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    Thank you Indiana

    Just wanted to take a second and say Thank you to all the supporters Brayden has had though the years. We new jumping up in weight this year would be a risk, but Brayden has never been one to back down from a challenge. No complaints or excuses 7th, 1st, 1st and 4th plus being one of the smallest in 126 he did a great job and as his father could not ask for anything more. We will be looking to the future and getting a great education thanks to this sport and who knows maybe an NAIA National title along the way. Congrats to everyone that won and those that did not keep working hard and you just might find yourself under the lights. To all the Seniors it's been one hell of a journey. Most of you we have wrestled with or against since elementary and though those battles made some great friends or dare i say family. Again Thank you Indiana for giving my son a sport with the best fans and competitors. The Curtis Family
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    Impact freshman

    Chesterton falls under one of the top “Home Grown” programs as well. We had 2 Sophmore State Placers this year, 2 Sophmores that lost in the SS Ticket round (to eventual State Placers), 2 other soph’s and 1 Freshman SS qualifiers. We get to look forward to some very skilled “true” freshman that will join the team next year. All that have come up through the Duneland/Chesterton Wrestling Clubs. When our sophmore class this year was in 6th grade they finished runner-up at the ISWA Elementary Duals to Avon, knocking off Center Grove and Perry in the process. Needless to say, Chesterton should have a pretty good day at the Frosh/Soph Championships this weekend. Indiana Wrestling fans need to understand that next years Freshman class is filled with kids who were held back in Elementary or MS (sometimes more than once). In most cases these are the Top Ranked kids I have seen in ranking lists. I understand the motivation to “gray shirt/red shirt” your elite wrestler, but there is something a little more special when a wrestler knows if he’s really a Freshman when he comes to HS (whether or not it comes with success), and EVEN MORE SPECIAL when they are kids who have developed within your elementary programs from the start.
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    Carson Brewer

    Cool story about those two (Ray and Carson). They started wrestling together in kindergarten under Lee Harris at Avon wrestling club. They both were really really bad! I don't think that either won a single match for a year maybe two. The Riouxs and my family went to tournaments every weekend and we would all leave before lunch. A couple years in we decided to give a kid that was starting an academy out of his parents two car garage a shot. His pets would run across the mat from time to time and when he opened the garage door the wrestling would end up on the asphalt driveway from time to time. That kid was Mr. Ryan Parrish and that is where the Contenders Wrestling Academy started. Since those days we have traveled the county with the Riouxs. Logging countless miles taking and giving lumps. I even coached Ray and his brothers in football. To say that those two go way back is an understatement. What you saw there was legit love for a brother that has walked in the same shoes as him as long as he can remember. My family and I legit feel that much love for Ray and his family. I am sure that the reaction for Asa was similar. Those boys, the Conleys,and the Reynolds have been through so much together. They are all very close. With all of that said, he did not mean to offend the tradionalist. He was not showing up Donahue. Im pretty sure that he spent most of his post match interview saying how tough he was. I assure you has expressed to me how much respect he has for young Andrew and thinks that he is going to be really special (we all do). He legit was on the floor getting announced with a handful of his good friends and was just acting like a kid. I really didn't know that he had a sandwich in his pocket until he winked at me and patted his pocket. At that time a started to shake my head no. Then I thought… he is a kid he wants to have fun and be silly (again... sorry if that offends anyone that thinks the face off should be formal). I just shook my head and hoped that nobody took it the wrong way. As soon as One Proud started this thread, I shared his comments with Carson (something I never do as he knows little about this board). He smiled and said, "tell that man thank you! that's exactly what I was going for"! So glad that he got to share his sandwich love with three kids that mean a lot to him also. So.. if hes known for a sandwich and not wrestling, he will be fine with that. I assure that he takes just as much pride in being a lighthearted good friend as he does being a champ. With all of that said... Thank you so much to all of the coaches, parents, team leaders, and friends that have been a part of his journey with him. I assure you that he a Jordan are going to go to Ohio and make Indiana wrestling proud.
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    Impact freshman

    8 of the 12 listed above have taken an extra year. Congratulations to #1 Sergio and #2 Cheaney who are proving that you don’t need the extra year in order to excell! They will both be “True Freshmen” next year.
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    Again. Not taking anything from Asa... but if anything, that pic proves that the ref was not in position to see if Viduya’s left shoulder/scapula is down, and it suggests that his left side was, in fact, not down. Further, the still photo accurately represents the amount of time the ref took to count what was supposed to be a two count. Basically, he took no time at all because he never verified that both sides were down and there was exactly one second between the time that Viduya was in the position that the pin was called in and the mat was smacked. In that second, the ref went from being on his feet to smacking the mat. One second. The rule is a two count. Yes, filthy, filthy cradle. But there is no rule that says if somebody hits a filthy cradle on you that you are automatically pinned. Wrestling Scholar, we absolutely should be discussing this. Because the whole point is that kids who work hard all season to make the finals should be protected from errant officiating by a Review Official at the head table.
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    Carson Brewer

    According to her it was a ratio of 3:2 Jiff Peanut Butter (creamy) over Welches grape jelly (squeezable) That would be spread on white Sunbeam bread. You have to put peanut butter on both pieces of bread to keep the jelly from bleeding through the bread. I hope this helps!!
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    690 would be the cut-off for splitting the schools in half based on enrollment. There are 154 schools with 690+ and 154 with less than 690 students. Transferring is out of control right now...so who knows what would happen. Look at this year's state champs 106- From Ohio 113- Wrestled as a freshman at Crown Point 120- Wrestled as a freshman at Perry Meridian 126- Originally from Lake Central 132- Wrestled 7th grade at Danville 160- Originally from Shenandoah 170- Wrestled as a freshman at Jennings County 285- Wrestled at Ben Davis as a freshman, played on the Ben Davis state champion football team in 2017
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    I should have prefaced this thread by stating that my intention wasn’t to take anything away from Asa. I apologize if anyone took it that way. He is clearly a great, great wrestler, and that cradle was a mega eye-popper. Rooting for him and all the other seniors headed to Bloomington!! Excited to see that the future will bring!! Go Hoosiers!!
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    Impact freshman

    Apples and oranges with argument above,the other schools take kids from something called a “school district.” When “our middle schools” encompass the greater Indianapolis area, there’s a difference, just saying... 👀 👀 👀 i grew up in Wabash County and wrestled at a small 1A school that fed into the Huntington North sectional and Ft Wayne regional never could get past Tony Roush... A lot of great wrestling in the late 80s and early 90s from that corner of the state! Really applaud what Jake O’Neill is building in Wabash. But, really glad I’ve lived in the Burg for the last 20 years and been a small part of the local club getting to see Drake, Drew, Logan, Griffin and Thierry and others become the wrestlers they are. Just a small community west of 465 in #thecounty
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    Carson Brewer

    Do you know for a fact that it did not in any way take anything from his opponents enjoyment of the ceremonial introductions? Because I never came close to calling Carson Brewer classless but apparently that is how you interpreted my thoughts. I believe I can say with conviction that it wasn't spontaneous and he made a conscious decision to do it at that particular moment given he did the same thing in Evansville the week before. And are you serious that you think he most likely did it because he was hungry? Like that was the only opportunity he had to eat the entire day. Carson Brewer is obviously a hardworking, dedicated & extremely talented individual. I would never want to deny him of enjoying his accomplishment. But his opponent deserves that same courtesy. You are right about one thing, these are kids & they should be allowed to have fun. But they also need to learn that there is a right time for jokes just as there is a right time to show respect to your opponent. And the ceremonial introductions of the state finals is a time to show respect, IMO.
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    Carson Brewer

    What is with Indiana and them being against kids having a little fun? It’s a sandwich. It’s not him taking away from his opponent at all by eating it. It didn’t affect the outcome of the match in any way. Trent Hidlay literally ate a hoagie after Who’s #1 and it was celebrated as a great celebration by a great wrestler. The kids here can’t do anything spontaneous or out of the ordinary without being called classless. Chad Red got criticized for dancing after winning, same with Deondre. I can only imagine how much excitement runs through someone after winning a state championship or even being in the match. Brewer ate a sandwich during the face off most likely because he was hungry. It didn’t hurt anyone. They’re kids. Let them have fun. Not everyone has to have these stale facial expressions. We should want some spontaneity.
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    Carson Brewer

    In speaking with my son Silas about the head but......he made a great point. Mind you, Silas knows Carson well and they’ve travelled together competing on the same squad numerous times. Silas’ perspective..... ”Dad.....Carson likes to establish head position. Even if he’s got wrist control or in the tie, he looks to position his head. If I’m trying to do the same thing.....and I head but a kid, the slow motion video will undoubtedly make it look intentional. It’s like in baseball, if a pitcher accidentally hits a batter. When they show it in slow motion, to the naked eye it could appear that he threw it right at the guy. When actually.....he just missed his spot.” I think Carson deserves a lot of credit for psychologically staying strong. Getting thrown Laplace on Fri after last years issue with Mahan.....put his mental toughness to the test immediately. And the young man passed with flying colors.
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    Rules question

    Ha! You’re probably right the gas is getting to me, but I have a couple of problems with your post: 1. You’re right I don’t know exactly what he was thinking but in a jury of his peers he was booed significantly after the incident. This would lead me to conclude that many people including a referee that has to have years of wrestling experience to ref in that arena to agree that it was intentional. BTW you admitted fault in your arguement by saying that intentional head butts should be and did get penalized. 2. I did not diagnose anything. I said that the action had the potential to do those things. What I do know is that it lead to a nose bleed that was extremely hard to stop by trained professionals. 3. Brewer is not a “kid” he is of adult age and could fight in the military right now if he wanted to. Donahue is a kid, he still has to ride a bicycle to go anywhere he wants to. just an FYI I am a completely unbiased fan that wants the best for Indiana wrestling. I honestly don’t care who wins I was simply asking a rules question, but you responded with such vitriol as if I attacked you.
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    Rules question

    Talk about wow!!! I would say he said "intentional" as there was penalty given. I too wondered the same question as gasman. Take a deep breath and enjoy life.
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    Hornet Coach


    I would just like to give credit to the young men and coaches for carrying yourselves like champions win or lose this weekend. The overwhelming majority showed great sportsmanship and respect for their competitors no matter the match outcome. There are a lot of people that want to point out the negative, but I think it's important that we take a minute and point out the positive, as well. Way to represent your school, your wrestling program, your coaches, and your family! These young men have put a lot of time, sweat, and tears (and certainly a lot of blood) into this and when you don't get the outcome you desire, it is tough to control your emotions. These life lessons are far more important than any win or loss. Well done to the competitors and well done to the coaching staffs.
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    Two classes mean about 155 teams per class. That still means you are in the top 10% of the state if you qualify for state. It also means there would not be as much dilution of talent. If two classes work you could always add a third like Illinois did, but I'd rather start with two then expand.
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    I know lets complain about something that we have no control over that will solve everything! When you get put on your back you leave it into the refs hands. Don't let someone else dictate your success.
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    It had to be done. Please, if anyone sees any errors speak up. EvSS NCSS ECSS FWSS 1st 7 3 4 0 2nd 4 5 4 1 3rd 4 6 2 2 4th 5 3 3 3 5th 5 2 4 3 6th 3 4 4 3 7th 2 5 1 6 8th 3 4 2 5 totals 33 32 24 23 Evansville had the most champs, the most finalists & the most overall placers. Additionally, 4 of the top 5 team scores were from Evansville (Avon, BB, MD & CE), which is no coincidence as to why they lead the individual categories.
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    Did not look like Viduya was pinned....

    I disagree re: the pic. Agree on the ref not taking a look. Should verify position and that two seconds have passed. Neither happened. The angle of the torso is tilted upward to the left side.
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    @MrsTeamGarcia with the mic drop! Post more..and have @TeamGarcia post less..amirite? I kid of course..
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    Down #s

    I really think you are missing the big picture here. What makes this event the BEST HIGH SCHOOL EVENT in the state is everything about it! Think about how many wrestlers each year try to get to state? Over 6,000+ from all over. Then they go through sectionals, regionals and semi-State hoping to be one of the 224 wrestlers to compete for what they probably have been dreaming about all their lives!!!! Then, once they get to state, they hope to survive the that aweful FRIDAY NIGHT DRAW. If they win that match, they are guaranteed a spot on the podium!!! Now we are down to 112 wrestlers Saturday morning. And to make things more exciting, we all hope for those wrestlers that are not highly ranked to make a run at it! Not everyone is going to be a nationally ranked wrestler, which makes the drama even better!!! How boring it would be if every wrestler was nationally ranked. So now we have these 112 wrestlers battling their butts off to get the top prize!!! Nothing is more exciting to watch every year than the finals, under the light, no matter who it is. There’s nothing like it!
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    Carson Brewer

    First I want to congratulate young Mr. Brewer on a state title & a great career. I have appreciated watching him wrestle. Second, I also want to say that I don't believe the head butt tarnished what he accomplished. Wrestling is a physical sport & these sorts of things are going to happen especially in such high stakes/highly intense matchups. Furthermore, I don't believe for a second there was any malicious intent. But, I am going to have disagree with the majority here in that I didn't care for the PB&J exhibit. He did this in Evansville as well. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think this was some horrible/atrocious act. I just don't see it as appropriate given the setting. The introduction of the two finalists is a moment to recognize both wrestlers that have gotten there. Pulling a stunt like that, while it might be all in good natured fun, is at best an attempt to say 'look at me' while at worst ,IMO, a little disrespectful to your opponent. It's his moment too & you're making light of it. Now while a big majority may not mind it at all, there could be some that would be offended by it. Like it is a statement that you have little to no respect for them & what they have done to get there. JMO
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    He wrestled not to loose - should have stayed wit how he got dare .
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    Swamp Dad

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    It amazes me the harder he works the luckier he gets...

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