hickman(2/2/3): Ethan Kaiser*, Hunter Cottingham* Kyle Lawson(3/3/4): Elijah Chacon*, Matt Koontz*, Tyson Nisley* Blake Boarman(3/3/3): Drake Campbell(2)*, Logan Bailey* Logan Wagner(3/3/6): Brendan Mattingly*, Gabe Sollars*, Logan Bailey* Brendan Mattingly(5/5/3): Drake Campbell*, Hayden Watson*, Logan Bailey*, Logan Wagner*, Orlando Cruz* Ethan Kaiser(5/2/2): Bryce Shelton(IL), Cody Goodwin, Jay Orman, Nick Tattini*, Tyson Nisley* Elijah Chacon(5/1/3): ???(2), Kyle Lawson*, Ryan Sheets, Sebastien Bryant Hayden Shepherd(5/2/1): ???, Eli Hickman*, Elijah Chacon*, Jevian Ross, Sebastien Bryant Tyson Nisley(5/5/5): Eli Hickman*, Logan Wagner*, Matt Koontz*, Orlando Cruz(2)* Dylan Dorman(6/3/0): Aundre Beatty, Brendan Mattingly*, Jeivan Ross, Logan Bailey*, Logan Wagner*, Sebastian Bryant Landon Boe(7/5/0): ???, Blake Boarman*, Brendan Mattingly*, Drake Campbell(2)*, J Conway*, Tyler Conley Lane Burns(8/4/0): Conner Douglass(OH), Elijah Chacon*, Hayden Shepherd*, Isaac Hawkins, Josue Sotero, Kyle Lawson(2)*, Sevaugh Carter(OH) Nick Tattini(10/5/1): Anthony Rivera(2), Droshawn Lewis, Eli Hickman*, Ethan Kaiser*, Jack Krause, Jake Damron, Kyle Lawson*, Tyson Nisley(2)* 145 Brock Ellis(0/0/8) Alec Viduya(0/0/6) Jacob Maldonado(1/1/1): Brock Ellis* Aj Poindexter(2/2/2): Jacob Maldonado*, Orlando Cruz* William Fiechter(2/2/8): AJ Poindexter*, Evan Ulrick* Jaden Reynolds(4/3/5): Alec Viduya*, Brody Baumann*, Dustin Morgillo(OH), Reece Luhmann* Brody Baumann(4/3/2): ???, Alec Viduya*, Jaden Reynolds(2)* Jajuan Anderson(4/3/6): Alec Viduya*, Chris Wilkerson, Jaden Reynolds*, Reece Luhmann* Alex Currie(5/4/4): Tyler Vredeveld, William Fiechter(4)* Orlando Cruz(6/5/5): Brock Ellis(5)*, Joshua Ogunsanya(IL) Reece Luhmann(6/5/4): Alec Viduya*, Jajuan Anderson(3)*, Jake Shafer*, Nick Cicciarelli Riley Rust(7/5/2): Brody Baumann*, Ethan Nash*, Jaden Reynolds*, Jake Shafer(2)*, Justice Cash, Kailan Keith Aj Dull(8/7/0): Alex Currie(3)*, Gabe Steyer(OH), Jorden Douglass*, William Fiechter(3)* Jake Shafer(9/6/3): AJ Poindexter*, Alec Viduya*, Jajuan Anderson(2)*, Justice Cash, Noah Baker, Reece Luhmann(2)*, Seth Willems Evan Ulrick(11/4/1): Alec Viduya*, Alex Currie*, Brock Ellis*, Chris Wilkerson, Garrett Manley, Garrett Stewart, Jajuan Anderson*, Kailan Keith, Mark Everman, Ryan Sheets(2) Ethan Nash(11/4/1): Conner Gilles, Garrett Stewart, Jaden Reynolds*, Nick Cicciarelli, Ralph Thompson(MI), Riley Rust(2)*, Shane Braunecker, Simeon Norton, Tristan Martin, Tyson Nisley* 152 Logan Boe(0/0/3) Brice Coleman(0/0/4) Garrett Stuckman(0/0/2) Jordan Fulks(1/1/1): Logan Boe* Bryer Hall(1/1/3): Brice Coleman* Jonathan Kervin(2/1/1): Logan Boe*, Payne Carr(KY) Aidan Hardcastle(2/1/2): Ethan Mason*, Ryan Sheets Ethan Mason(2/1/2): ???, Aidan Hardcastle* Cody Mccune(2/2/3): Brice Coleman*, Ethan Mason* Shane Bates(2/1/1): Bryer Hall*, Kade Law Jorden Douglass(4/2/1): David Davis(IL), Shane Braunecker, Shawn Hollis*, Tyler Turley* Shawn Hollis(4/3/4): ???, Garrett Stuckman*, Tyler Turley(2)* Eli Hilger(5/5/0): Aidan Hardcastle*, Cody McCune(3)*, Shawn Hollis* Anthony Walker(7/3/0): ???, Jonathan Kervin*, Jordan Fulks*, Logan Boe*, Moses Hamm, Noah Baker, Scottie Saylor Tyler Turley(7/5/3): ???, Brock Ellis*, Garrett Stuckman*, Kade Law, Orlando Cruz*, Shawn Hollis(2)* Tyler Jones(7/5/0): ???, Brice Coleman(2)*, Bryer Hall*, Elliott Rodgers*, Shane Bates*, Zach Hoyt 160 Isiah Levitz(0/0/6) Cooper Noehre(2/2/4): Elliott Rodgers(2)* Jackson Pettigrew(2/2/2): Clayton Fielden*, Isiah Levitz* Tytus Morrisett(2/2/1): Jackson Pettigrew*, Jed Perry* Eli Dickens(2/0/4): Brett McIntosh(OH)(2) Andrew Roth(2/2/1): Bryer Hall*, Elliott Rodgers* Jed Perry(2/2/2): Cooper Noehre*, Isiah Levitz* Elliott Rodgers(3/3/8): Eli Dickens(2)*, Isiah Levitz* Noah Hollendonner(4/0/7): Bradley Gillum(IL), Jajuan Dale, Joe Chapman(IL), Luke Davis Jacob Linky(4/2/2): Isiah Levitz*, Jacob Kreager, Jajuan Dale, Noah Hollendonner* Sam Schroeder(5/5/0): Isiah Levitz*, Peyton Asbury*, Robert Deters(2)*, Sam Morrill* Sam Morrill(5/3/2): Eli Dickens*, Elliott Rodgers(2)*, Jajuan Dale, Kamden Goering Peyton Asbury(6/3/2): Bradley Gillum(IL), Eli Dickens*, Noah Hollendonner*, Sam Morrill*, Scott Fitts, Stoney Buell(MI) Aj Steenbeke(7/4/1): Elliott Rodgers*, Jacob Linky*, Kamden Goering), Luke Davis, Noah Hollendonner(2)*, Stacey Terry(IL) Nick Winland(8/6/0): AJ Steenbeke*, Isiah Levitz*, Jacob Linky*, Kaden Randazzo(IL), Kamare Dunlap, Noah Hollendonner(3)* Damon Mcclain(8/8/0): Andrew Roth*, Braden Welch*, Cooper Noehre(3)*, Elliott Rodgers*, Peyton Asbury*, Tyler Wagner* 170 Graham Calhoun(0/0/11) Robert Deters(1/1/7): Tristan Ruhlman* Clayton Fielden(1/1/5): Tristan Ruhlman* Brodie Porter(2/2/1): Clayton Lundy*, Jed Perry* Bradley Harrington(3/3/3): Hayden Filipovich*, Tyler Wagner(2)* Tristan Ruhlman(3/3/4): Gabe Sollars(2)*, Graham Calhoun* Jacob Duncan(3/3/0): Brodie Porter*, Clayton Fielden*, Tytus Morrisett* Gabe Davin(4/3/2): Bradley Harrington(2)*, Jajuan Dale, Robert Deters* Braden Welch(4/3/4): Cody Timmerman*, Graham Calhoun(2)*, Hadyn Danals(OH) Gabe Sollars(5/4/6): ???, Robert Deters(3)*, Tyler Wagner* Tyler Wagner(5/5/7): Braden Welch*, Bradley Harrington*, Clayton Fielden*, Gabe Sollars*, Gavin Layman* Gavin Layman(6/3/2): Clayton Fielden*, Graham Calhoun(2)*, Matt Neff(3) Marcus Malson(6/2/0): Gabe Davin*, Seth Ortel, Tyler Wagner*, Tytus Ragle, Van Skinner(2) Clayton Lundy(6/5/1): Clayton Fielden*, Graham Calhoun(3)*, Matt Neff, Tyler Wagner* Jalen Ward(7/6/0): Braden Welch*, Gabe Sollars*, Robert Deters*, Tristan Ruhlman(2)*, Ty Welliever, Tyler Wagner* Cody Timmerman(10/6/1): Abel Verbeek, Braden Welch*, Gabe Davin*, Gabe Sollars*, Gavin Layman*, Graham Calhoun(2)*, Jacob Simpson, Ronin Hammond, Will Coffield(OH) 182 Mason Winner(1/1/4): Jake Lone* Macartney Parkinson(2/1/5): ???, Joseph Walker* Jake Lone(2/2/5): Graham Calhoun*, Joseph Walker* Colin Kwiatkowski(2/2/1): Khris Walton(2)* Connor Barket(2/2/1): Khris Walton*, Zian Constable* Joseph Walker(2/2/5): Colin Kwiatkowski*, Connor Barket* Aiden Warren(3/2/9): Ahijah Sandifer, Joseph Walker*, MaCartney Parkinson* Drake Buchanan(3/3/1): Caden Friedt*, Jake Lone*, MaCartney Parkinson* Brendan Mcpike(3/3/0): MaCartney Parkinson*, Noah White(2)* Kole Viel(4/2/0): Aiden Warren*, Colton Quantz(OH), Johnny Parker*, Noah Duke(KY) Khris Walton(4/3/4): Jake Lone*, Johnny Parker*, Noah White*, Ray Arebalo(IL) Hayden Filipovich(4/3/2): Aiden Warren(3)*, Brach Carrington Zian Constable(5/5/2): Aiden Warren*, Caden Friedt*, Jacob LaPlace*, Khris Walton*, Mason Winner* Noah White(6/6/5): Aiden Warren(2)*, Drake Buchanan*, Jake Lone*, Johnny Parker*, Joseph Walker* Johnny Parker(6/6/4): Aiden Warren*, Hayden Filipovich*, Joseph Walker*, MaCartney Parkinson*, Noah White(2)* Sam Walker(9/6/0): Blake Rowe, Caden Friedt*, Christian Summersett, Jackson Pettigrew*, Jake Lone*, Mason Winner(2)*, Tytan Grote(OH), Zian Constable* 195 Jacob Laplace(0/0/7) Silas Allred(0/0/5) Eli Pack(2/2/4): Jacob LaPlace(2)* Mckinley Kemper(2/1/2): ???, Phoenix Rodgers* Phoenix Rodgers(2/1/2): Luke Kemper, McKinley Kemper* Jd Farrell(2/2/3): Silas Allred(2)* Kyler Funk(2/2/4): Silas Allred(2)* Matt Lepper(3/2/2): Ben Kahl, Caden Friedt*, Jacob LaPlace* Caden Friedt(4/4/4): Aiden Warren*, Johnny Parker*, Kyler Funk*, Mason Winner* Harris Eason(4/4/1): Eli Pack(2)*, Isaiah Street*, McKinley Kemper* Ibrahim Khaoucha(6/3/0): Brock Hueber, Jacob LaPlace*, Jaden Miller(2), Kyler Funk*, Matt Lepper* Richard Clevenger(7/5/0): Braden Rodriguez, Jacob Huffman(2)*, Jacob Platt, JD Farrell*, Kyler Funk*, Luke Bakeis* Luke Bakeis(8/4/2): ???, Diego Garcia, Jack Hargan(2), Jacob LaPlace*, Jason Streck*, JD Farrell*, Kyler Funk* Isaiah Street(9/3/1): Daemyen Middlebrooks(IL), Harris Eason*, Jack Hargan, Jacob Arengo(OH), Jacob Hough(MI), JD Farrell*, Phoenix Rodgers*, Ryan Krimpelbein(WI), Tucker Ikens(IL) Gage Demarco(9/4/1): Brock Hueber, Chad Cowart(IL), Deshawn Young*, Eli Pack*, Jevonte Williams, Luke Bakeis*, Matt Lepper*, Nico Lopez(IL), Shea Jackson Jacob Huffman(11/5/2): Brock Hueber, Commander Jenkins, Eli Pack*, Gage Demarco*, Jacob LaPlace*, Keon Sullivan(2), MaCartney Parkinson*, Owen Amburgy(OH)(2), Silas Allred* 220 Drew Webster(0/0/3) Cale Gray(0/0/2) Evan Bates(1/1/4): Andres Larios* Nathan Willman(1/1/3): Will Stewart* Fred Durben(1/1/3): Tristen Martz* Deshawn Young(2/2/3): Drew Webster*, Micah Dodson* Micah Dodson(2/1/5): Josh Howell, Nathan Willman* Jason Streck(3/3/2): Evan Bates(2)*, William Crider* Tristen Martz(4/2/1): Alex Hernandez, Cale Gray*, Drew Webster*, Parker Smitley Blaine Pierce(4/2/1): Drew Webster*, Evan Shafer, Josh Howell, William Crider* Will Stewart(4/2/2): ???, Macray Robinson, Micah Dodson*, Nathan Willman* William Crider(4/3/4): Andrew Irick*, Braydon Erb*, Evan Bates*, Jonathan Williams Jonathan Thomas(5/2/2): Chad McLean, Evan Bates*, Jason Streck*, Yehezquel DeVault(2) Grant Warmuth(7/4/0): ???(3), Cale Gray*, Fred Durben(3)* Haakon Van Beynen(10/4/1): Alexander Hernandez, Blaine Pierce*, Dakota Arvin, Deshawn Young*, Jeff McClure, Jonathan Thomas*, Josh Howell, Leighton Jones, Micah Dodson*, Scott Monteleone(KY) Reese Condon(11/6/0): ???, Aataeveon Jordan, Deshawn Young*, Haakon Van Beynen*, Josh Howell, Leighton Jones, Macray Robinson, Micah Dodson(2)*, Nathan Willman*, Will Stewart* 285 Dorian Keys(0/0/9) Logan Swallow(0/0/2) Andrew Irick(1/1/6): Dorian Keys* Damari Dancy(2/0/5): Dustin Olmstead(IL), Yehezquel DeVault Reeve Muncie(3/2/2): Chad McLean, Holden Parsons*, Logan Swallow* Braydon Erb(3/3/2): Andrew Irick*, Dennis Hubbard*, Reeve Muncie* Holden Parsons(4/2/5): Andrew Irick*, Damari Dancy*, Ethan Alderson, Yehezquel DeVault Sam Perez(5/2/5): Adam Warren, Damari Dancy(2)*, Daniel Thompson, Mason Toth Robbie Gentry(5/3/5): Antone Alexander*, Dorian Keys(2)*, Matthew Munoz, Race Stewart Ke`Tre Dickens(6/5/1): Dorian Keys(3)*, Jacob Johnson*, James Ralph, Robbie Gentry* Antone Alexander(6/5/2): Andrew Irick(2)*, Dennis Hubbard(2)*, Dorian Keys*, Race Stewart Andres Larios(6/5/2): Jorge Martinez, Sam Perez(5)* Andrew Himes(7/5/0): Andres Larios*, Blake Herr, Damari Dancy*, Jonathan Thomas*, Jose Rosales*, William Crider*, Yehezquel DeVault Jose Rosales(8/3/1): Blake Herr, Braydon Erb*, Chad McLean, Jacob Sommer, John Hinen, Logan Swallow*, William Crider*, Yehezquel DeVault Jacob Johnson(9/8/1): Damari Dancy*, Dorian Keys*, Holden Parsons*, Ke`Tre Dickens*, Matt Munoz, Robbie Gentry(4)* Dennis Hubbard(9/7/3): Andrew Irick*, Antone Alexander*, Cade Campbell(2), Dorian Keys*, Holden Parsons(3)*, Reeve Muncie* View full article
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    Video of @GenHeavyHandz at 4:30am. Obtained by TheCounty TMZ. ©️®️
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    This is making the wait for Friday more tolerable.
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    I worked the New Castle Semi-State.....Most of the coaches had good questions, which I probably changed 3 or 4 of my calls after consulting my assistant. We cant always see everything, so I love to have the extra set of eyes. Some officials dont want it unfortunately .
  47. 5 points

    Growing the sport

    How about an INDIANA MAT mascot?
  48. 5 points
    Not true... @FCFIGHTER170 is the official collection agent / enforcer for TheCounty. He has stood behind multiple state champs of late. He’s a good dude that actually is working with kids to try to make them better. Not just a keyboard warrior like others. Just likes to pump his guys up. I know that we are having fun. But... I will stick up for guys who give of themselves and actually help kids. #BetterHaveMyNanas
  49. 5 points
    That was a wonderful article! Myself and everyone involved with HSE wrestling will be keeping Eric and Silas in our thoughts and prayers. What a tremendous amount of grit they have both shown. Everyone needs to read this. Thanks for sharing!
  50. 5 points

    Semi state with the most champs?

    Bro.. I have kids. I’m broke. Plus this is youth wresting. Let’s stick with the bananas for the fun of it!
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