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    Here come the Irish song

    The dads from Cathedral wrote the song. They all plan on pursuing a career in song writing.
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    Chad Red

    This has been discussed some on the college board, both in its own thread and within the Hoosiers in College Results threads. To keep up on many former Indiana kids and how they are doing in college, check it out. That said.... I think the point is there has been good and bad with Chad. He certainly beat Heil but he has lost to unranked wrestlers and losses have mounted. Chad Red being ranked just on the cusp of the Top 20 (he lost this weekend to Josh Alber again, so he may not be ranked this week) is not the Chad Red most fans expected. I believe it is a question rather than a judgement. As Wrestling Scholar alluded to, there is, s, and some because of physical limitations, health and weight management. I don't pretend to know about Chad, his work ethic, behaviors, coaching or anything. So asking questions is definitely different than making accusations or judgments. The question I ask, is 141 the right weight for him? Is he having to cut hard? Would he be better served at 149? Chad still has plenty of time to make his mark. He'll have an excellent opportunity to make some noise this coming Sunday when he should face Nick Lee at Penn St. Last year's All-American finish was a good start. Maybe people should pump the brakes on the expectations. Winning championships ain't easy.
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    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    Weight Summary CMTCARM DETCATHC 152 Joseph Urso (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over drew mulay (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 5-0) 0 3 160 Cameron Amine (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over ashton breen (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 4-3) 0 3 170 Kevon Davenport (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over asa terrell (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 7-3) 0 3 182 danny benoit (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over John Browning (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Dec 10-4) 3 0 195 Easton Turner (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over robert bowman (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (MD 10-2) 0 4 220 Brendin Yatooma (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over nick mishka (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Fall 3:47) 0 6 285 Steven Kolcheff (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over jalen grant (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Fall 1:48) 0 6 106 jordon blew (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Anthony Walker (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Fall 0:40) 6 0 113 coltan drousias (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Valentino Scicluna (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Fall 1:22) 6 0 120 rehan uribe (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Matthew Anderson (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Fall 1:22) 6 0 126 noah mis (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Philip Burney (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Fall 4:33) 6 0 132 Camden Trupp (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over alex lalazas (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 6-5) 0 3 138 Joshua Edmond (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over connor gaynor (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 10-5) 0 3 145 miles hoey (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Derek Gilcher (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Dec 8-3) 3 0 Team Score: 30 31
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    Swamp Dad

    Elliott Rodgers CATHEDRAL

    Thank you navy80 for the write up and kind words about Elliott. I know he has enjoyed the challenge along the way, and is still humbly working to be the best. We've enjoyed watching him and can't wait for his next run at the title!!
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    Here come the Irish song

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    Looking for an old smart ref....

    He quit cold turkey several years ago. For the record, that one was taken with two weapons.... started with a .44 mag and finished with a bow at close range
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    Elliott Rodgers CATHEDRAL

    Since most of us have a snow day today, let’s talk about an inspirational story from an outside perspective. Elliott Rodgers of Cathedral and his rise to the top. Again, I don’t know the kid but have been following since his remarkable freshman season. Elliott was a freshman wrestling 145 for the always tough, Cathedral team. Elliott’s record was 20-11 going into regionals, after he had just won a weak sectional. He won his first round match 7-5. Win by pin in his second match and lost in the finals 3-6. Elliott was NOT on anyone’s radar to punch his ticket to state. His ticket round match was Antwaun Graves of Warren Central who was 35-2 at the time and ranked high in state. Elliott drew a 17-15 kid from Carmel first round… in which he won 1-0 in a close match. Elliott then upset Graves in a 8-6 match that sent him to the state finals. But he wasn’t done yet, as he beat a North Central kid who was 33-12 at the time in the semifinals to send him to the Semi-State Championship match with a record of 25-13. Elliott was pinned by undefeated Boone Welliever in one minute. Great story right? Kid has a killer day and performs well…really well. But, is it really a Cinderella story if it happens again? Elliott drew Corban Pollitt of Col. East first round at state. Corban was 34-12 but was part of the elite CE wrestling team. Elliott pulls out the win 5-3 and advances to the second state. Elliott then beats Mason Winner (38-4) 3-0 to advance to the semi-finals. Elliott then lost 1-4 to Jason Crary of Munster and lost by pin to Welliever for 3rdand 4th. Elliott finished his freshman season 27 wins and 15 losses and a 4thplace finish on the podium. No imposter syndrome for Elliott… a kid who out performed his skill level? A kid who never placed in middle school state (according to track). Elliott comes back for his sophomore season and wins Semi-State with a record of 35 wins and 5 losses. He took 5that the Al Smith and DNP at the IHPO. Eliott went on to finish 2ndwith 2-1, 3-2, and 8-4 wins to eventually lose by TF to Brayton Lee in the finals. Elliott finished with 38 wins and 6 losses his sophomore year and a second place finish on the podium. As a junior, Elliott has wins over ultra-tough wrestlers Brock Ellis and Jake Schoenegge already.. but has a loss to Eli dickens and we also seen Elliott lose his #1 ranking, sliding him to #2. You may never find a wrestler who has so many losses after two years who has placed 4thand 2nd. Here is a kid who can teach us adults a life lesson.. You WILL fail in life, you may fail a lot, but as long as you don’t quit and keep getting better, you will be successful.
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    Undefeated Wrestlers Left

    regardless the thread was about undefeated kids not an adult cutting a great young man down... And let's say he is undefeated afterwards are you gonna apologize? oh that's right I wouldn't expect somebody that hates on a kid to actually have tact.
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    State Rankings #6

    Dude, you cannot be serious. He would start for every team in the state except maybe six or seven. He pinned a returning Michigan state champion earlier this season. Ask that kid if Brody felt like a JV wrestler. Everyone in Indiana acknowledges that Brody is a bad ass, I guess except for you.
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    State Rankings #6

    Dear Mr. Sandwell, I appreciate your genuine concern or most likely your attempt to degrade everything IndianaMat does. Please keep it up as you seem to really love to complain. When you start your own website I will gladly come on and complain about font sizes and why you have things certain ways.
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    Looking for an old smart ref....

    I'm guessing he talked it to death.😁

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