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    Sarah DOMINATES her Canadian semi-finals opponent 10-0 in just 3:38 and heads to the GOLD MEDAL FINAL tomorrow at noon!!
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    I've watched a lot of Sarah's national and international matches over the past 5 years. Her evolution into one of the best in the world has been incredible to see. Even just 3 seasons ago, she struggled mightily to have the firepower and the engine to battle with our best domestically--let alone internationally. But she kept evolving and her skills--especially in terms of variety of attacks--blossomed immensely. Then, she decided to get serious about diet and conditioning, went down a weight class as a result without even trying, and now she's all attack all the time with the motor to go with it. She's turned into an incredibly entertaining wrestler capable of beating absolutely anyone. She's most definitely capable of beating her Japanese opponent tomorrow and, win or lose, this worlds is the culmination of a most-impressive rise to the top of the heap.
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    IU is cleaning up with the Class of ‘19.
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    It is normally right after Super32. Indianamat crew does a great job with the preview magazine. Make sure to order one.

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