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    Coach Jordan is a 4x NCAA All-American, 2016 NCAA Finalist and a 2x Big Ten Champ. His wrestling career at the University of Wisconsin was a great one with a career record of 115-17. Come out to Avon Tonight tonight and get better before a big weekend coming up!!!
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    Ya-Sin has only played six years of organized football. Wonder where he comes by such amazing athleticism...maybe it is those two high school state wrestling championships he won in Georgia. Rock, stop in to see the IHSAA Wrestling Finals in February.
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    I forgot to put the times. We start at avon high school in the wrestling room at 6:00 - 7:30pm. Lets get a great group of guys to learn and clean up some things before state weekend!
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    Top Middle School Wrestlers 2018/2019

    Lemley pinned both Goin and Frazier at Chesterton’s freestyle duals this past weekend. Lemley is a hammer!
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    Um, let's also make sure we don't neglect Cathedral's Ben Harvey. He placed 7th at 79K qualifying him for the World Team Trials. He had one hell of a tournament.
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    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    My son wrestled at St Roch and I thought that it was a good way to get matches in. Walk in, pay $10, get a couple of matches in, go home in a couple of hours. Maybe that’s the answer to the question that we’ve been all been asking about getting more involved in folkstyle. Maybe we need more weekday tournaments that can get families in and out. No frills, nothing fancy, just two wrestlers getting after it. I’d also like to see a mix of freestyle tournaments during folkstlye season.
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    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    B. Lee takes the runner-up spot. Sasso with takedown then converted to a nasty leg lace that just racked up the rest of the points for a 10-0 win. Lucas Davison take the Junior Open title though with a 6-3 win in his match. He has earn a finals spot for the Junior World Team Trials. Not sure if it was mentioned earlier but for anyone wondering the age groups for international Juniors is different than US Juniors. It usually includes older HS wrestlers through younger college level guys.
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    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    Our helper monkeys are hard at work Tweeting all the results so you can keep up on the Twitter.
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    Another packed room last night! Thanks to Coach Smiley for showing some excellent technique. Next week we have Kyle Hatch: Multiple time State Placer 2X All-American at Wabash (and still two years left!) You never stay at the same level. You either get better or get passed. It's that simple. Come chase your dreams with us next Thursday at 6PM! #PainTrain Snyder
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