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    I have found an advance copy of the brackets. This one is more legible than most years. You're welcome.
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    EVV Semis 132

    Is there a deeper weight class than the 132 at EVV? Garcia, Boe, Campbell, Egli, and Cash!
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    Lawson Aiken Brownsburg-UINDY
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    Does it get much bigger than this? #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei. Believe or not, this December 21 dual is the lowest stakes match ever contested between the ‘Cats and the Falcons. Here’s your proof: PM and MD first met at the 2000 IHSAA Team State, followed by a 2003 date at the same event. The 2006 meeting was a hootenanny. The IHSAA’s unbroken streak of boneheaded decisions to diminish wrestling was laid bare in the first round of the 2006 Team Event as the #1 Wildcats met the #2 Falcons—in the first round! As we all know, it is impossible and unfair to seed a high-stakes event. You may not like the IHSAA. You may find them self-serving and stupid. BUT, at least they are consistent. In a see-saw affair, Chico Adams and Jimmy Schoettle grabbed victories for Jim Tonte’s team in bouts 12 and 13, earning PM a 23-22 lead. For all the marbles, MD’s Sean Herron claimed a 7-2 victory, resulting in a 25-23 win for the Wildcats. This boosted MD’s record to 3-0 versus the Falcons. However, in 2012, the Falcons turned the tables on the Wildcats beating them in the last ISHAA-sponsored Team State event. The Wildcats were overwhelmed against Tonte’s loaded line-up, and bowed 40-19 in the semi-final. The Falcons cruised to a second, consecutive Team State title For Jim Tonte, it was relief and elation. “I have the utmost respect for Mater Dei, because they have been beating us like a drum forever. They bleed team, so we feel really good about beating them.” On the Red & Gold side of the house, it was agony. Many of the boys on the team attended Team State as a toddler. They grew up watching Mater Dei Wrestling and making the annual trek to Center Grove High School. Most, if not all, had first-hand memories of the great MD teams that delivered so many great victories. This year the trophy would go the Falcons. The dream of a championship was over. In 2014, the IHSWCA got it right, when #1 Mater Dei met #2 Perry Meridian for the Team Title in Muncie. Both line-ups were dotted with star power as Mater Dei brought eight ranked wrestlers to the party while Perry countered with six. Nationally-ranked wrestlers, Nick Lee and Brandon James of Perry Meridian, underscored the gravitas of the rosters. Ashton Forzley opened with an 8-3 win over Garrett Milner. Perry Meridian's Jordan Marion did not read the scouting report on Nick Buedel and paid the price. A few seconds into the match, Marion charged Buedel and was thrown to his back. Ultimately, Buedel prevailed, 19-9. Sam Bassemier, diminished by a flu bug, gutted out a gritty, 8-5 win over Rilee Miller to spot the Wildcats a 10-0 lead. The Falcons got on the scoreboard with a pin at 195 pounds. 220-pound sophomore Kurtis Wilderman scored a hard-fought first period takedown and made it hold up for a crucial, 4-2 victory. Perry scored another fall at 285 pounds to narrow Mater Dei's advantage to a single point. Nolan Weidner found himself in a deep hole against Sunny Nier until he put Nier on his back during a third period scramble. The Red & Gold roared as Weidner cranked on Nier's head, desperately working for the fall. The clock was the enemy as time ran out and Weidner found himself on the wrong side of a 9-7 decision, giving Perry Meridian its first lead of the evening. Sweet Luigs faced unheralded Jack Servies and found a ready and willing opponent. Luigs finally took control of the match and cut Servies late in the third for a major decision attempt. Luigs quickly popped Servies with a headlock, and took him straight to his back. The bench sprang to its feet as the Mater Dei fans roared. With seven ticks remaining on the clock, the referee slapped the mat with gusto. A normally-stoic Luigs allowed a smile and pointed to the bench as his teammates subsequently mobbed him. Seventh-ranked Will Egli took the mat against top-ranked Cornelius Elliot. Like Egli, Elliot was a wide-open wrestler. The duo, pummeled, faked and shot before Elliot scored a second period takedown. Trailing 3-2 in the third period, Egli took Elliot from his feet to his back. The referee started a count and reversed himself, awarding Egli no points. Elliot played defense the balance of the stanza and emerged a 3-2 winner. Fifth-ranked Alex Johnson took the mat against sixth-ranked Ngun Uk, as the 'Cats clung to a one point team advantage. Uk grabbed an early 4-1 lead before Johnson tied the match at the end of the first period. Uk took another lead before Johnson garnered a point for a locked hands call and another point for an escape to nab his first lead of the match. Johnson scored a third period takedown and made it hold up for an emotional, 9-6 win. Nick Lee jumped on the hapless Jordan Napier, executing a takedown clinic to claim a 28-13 technical fall. Joe Lee faced off against senior Brandon James and his 11th-ranked national status. Lee got busy early, scoring a quick takedown. James righted his ship and eventually scored an 8-2 victory. With a 27-21 advantage and two matches to go, another win would put the Falcons away. Junior Blake Jourdan toed the line across from third-ranked Noah Warren. Jourdan wasted no time, securing double under hooks, bear-hugging Warren and taking him to his back. As Warren could not be held down, the match would be decided by takedowns. Wrestling a heady match, Jourdan stayed under control and won the battle, eventually delivering a 14-5 decision. A stone-faced Jourdan strolled to the bench to be surrounded, hugged and patted by his jubilant teammates as the Mater Dei faithful howled. "I was a little nervous before the match," conceded Jourdan. "But I knew what I had to do. I just had to go out, wrestle my match and win." Final Score: Mater Dei- 31, Perry Meridian- 27. Greg Schaefer, winning his first State Title as a coach and capturing Mater Dei's first since 2007, was at a loss for words. "I'm just so proud of our guys," said Schaefer. "We did what we had to do to win." Perhaps no Wildcat had a bigger weekend than Sweet Kyle Luigs. In addition to his key pin against Perry Meridian and win over Erik Owens, Luigs also defeated New Palestine's third-ranked Alec White. But for Luigs, none of these things mattered; redemption was on his mind. "I lost Team State for us last year (Luigs was decisioned in the final bout against Franklin's State Champion, DJ Smith)," said Luigs. "I had to do something so that we could win." First year starter, senior Nick Buedel, relished the ride. Throughout the day, Mater Dei fans were entertained by Buedel's exuberance and antics. "Yeah, I'm having a great time," enthused Buedel. "We're winning and it's awesome! What's not to like?" Senior Alex Johnson was a freshman on the team that was shellacked by Perry Meridian at the 2012 Team State—Mater Dei's first-ever loss to the Falcons. "I wanted to meet Perry in the final and I wanted to beat Perry in the final," said Johnson. "This is the best feeling ever." The Falcons stormed back in 2016, hammering the Wildcats, 45-18. 2017 produced another epic battle. In a see-saw affair that resulted in three lead changes, the Falcons faced dim prospects, late in the match. Down 25-19, another loss to the Wildcats would likely spell doom for PM. The Falcons were up for the task. Jack Servies, Aiden Warren and Brooks Davis delivered a hat trick of decisions, before Noah Warren iced the victory with a pin. The series stands at four wins for Mater Dei and three for Perry Meridian. Individual match-ups between the two schools go back to the late 70’s when PM and MD were in the same semi-state. Perry Meridian’ Hall of Fame coach Phil Strader is still steaming over Steve Adams’ 1981 overtime loss to MD’s Jeff “Spiderman” Parkinson. Look no further than the team benches—you will find that the coaches have squared off against one another. For 25 years, you will be hard pressed to find a state tournament that does not contain at least one match-up between PM and MD. Here what to expect from meeting number eight: · Outside of the wrestling semi-state, this will be one of the biggest scholastic match-ups in this school year. Our esteemed newspaper, The Evansville Courier and Depressed, will not be aware of this event. It is highly unlikely there will be any pre or post-match coverage. · This will be the biggest dual in Evansville, since #1 (Kentucky) Union County wrestled #2 Mater Dei in 2013. 2000 rabid fans showed up for a barn burner. · Expect a big crowd for this one. MD alums home for Christmas, students, hardcore fans and casual fans will show up in force. Many in attendance will be from other, local programs. While they will not be vocal, emotionally they will throw their support to the Falcons. · For our friends travelling from Indy, take a little time to get to know the territory. After the meet, drop by the Hilltop Inn. Not only is it the “Manliest Bar in America”, for 68 years it has been THE gathering place after MD wrestling matches. Their fishbowls are not to be missed. · Expect HUGE match-ups: Cottey/Freeman at 106 and Lee/Warren at 145. Dickens and Fair at 152 could be the match of the night. Hook’s keys to a win: · Emotion and a fast start; I expect the draw and/or upsets to come into play. If Mater Dei gets a quick start, or an early upset, the roof will come off the place, creating momentum for the Cats that will be difficult to overcome. If the early scales tip to the Falcons, it will be bad for MD. Since 1976—42 years—Mater Dei has lost only one dual in its home gymnasium. · Bonus points will likely determine the winner of the dual. Maximizing wins and minimizing losses is crucial. · Big guns will be big guns; both of the belligerents have plenty of them! But what about the supporting cast? At the end of the day, I believe the non-stars will determine the outcome. what’s my prediction? I ran the lineups, coaches, injuries and atmospheric conditions through Randy Helfrich’s super-computer...i’m sworn to secrecy. Ask Randy.
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    State Rankings #4

    Here you go!
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    The dog has returned home from Florida & Colorado & is ready to watch some Hoosier HS wrestling this season! I currently live on the Avon/Brownsburg line & would like to watch a few of their duals/tournaments this season Can someone please share a link to their schedules or post them here? Thanks in advance!
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    EVV Semis 132

    170 and 82 are tough too...Imho 82 has 3 podium placers if there isn't death draw for ticket round with brewer, carson and bellamy.. 170 has south, Blubaugh,McCartney and baptiste are all killers too... Last year was my first year at any SS other than NC and I must admit its right there with NC.. awesome environment and elite talent...132 though looks the deepest and def is 1 of the deepest at any weight or a semi state.
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    EVV Semis 132

    Evv 138 solid as well
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    It's almost like there's multiple levels in the tournament. We have our front runners. A battle in the middle 4-6, and then a third tournament with everyone else battling for 7 and beyond.
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    I think Homestead takes it, Oak Hill will be a close second, Jay County taking third. What are we thinking outside of the top 3?
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    I've got Oak Hill edging out Homestead and Jay County in the team race.
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    1. Homestead 2. Oak Hill
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    If past results did not matter then why seed the wrestlers? Based on what I've seen, Swallow wins over Shaffer. I am not doubting the off-season effort or work ethic of anyone. I'm sure they are both great kids who worked hard. All in on Parrish at 160. Jason, you are in Winchester right? What are your thoughts on the Union City guys?
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    Fun championship match for 120. Possibilitiy for McCammon or Jones to make a name for themselves with a championship at 145.
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    Avon & Brownsburg HS Schedules

    Geez, I wish indianamat would get on board create a section where we could see everyone's schedule for the year, i mean the results section is ok, minus the "NO DETAILS" ones or maybe the state could provide everyone, for free, with a trackwrestling account to list all of their schedules, rosters, and post their results as well.
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    Me too! Great wrestler and even a better person. Also a great family.
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    State Rankings #4

    looking solid! I know it's a new year but Carson majored Farrell and beat bacon 10-0 as well last time they wrestled.. after the spartan classic he should have some good competition and that'll help with ranking him.. dudes very underrated And is wrestling like a man possessed.
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    Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Ok guys, done some extensive research: The HWT class has a Ton, get that HAHA of Talent in it. Who will Survive ? Here is some of the front runners for the TITLE!! Kid/ School/ SS#/ State * Parson- Yorktown #1 FWSS/ #9 State * Haire- TH South #2 EVSS/ #11 State * Alexander- FR. Cent #3 NCSS/ #14 State * Biddle- Plainfield #5 EVSS/ #15 State * Kramer- Southridge #6 EVSS * Williams- Carmel #6 NCSS * Gentry- Mooresville Was ranked Previously, Won Jeff Classic 12/15 & HOME MATS !!! * Stewart- BL. North SLEEPER , Won the Bo Henry Classic 12/15. FANS I hope this Helps. Top 4 all placed a yr ago in this event. Who will show up ready to Wrestle. Lots of Southern Implications on this Tourney! Has been 1 of the States best for almost 50 yrs. Good luck to All the young Men/Women WOW lot of good wrestling coming soon. This is just 1 of the 14 weight classes. Thx BT19
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    Hoping Konrath gets the nod, believe he is the better option. Now and moving forward.
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    Ed Pendoski

    The illustrious Spartan classic..

    Carmel is in the Mooresville Holiday Classic this year
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    Ed Pendoski

    3a seeding for team state

    The Stone Quarry is now going to be packed tonight for a "We hate Carmel" meeting. Thank Mike. I'm glad I don't have to seed this. Dual results vs tourney results, guys missing/replaced/backups/lineup changes/etc. This one would be tough.
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    12/15 Notable wins and upsets

    Hobart super duals notable wins: 220lb- Sam Perez (highland) dec. EC SS #8 Mark Mummy (hobart) 9-6 220lb- Hayden Lewter (Hammond Gavit) pinned EC SS #8 Mark Mummy (hobart) 220lb- Sam Perez pinned Hayden Lewter
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    I know the level of wrestling might not be the same as Brownsburg or Avon, but the Logansport Regional still has some good drama and suspense. I know the DevilDog schedule might be busy, but it would be cool if the DevilDog made a cameo appearance and made the long drive up I-65.
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    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    This will be streamed by IndianaMat on our YouTube and possibly Facebook accounts. We'll post a link next week.
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    This is awesome! Being apart of the 2012 Perry Meridian team and knowing all the history between the two teams is awesome for wrestling in the state of Indiana! The atmosphere is going to be through the roof for this dual! Excited to see how it all unfolds!

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